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Nepenta is one of Disco's henchmen who helped him kidnap the Kuja to sell as slaves.[1]


Nepenta's face up close.

Nepenta is an average-sized man with medium-length brown hair that swoops in the front to the left. He wears a blue, orange, and pink floral-patterned shirt and green pants that flare at the bottom. He also wears a sparkly fedora and a purple coat that has a green, furry collar.


Like Disco, Nepenta is willing to sell other human beings' freedom for personal gain. Nepenta is also deceptive, as seen when Nepenta and Disco tricked Hancock. Nepenta's loyalty and obedience to Disco is demonstrated in his tendency to stand with his back straight and parallel to the ground while holding a Den Den Mushi.[1]


One Piece Premier Show 2010

Nepenta holds a Den Den Mushi for Disco during a call with Doflamingo.

Nepenta helped Disco trick Hancock to be captured by telling her that Luffy had invited her to the Human Auctioning House. When Donquixote Doflamingo called Disco, Nepenta presented his superior with the ringing Den Den Mushi and held it for him during the call. When the Straw Hat Pirates confronted Disco and his subordinates, Nami and Nico Robin saved Marguerite from Nepenta and Disco, as Nami shocked the two with Thunderbolt Tempo.[1]


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