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Nazu Ketagari is a Vice Admiral and the head of a Marine Headquarters division in charge of assigning epithets to Marines, including the Admiral aliases.[1]


Ketagari has a long, thin face with an angular jaw, hooked nose, and small, round eyes. He has rosy cheeks, small ears, and full lips, and the corners of his mouth are upturned. He has has dark hair that is pulled into pig-tails and a long, thin mustache. Ketagari wears a standard Marine cap and coat.


Little is known about Ketagari's personality. He has a hobby of fortune-telling based off people's names.

Abilities and Powers[]

Every Vice Admiral has the ability to use Haki, so Ketagari also has this ability.[2]


Ketagari assigned all the epithets to the Marines, including the Admirals. He has yet to make an appearance.


  • His name is a pun on nazuketagari (名付けたがり?, meaning "want to name (someone)"), referring his occupation as assigning epithets to Marines. In the Viz translation, he is called "Nay Mingheim", retaining the pun with "naming".


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