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Master Nekomamushi is a feline mink and the guardian of the Whale Forest on Zou,[7] dubbed the "Ruler of Night"[6] as he formerly ruled over the Mokomo Dukedom from 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM.[12] He and Inuarashi serve as retainers for the Kozuki Family of Wano Country,[8] as members of the Nine Red Scabbards.[4]

Alongside Inuarashi he was once a member of the Whitebeard Pirates and Roger Pirates, serving under Kozuki Oden.[5] Pedro has claimed that he and Inuarashi must not be allowed to die because "the world is waiting for them".[13]

He is an ally of the Straw Hat Pirates during the Whole Cake Island Saga and Wano Country Saga.


Nekomamushi is a large, yellow feline mink with dark brown stripes, sharp teeth, claws, and a very thick striped tail. He has wild, bushy blonde hair resembling a lion's mane running around his neck and down his back, and there is a scar running from the left side of his forehead down to his cheek.[14] His outfit consists of a large robe decorated with circles, a haramaki around his waist, sandals, a light-colored shirt, and pants. In addition, he frequently smokes a kiseru.[1] Like all the retainers of the Kozuki Family, Nekomamushi bears the family crest somewhere on his body.[3]

While being tortured by Jack, he lost his left hand and part of his left forearm[15] due to several members of the Beasts Pirates spearing them off.[16] At some point before his arrival at Onigashima, Nekomamushi replaced his lost hand with a prosthetic double-barreled gun.


Nekomamushi Portrait
A close up of Nekomamushi's face.
Nekomamushi Manga Color Scheme
Nekomamushi's color scheme in the manga.
Nekomamushi Digitally Colored Manga
Nekomamushi in the Digitally Colored Manga.
Master Nekomamushi Anime Concept Art
Nekomamushi's concept art from the anime.
Nekomamushi at Age 7
Nekomamushi at age 7.
Nekomamushi at Age 10
Nekomamushi at age 10.
Nekomamushi at Age 14
Nekomamushi at age 14.
Nekomamushi's Sulong Form
Nekomamushi's Sulong form.
Nekomamushi Thousand Storm
Nekomamushi in One Piece Thousand Storm.
Log Jack Alt
Nekomamushi's attire from One Piece Log Collection.


Nekomamushi takes great pride in his status as one of the Mokomo Dukedom's rulers alongside Inuarashi, having proclaimed the country to be his when the night came during his first encounter with Jack. Unlike his former friend Inuarashi, Nekomamushi is aggressive and merciless; Inuarashi has described him as an "obstinate and stubborn imbecile", comparing him to Jack himself, and he is completely willing to damage the historical Mokomo Dukedom while fighting, referring to doing so as a "minor detail".[1]

Nekomamushi can be stubborn even when not angry, as demonstrated when he kept ignoring Tony Tony Chopper's orders to recuperate in order to have fun. He does not like to be ordered around, having claimed that he went to bed of his own volition rather than on Chopper's orders while being treated by the doctor, and describes himself as a "freedom-loving man"; in spite of his bravado, however, he is afraid of needles.[17]

Despite his stubborn, sometimes abrasive behavior, Nekomamushi genuinely cares for his friends and fellow minks; he took care of Bepo and the other Heart Pirates when they arrived on Zou[18] and did not expect them to help him defend the Mokomo Dukedom against the Beasts Pirates, though he was impressed when they decided to do so anyway.[19] Additionally, while being tortured by Jack and his men, Nekomamushi convinced the Beasts Pirates to aim their spears at him instead of at his incapacitated fellow minks.[16] He is also firmly loyal and possesses an incredibly strong will, having absolutely refused to reveal that Raizo was on Zou despite extensive torture at the hands of Jack, even when he lost his arm, and was fully willing to risk the kingdom's destruction in order to protect his friend.[20] His loyalty to his allies means that he will treat anyone who tries to harm them viciously, having claimed he will devour any intruders he finds.[21]

Nekomamushi Distracted By a Ball

Nekomamushi is instantly distracted by the sight of a bouncing ball.

Nekomamushi has many feline behaviors that can sometimes get the better of him; he likes to lick his paws,[21] play with balls and cat toys,[22] and eat catnip.[23] Unlike most cats, however, he loves taking baths and eating lasagna.[17]

Like many others, Nekomamushi has his own unique laugh: "Goronyanya".[24] "Nya" is the Japanese onomatopoeia for a cat's meow, and "goro" may come from "gorogoro", the Japanese onomatopoeia for purring.




Inuarashi and Nekomamushi Reconcile

Nekomamushi and Inuarashi reconcile.

Nekomamushi and Inuarashi were once friends, but their friendship became strained after Oden's execution[25] as the two minks blamed each other for Oden's death.[26] Because of this, they avoid meeting face-to-face.[27] Upon accidentally meeting, they exchanged hostile words and insults before preparing to enter a battle to the death despite their respective injuries.[28]

Despite their present-day enmity, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi agreed to form a truce in order to avoid agitating Momonosuke[29] and while reminiscing about their past adventures, they became very jolly and friendly with each other again.[30]


As Pedro was a member of the Guardians that served under him, Nekomamushi was on very good terms with Pedro. Later when Pedro requested that he be allowed to join the Sanji Retrieval Team on their mission, against the requests of the other minks who also wished to join, Nekomamushi granted only Pedro's request, as Pedro is the only one who could keep Pekoms in line.[31]

Later in Wano Country, after meeting up with Shishilian and Bariete, Nekomamushi learned of Pedro's death and that the one responsible Charlotte Perospero was nearby, which though he was happy that Pedro died for a noble cause Nekomamushi was determined to avenge Pedro's death.[32] After Nekomamushi knocked him out of the Skull Dome so they could have their battle elsewhere,[33] and transforming into his Sulong, Nekomamushi admitted if it had not been for Pedro's sacrifice then Luffy's mission to retrieve Sanji, and by extension the raid on Onigashima, would have ended in failure.[34] Though the odds in the battle turned against Nekomamushi when the storm clouds blocked out the full moon and cancelled out Nekomamushi's Sulong form resulting in terrible injuries, once the moon was visible again, a re-transformed Nekomamushi was able to defeat Perospero and avenge his comrade's death.[35]

Kozuki Family[]

Due to Oden protecting him, Inuarashi and Kawamatsu from discrimination during their youth, Nekomamushi is extremely loyal to the Kozuki Family of Wano Country, whom he serves as a retainer alongside Inuarashi.[8] His loyalty to Oden and his family is so great that he risked sacrificing his kingdom and its inhabitants just to protect Raizo, another retainer of the clan,[20] and later agreed to form a truce with his bitter rival Inuarashi in order to appease Kozuki Momonosuke.[29]

Nine Red Scabbards[]

Scabbards Charge Kaidou

Nekomamushi, alongside the other Red Scabbards (with Izou taking Kanjuro's place), charges into battle.

Aside from Inuarashi, Nekomamushi has an extremely strong and close friendship with fellow members of the Nine Red Scabbards, even after twenty years of separation. Nekomamushi risked his life and kingdom to protect Raizo from Jack, absolutely refusing to reveal Raizo's whereabouts even when brutally tortured to the point of losing an arm. When Raizo questioned about the fate of his fellow minks from Jack's brutality, Nekomamushi could only silently apologize.

Heart Pirates[]

Nekomamushi took the Heart Pirates because Bepo is a native of Zou.[18] He did not expect them to help him fight Jack, but Bepo insisted on defending his home, which impressed Nekomamushi.[19]

Straw Hat Pirates[]

Like the rest of the Mink Tribe, Nekomamushi is very grateful to the Straw Hat Pirates, particularly Sanji, for saving them.[36] When Sanji was forced to leave Zou with Bege for his impending marriage, Nekomamushi understood his crewmates' anguish and asked Wanda and Carrot to not tell anyone what happened, which prompted Nami to thank him for his understanding.[37] However, he is not completely compliant with Tony Tony Chopper's orders for him to recuperate due to them restricting his freedom.[17] Along with Inuarashi, Nekomamushi believes that Luffy will become the Pirate King, having willingly showed him the Road Poneglyph at Zou.

Upon learning of Nico Robin's ability to read Poneglyphs, Nekomamushi feared for her safety, but Robin assured him that her crewmates would protect her.[38] He was later amused that Luffy has Shanks’ Straw Hat and was shocked to learn that Franky was Tom's apprentice and that Brook was the sole survivor of the Rumbar Pirates that Crocus had searched for.[39]



When night fell during the first day of the Beasts Pirates' battle with the minks, Nekomamushi was immediately informed of Jack's invasion and wasted no time in rushing to the scene before immediately attacking the pirate.[1] After Jack incapacitated the minks with poison gas and tortured him for information regarding Raizo's whereabouts, Nekomamushi swore that he would never forget Jack's actions and that his curse would follow the pirate until he died.[40] He and Inuarashi later fought against Jack again at Onigashima, this time using their Sulong forms, and ultimately defeated him.[41] Though Jack did partially recover from his injures,[42] Inuarashi was able to defeat him once more on his own.[43]

Charlotte Perospero[]

Due to Charlotte Perospero's role in Pedro's death, Nekomamushi developed an intense hatred toward Perospero.[32] During the battle in Onigashima, Nekomamushi singles out Perospero, and the two fight outside the Skull Dome.[33] Transforming into his Sulong form by the full moon, Nekomamushi swears this will be the final moonlight Perospero would ever see.[34] When the clouds covered the moon, resulting in Nekomamushi's transformation becoming undone, Perospero badly injured the mink and boasted about his own good luck. However, the clouds parted shortly after, and Nekomamushi mocked Perospero's luck while pulling off a final Sulong attack, defeating Perospero and avenging Pedro.[35]



As with Bepo, Nekomamushi cares for Pekoms despite his status as a pirate; upon finding Pekoms badly injured after being shot multiple times, Nekomamushi confronted Capone Bege, who was nearby, and demanded to know who he was and why Pekoms was injured despite his own injuries having not yet fully healed.[44]

Abilities and Powers[]

As one of the former two rulers of the Mokomo Dukedom, Nekomamushi held a large amount of influence over the Mink Tribe, with the highest authority during nighttime.[12] As the Guardian of the Whale Forest and the commander of the Guardians, Nekomamushi had full control over the forest's inhabitants,[18] before he stepped down from his position.

Nekomamushi is equal in power to his daytime counterpart and friend Inuarashi, which caused all of their battles to end in stalemates.[7] Nekomamushi fought evenly against Jack, an All-Star of the Beasts Pirates with a bounty of Beli1,000,000,000, before the latter poisoned him with Caesar Clown's Koro gas.[45] Even while Nekomamushi was recovering from severe injuries, Sanji confidently left the protection of his comrades from the Fire Tank Pirates to him, while Capone Bege felt wary of facing him and called him a monster.[46] During the raid on Onigashima, his Sulong-enhanced attacks were capable of injuring the Emperor Kaidou, who had assumed his Beast Form.[47]

As a former pirate, Nekomamushi is an able seaman with enough navigational skill to lead a crew formed from his Guardians through the New World.[48] In the anime, Nekomamushi also knows how to make Vivre Cards.[49]

Physical Abilities[]

Further information: Electro

Noted as one of the two strongest minks of the Mokomo Dukedom, Nekomamushi possesses immense physical strength, demonstrated when he lifted up Jack, in his Beast Form, before slamming him into a building with enough force to destroy it.[50] His claws are incredibly sharp and powerful, as he instantly beheaded Kurozumi Orochi in his Beast Form[51] and sent Charlotte Perospero flying through a rock formation with a single swipe.[52] Despite his large size, Nekomamushi is also extremely fast and agile; he traveled from the Whale Forest to Kurau City in a matter of seconds and lept high into the air in the Skull Dome. He has astounding levels of vitality as he fought against Jack and his replenishing forces for five days, taking 12-hour intervals to recover, and still managed to survive exposure to the Koro gas and an entire day of torture, which included the loss of his right arm.[53] Even more notably, while all the other minks were immediately weakened and left unable to move by the Koro gas, Nekomamushi retained much of his strength and almost tore apart the chains that bound him to his crucifix, demonstrating an exceptional level of endurance.[16] Like all minks, he can use Electro.[54]

It is unknown how much the loss of his hand affects his overall combat abilities, but he managed to clash evenly with a one-legged Inuarashi.[55] He was also able to disarm Kaidou of his kanabo and held his left arm to prevent him from retaliating against the ambush.[56][57]

Sulong Form[]

Further information: Sulong

As a member of the Mink Tribe, Nekomamushi can awaken the Sulong transformation when looking at the full moon. In this form, Nekomamushi's strength, speed, agility, Electro, and fighting abilities are magnified, allowing him to take out multiple members of the Beast Pirates and completely overwhelm Jack alongside Inuarashi and would have killed him if Kaidou had not intervened. A great testament to his power is that he defeated Charlotte Perospero, a pirate with a bounty of Beli700.000.000 and one of the strongest members of the Big Mom Pirates, with a single attack.[35]

Using this form is risky as it can cause severe exhaustion if used for too long. However, he can revert to his normal form by blocking his eyes from the moonlight.[58]


Further information: Oden Two Sword Style

Nekomamushi has considerable skills in swordsmanship, able to fight on par with Inuarashi when they sparred during their youth.[59] Like Inuarashi, his swordsmanship skill is great enough that he is capable of emulating Oden's signature Oden Two Sword Style, and even using a more personal version known as Oden One Sword Style.[35]


Nekomamushi wields a staff resembling a jumonji yari with a fire-shaped blade on each end, which he can channel Electro through.[54]

When he arrived at Wano, his lost left hand had been replaced with a double-barreled gun.[60]

Nekomamushi's Partisan
Nekomamushi's staff.
Nekomamushi's Gun Hand
Nekomamushi's prosthetic double-barreled gun.


Main article: Haki

Nekomamushi possesses the ability to use Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku Haki.[61]



Early Years[]

In the distant past, Nekomamushi and Inuarashi were best friends.[7] When they were children, they were told of the pact the Mink Tribe made with the Kozuki Family. Curious, they left Zou and journeyed to Wano Country, but got shipwrecked. They were discovered at Kuri Beach by Kawamatsu.[62] Afterwards, the three were caught and persecuted by some humans until Kozuki Oden came and rescued them. They then followed Oden back to Kuri and became his retainers.[63]

Oden's Retainers Caught by Yasuie

A young Nekomamushi along with his fellow Scabbards after they were caught stealing by Yasuie.

When they were running low on funds, the retainers attempted to steal money from Shimotsuki Yasuie, but they were caught. Instead of punishing them, Yasuie allowed them to take the money and encouraged them to use it to become better people for the sake of Oden and Wano.[64] Following Yasuie's advice, they educated themselves and trained to become dignified warriors. 30 years ago, they visited the Flower Capital with Oden.[65]

After meeting the Whitebeard Pirates, Oden and his retainers had a feast with them. Nekomamushi and Inuarashi also learned from Marco on how vast the world is. Two weeks later, the two minks stowed away on Whitebeard's ship before they left Wano, knowing that Oden would not stop wanting to get on their ship. They revealed themselves after Whitebeard accepted Oden into the crew three days later. Afterwards, they traveled the seas together with the crew.[66]

Two years later after the birth of Kozuki Momonosuke and Oden got a bounty, Nekomamushi noticed that the newspaper hardly had any news about Wano Country.[67]

Around 26 years ago, sometime after the birth of Kozuki Hiyori, the Whitebeard Pirates clashed with the Roger Pirates on an island for three days and three nights before the skirmish turned into a gift exchange and Oden decided to join Gol D. Roger to assist him with his final journey. Nekomamushi and Inuarashi boarded the Oro Jackson as stowaways.[68]

The two minks and Oden then sailed with Roger, and they visited Skypiea at one point. When the crew sailed to Water 7, the minks revealed to Roger about the Road Poneglyph at Zou. The Roger Pirates' voyage later took them to Tequila Wolf, Sabaody Archipelago, and Fish-Man Island. Sometime after the visit to Fish-Man Island, Toki became ill and the crew stopped by at Wano. The two minks chose to stay at Wano with Toki and her children, so they never went with Oden to Laugh Tale. Before parting ways with Roger, Nekomamushi and Inuarashi gave him a letter of introduction for the Mink Tribe.[5][69]

Nekomamushi and Inuarashi told Kikunojo about Izou's stay with the Whitebeard Pirates. Around six months before Oden finished his voyage, Nekomamushi and his fellow retainers were furious at Kurozumi Orochi for abusing his position as shogun. While Inuarashi and Kawamatsu stayed behind at Oden Castle, the other retainers marched to the Flower Capital to confront Orochi only to discover that a group of Beasts Pirates were in Kuri threatening Oden's family. When Oden returned to Wano after finishing his journey, the retainers (except Denjiro and Ashura Doji, who were elsewhere at the time) welcomed him back and told him about Wano's situation. Oden then ordered his retainers to protect his family and Kuri before charging to the capital by himself.[70]

After Oden failed to kill Orochi, the retainers remained loyal to him for the next five years despite Oden acting like a fool and losing the respect of most of Wano's people. 20 years ago, Oden finally had enough and decided to take down Kaidou. The retainers eagerly followed him and marched with him to Onigashima.[71] On the way to Onigashima, the group was confronted by Kaidou and his crew in the Udon region. In the ensuing battle, the samurai were joined by Shinobu. Unfortunately, the samurai were overwhelmed in the end. Oden and the Scabbards were then imprisoned in the Flower Capital and sentenced to be boiled alive in three days.[72]

All ten prisoners were later brought to the execution site, at which point Oden made a deal with Kaidou. After Oden stepped into the pot of boiling oil, the retainers were about to join him, but Oden grabbed a plank and ordered them to stand on it as he held them over the pot.[73] As Oden endured the hour, he explained to his retainers the reason Wano Country was isolated and requested them to open Wano's borders for him. Oden successfully survived the hour, but Orochi summoned a firing squad to execute Oden and his retainers. Oden once again told his retainers to open Wano's borders before throwing them far away from the pot. The Scabbards fled with tears as Oden met his demise.[74]

After Oden's death, Nekomamushi and Inuarashi began quarreling with each other on the way to Oden Castle. The two minks were captured by Orochi's forces, and they were left behind by the other retainers.[25] They eventually managed to escape and returned to Zou barely alive, but they continued their feud to the point that they began fighting whenever they were together,[75] so they decided that Inuarashi would rule Zou during the day and Nekomamushi would rule during the night.[12]

During the Timeskip[]

When Bepo and the Heart Pirates arrived, Nekomamushi took them under his care because, despite his status as a pirate, Bepo was a native of the island.[18]

Nekomamushi Flips Jack

Nekomamushi attacks Jack.

During Jack and the Beasts Pirates' invasion of Zou, Nekomamushi took over the battle as night fell. He quickly emerged from his domain and engaged in battle with Jack by flipping the latter over.[1] Nekomamushi then prepared to continue fighting Jack, and was pleased to see the Heart Pirates assisting the Guardians in the battle. He fought Jack for five straight nights, switching out with Inuarashi once 6:00 AM arrived. Finally, Jack lost patience and used the Koro gas on the minks. He then crucified Nekomamushi, Inuarashi, and other strong minks and tortured them for Raizo's whereabouts. However, the minks unwaveringly refused to give the ninja's location, and Nekomamushi nearly broke free from his chains, leading Jack and his men to sever his arm.

Dressrosa Saga[]

Dressrosa Arc[]

One day later, Jack left Zou when he learned of Doflamingo's defeat and capture, leaving some subordinates in the territory. Then the Straw Hat Pirates led by Sanji arrived.[76] Once they chased away the remaining pirates and neutralised Koro, the pirates tended to Nekomamushi and the wounded minks.[77]

Whole Cake Island Saga[]

Zou Arc[]

Nekomamushi Confronts Bege

Nekomamushi confronts Bege after discovering an injured Pekoms.

Several days later, while Capone Bege was dealing with Sanji inside his body, Nekomamushi confronted Bege after finding an injured Pekoms, which prompted Sanji to throw his crewmates out of Bege's body. Not wanting to fight Nekomamushi despite his visible injuries, Bege fled with Sanji and Caesar Clown.[78] Realizing that the remaining Straw Hats wanted the minks present to forget about what just happened, Nekomamushi told Wanda and Carrot to keep quiet about the incident and decided to look after Pekoms.[37]

After Monkey D. Luffy and his group came to Zou, Tony Tony Chopper went to check up on Nekomamushi after visiting Inuarashi.[79] Nekomamushi was disobeying Chopper's orders by eating lasagna and taking a bath and was quickly forced back into bed as Chopper gave him more medical treatments.[17] Shortly afterward, Nekomamushi left his bed and followed the other Straw Hats in order to meet Luffy and Roronoa Zoro. After Trafalgar Law warned Luffy about the threat of Kaidou and the danger that the country would be in if they stayed on Zou, Nekomamushi decided to party with the members of the alliance and the other minks.[80]

Raizo Is Safe

Nekomamushi and Inuarashi reveal that Raizo is safe.

The next morning, Nekomamushi was alerted by Bariete ringing the bells to announce the arrival of the samurai Kin'emon and Kanjuro. Nekomamushi led the Guardians to Kurau City in search of the samurai but encountered Inuarashi. The two quickly began arguing and briefly clashed before Kin'emon interrupted them, revealing his identity and asking about Raizo. Nekomamushi and the minks then revealed that Raizo was on Zou, and they had kept him safe all this time.[81]

While conversing with Kin'emon, Nekomamushi and Inuarashi began arguing again, prompting Kozuki Momonosuke to reprimand them for doing so because it would make his father sad to see them behaving like this. Not wanting to disappoint their lord, Nekomamushi and Inuarashi apologized and called a truce, to the delight of their fellow minks. Shortly afterward, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi escorted the samurai and the Straw Hats to a secret area in the Whale Forest where Raizo was hidden.[82]

After Nico Robin deciphered the Road Poneglyph hidden within the Whale Tree, Nekomamushi revealed the purpose of the Road Poneglyphs and the locations of two others. He, Inuarashi, and the samurai then revealed that the Kozuki Family invented the poneglyphs, but their ability to make them was lost after Oden was killed by Kaidou and Orochi.[83]

After speaking more about Oden, Nekomamushi and Inuarashi offered the minks' help in fighting against Kaidou, and after Momonosuke petitioned Luffy for his help, the minks formed an alliance with the Kozuki Family, Straw Hat Pirates, and Heart Pirates known as the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance.[84]

As the group left the secret room, Nekomamushi realized that he recognized Luffy's straw hat, which prompted Inuarashi to reveal that he and Nekomamushi once traveled with Oden aboard the ships of both Whitebeard and Roger, though they never went to Laugh Tale. As he reminisced about his days of adventure, Nekomamushi happily danced with Inuarashi while he did the same. Promising to one day detail all of Oden's adventures, Nekomamushi continued descending the Whale Tree while revealing that they intended to find and recruit Marco, whom he noted had vanished after clashing with Marshall D. Teach a year ago during the Payback War, though he had an idea of where Marco might be. Suddenly, Zou began shaking violently, causing a shocked Nekomamushi to realize that Zunesha was crying out before wondering to know what was going on.[85] Jack's threat was ended when Momonosuke ordered Zunesha to destroy his fleet, but Nekomamushi was concerned about how Jack found Zou twice.[86]

Later on, Pedro and several other minks volunteered to join the Sanji Retrieval Team, but Nekomamushi decided to allow only Pedro to go because he could keep Pekoms in line. Soon afterward, as the Sanji Retrieval Team departed from Zou, Nekomamushi and the others were shocked when Luffy jumped off Zunesha with his party.[31]

Wano Country Saga[]

Wano Country Arc[]

Nekomamushi and the Guardians located Marco at Whitebeard's home village, Sphinx. As Nekomamushi spoke to Marco, the latter talked about Whitebeard's history with the village. Marco also heard about Edward Weevil attacking those connected to Whitebeard in search of a fortune that does not exist. After explaining that he could not leave because of the possibility that Edward Weevil would attack the village as well, Marco asked Nekomamushi to pass on a message to Luffy,[87] which said that he would arrive at Wano at the last minute.

However, Marco arrived at Wano along with Nekomamushi and Izou, making Marco's message unnecessary.[88] After Nekomamushi's ship climbed the waterfall, Nekomamushi contacted his fellow Scabbards in the Polar Tang and informed them that he would meet them at Onigashima.[89] Marco then dropped off Nekomamushi and Izou at Onigashima's back entrance, where they joined up with Law and the Scabbards with him.[60]

After Marco left to check on a shadow he saw at sea, the group was confronted by Kanjuro and an army of Beasts Pirates. While Kikunojo clashed against Kanjuro, the rest fought the other enemies.[90] Kanjuro and the Beasts Pirates with him were defeated, and Nekomamushi's group were soon rejoined by Kin'emon and Denjiro. They then entered Kaidou's castle, fought their way to the Live Stage, and launched an all-out attack on Kaidou.[91] While falling to the lower floor, the Scabbards managed to inflict wounds on Kaidou. As the alliance revealed themselves and attacked the Beasts Pirates, Kaidou transformed into his Beast Form and flew to the roof of the Skull Dome, with the Scabbards grabbing onto him. On the roof, the Scabbards prepared to fight Kaidou with the Mink Tribe's help.[92] When Jack arrived to the roof with a platoon, Nekomamushi and Inuarashi's subjects urged their two leaders to focus on Kaidou.[93] As Jack fought back against the minks, Nekomamushi and Inuarashi transformed into their Sulong forms and charged at Jack.[94]

The two were able to badly wound Jack, to the point where Kaidou had to step in and call him off to rest. With Jack and his forces out of the way, the Scabbards and Izou resume their confrontation with Kaidou.[95] Kaidou roared lightning at them, but they dodged around it and each struck him in turn.[96] After suffering several injuries, Kaidou then retaliated with a roar that created wind scythes aimed at the Scabbards.[97]

Continuing the battle in Human Form, Kaidou began overwhelming the Scabbards[98] and later incapacitated them. Big Mom, Eustass Kid, Killer, Zoro, Luffy, and Law later arrived at the roof. Upon Luffy's request, Law teleported the Scabbards to a safe place.[99] They were placed in the treasure room on the second floor, where a mysterious person was tending to them.[100] The Scabbards later recovered and regained consciousness, but the mysterious figure already had left. Before they left the treasure room, they saw who appeared to be Oden.[101] Many of the Scabbards believed it was him; however, "Oden" was quickly exposed to be a drawing made by Kanjuro, who was still alive and heading for Momonosuke. The Oden drawing then lit a large quantity of dynamite under its garment, but Ashura Doji tackled it out of the room before it exploded, sacrificing himself to save his comrades.

The Scabbards immediately headed out to find Kanjuro but, but were then confronted by Beasts Pirates All-Star Jack; Inuarashi stayed behind to battle him.[102] As they raced through the fortress, they encountered Orochi and Fukurokuju. Orochi transformed into his Beast Form to take on the Scabbards, but they responded by swiftly decapitating his multiple heads at once. They continued on, with Raizo staying behind to fight Fukurokuju.[103]

Nekomamushi Defeats Perospero

Nekomamushi defeats Perospero.

As the group moved through the castle, they encountered Shishilian and Bariete, who informed Nekomamushi that Carrot and Wanda were engaged in combat with Charlotte Perospero, the man responsible for Pedro's death. Nekomamushi resolved to take revenge for Pedro and leapt far ahead of the other Scabbards.[32] Later, when Perospero attempted to attack Sanji during his fight with Queen, and after having his identity confirmed by Shishilian, Nekomamushi knocked Perospero outside of the Skull Dome to avenge Pedro's death, and immediately chased after him.[33] Outside, upon using the moonlight to transform once again into his Sulong form, Nekomamushi swears this will be the last moonlight that Perospero will ever see.[34] Though Nekomamushi was eventually placed at a huge disadvantage and was badly injured due to the the storm clouds caused by Kaidou and Momonosuke's dragon forms blocking off the full moon causing him to revert back, once the clouds parted due to the clashing of advanced grade Haoshoku Haki, Nekomamushi was able to regain his Sulong form and swiftly defeated Perospero with Oden One Sword Style: Neko Niko Ban.[35] Back in the castle, they joined the resurging battle against the Beasts Pirates, who once again started to fight the Alliance's forces.[104]

After Luffy defeated Kaidou and Momonosuke safely landed the island, Nekomamushi announced to the forces that the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance was victorious. When a volcano erupted where Onigashima once sat, Momonosuke flew with his sister and retainers into the Flower Capital in order to calm the panicking citizens. As the citizens marveled at the return of the Nine Red Scabbards, Denjiro then announced Momonosuke as the new Shogun of Wano Country. After broadcasting a speech to the whole country, Momonosuke, along with his retainers, entered the shogun's castle.[105]

Aramaki vs the Scabbards

The samurai ready to protect Luffy from Ryokugyu.

A week later, after Luffy and Zoro finally awoke, Nekomamushi joined the Straw Hats in their feasting and bath.[106] They later enjoyed the ongoing festivities of the Flower Capital.[107] When the Kozuki Retainers noticed Admiral Ryokugyu's approach, several of them, including Nekomamushi, went out to stop him from entering the Flower Capital. Using his Devil Fruit powers, Ryokugyu attacked the samurai and announced his intent to go after Luffy. They were joined by Yamato and Momonosuke, and the retainers became distressed as Ryokugyu restrained Momonosuke.[108] However, the battle was then ended by Shanks outside of Wano, although unknown to anyone but Ryokugyu.[109]

Momonosuke as the Shogun

The samurai with their new Shogun ready to rebuild Wano.

Nekomamushi alongside the rest of the group returned to the Flower Capital. Inside the Shogun Castle, he was present when Kin'emon explained why he was not with them during the fight and though Kin'emon apologized for his absence, Nekomamushi brushed that off and instead asked Kin'emon to give them an update on Tsuru's status. After Kin'emon gave them an update, Inuarashi summoned Carrot to him and Nekomamushi. As Carrot stood before them, Inuarashi explained that they would name Carrot as the next leader of the Zou Kingdom, much to the latter's shock and surprise, as they explained their motives to stay behind in Wano to protect Momonosuke. When Carrot was doubting her strength and leadership qualities, they explained to her that they were confident she could do this task as she was the one who carried Pedro's will in her heart and was therefore most qualified.[110] He later joined his fellow Scabbards alongside Yamato and Momonosuke when the latter took his place as the new Shogun of Wano.[111]

Final Saga[]

Oni Child Yamato's Golden Harvest Surrogate Pilgrimage[]

As Yamato travel his last time in Wano, he payed respect to Nekomamushi with a hug.[112]

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Anime and Manga Differences[]

Inuarashi and Nekomamushi getting captured by Orochi's forces after Oden's death was first shown in Episode 910. However, the manga later revealed that the two minks were captured by a Number.


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