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The Nanatsu Islands are a non-canon archipelago of seven islands located in the Paradise half of the Grand Line. They are the main setting of One Piece: Great Hidden Treasure of the Nanatsu Islands.[1]


The Nanatsu Islands are a tropical archipelago of islands of varying size. Six of the islands form the shape of a ring with a large empty region of sea in the middle, while the seventh island later emerges in the center of the ring. The islands have volcanoes and large mountains, and the flora consists of tropical plants such as palm trees.


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The people of the Nanatsu Islands practice agriculture and fishing as their main sources of food. The buildings on the islands mainly consist of wooden stilt houses.

There appears to be no centralized government, with each village being governed by its own village chief.


Hi Island

Hi Island (ヒー島 Hī-jima?) is an island located in the south-west. It is one of the smaller islands in the archipelago.

Fu Island

Fu Island (フー島 Fū-jima?) is an island located in the south. It is also one the smaller islands.

Mi Island

Mi Island (ミー島 Mī-jima?) is an island located in the south-east. It is of intermediate size within the archipelago. Unlike the other islands, the climate on Mi Island has recently become extreme cold after the Simon Pirates began excavating the ruins on the island.

Yo Island

Yo Island (ヨー島 Yō-jima?) is an island in the north-west. It is one the larger islands in the archipelago.

Itsu Island

Itsu Island (イツ島 Itsu-jima?) is an island in the north. It is by far the smallest island in the archipelago. This island is the home of the Laotour Bandits.

Mu Island

Mu Island (ムー島 Mū-jima?) is an island located in the north-east. It is largest of the islands in the archipelago. This island acted as the main base of the Simon Pirates until they were driven out by the Straw Hat Pirates.

Na Island

Na Island (ナー島 Nā-jima?) is an "unseen island" which emerges in the middle of the archipelago. Its existence was unknown to the people of the Nanatsu Islands.



In the ancient past, the Nanatsu Islands were all one single island. This island was broken into seven separate islands by the power of Shushibaruba.

Some time recently, the Simon Pirates began establishing a presence on the Nanatsu Islands, building fortresses and forcing villages under their command.

Great Hidden Treasure of the Nanatsu Islands

The Simon Pirates began luring pirates to the Nanatsu Islands using parrots trained by Din as well as forcing ships to the area with cyclones created by Gad. One the crews that ended up caught in such a cyclone was the Straw Hat Pirates, whose members were scattered across the different islands.

Translation and Dub Issues

The names of the islands and locations within them are all themed around numbers. Nanatsu (七つ?) means "seven (things)", matching the number of islands. The individual island names use shortened forms of traditional numerals from one to seven: hi (1), fu (2), mi (3), yo (4), itsu (5), mu (6), na (7). The names of the locations on each island follow the island's number theme.


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