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Needless is a pirate and the right hand man of Gasparde. With a bounty of Beli.png57,000,000. He was the secondary antagonist of the fourth movie.


Needless' wanted poster.

Needless is a tall, muscular man with short blonde hair and a pale complexion. He has black, wavy patterned tattoos on both his biceps, and a tattoo of x-crossed dark green sabers with black seagull wings and a hook-ended cross on his face. He wears a black a-shirt and pants, two golden earrings on each ear, and holsters for his clawed weapons on his waist.


Personality-wise, Needless is a quiet man who rarely speaks, and seems to be very silent when in his captain's presence, but appears merciless during combat, going as far as to casually toss aside a crew member deemed useless. However, he is also somewhat respectful to strangers as he obeys Luffy when he is told to leave his straw hat alone. When angered or on the losing side of a fight, Needless becomes more talkative and tauntful as his calm attitude begins to crumble and he grows desperate or spiteful towards his opponent.

Despite being Gasparde's right-hand man, Needless seems to despise his own captain, as he ignored his orders not to damage the ship and even stated that Gasparde was for him to kill.

Abilities and Powers

Needless' claws.

Needless is Gasparde's right-hand man, being one of the two main fighters of the Gasparde Pirates, and the second strongest of the crew, after his captain. He possesses great strength, casually gripping a crew member Gasparde declared useless on the shoulder to cause pain and easily throwing him over the balcony, and was able to stop a ship's pedal with one hand. He also has great speed and endurance, managing to continue fighting even when his arm was dislocated.


Needless' primary weapons is a pair of sharp, extendable hooked claw weapons, and he uses his speed to get close to his opponent for a lethal blow. He keeps them holstered on his waist when not in use.


Sky Island Saga

Dead End Adventure

Needless partook in the Dead End Race as a crew member of Gasparde Pirates; he threw a member over the balcony when Gasparde said that member was useless. When Shuraiya Bascùd revealed himself in an attempt to take Gasparde's head, Needless fought on behalf of his captain, but ignored his orders to not damage their own ship. He is taken out after a long fight in which his right arm gets dislocated and one of his claw weapons is jammed in one of the Salamander's paddle wheels by Shuraiya and knocked into the ocean.


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