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The New Witch's Tongue is the ship used by the Bellamy Pirates.[2]


The New Witch's Tongue is a simple pirate ship with pink edges and many cannons. The figurehead is that of a skeletal spinal-cord like, with a spherical shaped head that has Donquixote Doflamingo's insignia, a crossed out smiley, on it. This insignia is also on the front lower sail. Bellamy's own Jolly Roger, which is that of red lips with a tongue sticking out, and crossbones behind it, is on the top sail. This symbol is also on a black flag on top of the ship's mast.


Jaya Arc

With Eddy, the crew's navigator, guiding them, the Bellamy Pirates approached Jaya and Cricket's house on board the New Witch's Tongue.[1]

After the Encounter With Doflamingo

The current state of the New Witch's Tongue is unknown after Bellamy left his crew to join the Donquixote Pirates.


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