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Nanimonai Island is an uninhabited island just before Arabasta. Nanimonai Island is only mentioned but never seen.[1]



This island is actually the feces produced after a giant goldfish ate a whole island.[2]

Sometime over a hundred years ago, the Giant Warrior Pirates landed on this island, mistaking it for dry land.[2]

Whisky Peak Arc

Miss All-Sunday gave Vivi an Eternal Pose to this island to help the Straw Hat Pirates reach Arabasta.[1] However, while Vivi was contemplating whether or not she should accept, Luffy suddenly grabbed the pose and destroyed it, refusing to let an enemy choose their route.[3]

Anime and Manga Differences

The name on the Eternal Pose was shown only in the anime.[1]


Usopp's poop story.png
  • "Nanimonai" means "nothing" in Japanese. This likely relates to the island not really being an island.
  • Usopp once told a false story to Kaya about fighting a giant goldfish and landing on its feces, thinking it was actual land.[4]


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