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For the second half of the Grand Line, see New World.

New World is a song written and sung by Brook as final performance on his concert on Sabaody Archipelago after he was betrayed by his managers to the local Marines which surrounded the concert hall and right after he revealed that his captain, Monkey D. Luffy, was still alive and about to come back after going into hiding for the last two years.[1] It was mentioned in the manga and was turned into a song in Episode 520.


Japanese Kanji Japanese Rōmaji English Translation
Oh Yeah! 子供 Oh yeah kodomo Oh Yeah! Children
ある英雄の話 Aru eiyuu no Hanashi This is the story of a hero
王になる男の話 Ou ni naru otoko no hanashi The story of a man who will become king
いつも戦況は\"待ったナシ\" Itsumo senkyou wa mattanashi In war there are no do-overs
踏ん張って ビーサンに裸足… Funbatte biisan ni hadashi But he stands firms with sandals on his bare feet
Oh yeah! Come on baby! Oh yeah Come on baby Oh yeah! Come on baby!
夢追い人は悩み Yume oibito wa nayami Dreamers always struggle
時々は足りないリーチ Tokidoki wa tarinai Riichi Because sometimes their dreams are out of reach
自分と向き合う月日その先に Jibun to mukiau tsukini sono saki ni You have to battle your own demons
進むために Susumu tame ni In order to live through the days
その手に余りそうな大きすぎる夢 Sono te ni amarisou na ookisugiru yume It's a big dream that seems quite a handful
アイツが言えば叶う気がした aitsu ga ireba kanau ku ga shita But when he mentioned it, I could see it coming true
Today is the day待ちくたびれたぜ Today is the DAY! Machikutabirta ze Today is the day We got tired of waiting
気短な俺たちに もう夜はいらない Kimijika na oretachi ni mou yoru wa iranai We don't need nights because we're short-tempered
Today is the day最高の日だぜ Today is the DAY! Saikou no ji da ze Today is the day It's a great day
止まってた時計にケリ入れてやれ Tomatteta tokei ni keri irete yare Kick the clock that was stopped
For the New world For the New world For the New world For the new world For the new world For the new world For the New World For the New World For the New World
世界は変わる Sekai wa kawaru The world is gonna change
もう一回 Mou ikkai One more time!
そろそろ集まる頃 Sorosoro atsumaru koro YEAH! It's about time we assemble, YEAH!
仲間もかなり曲者 Nakama mo kanari kusemono My friends are also quite villains
誰とも組まなそうだって Dare to mo kuma nasou datte Whoever seems to be teamed up
手を取って完ぺきにフォロー Te o totte kanpeki ni forou Follow perfectly by the hand
毎日ハード覚悟 Mainichi hado kakugo We trained hard every day
乗るならアイツの野望 Noru nara aitsu no yabou Ride on his ambition
口じゃあれこれ言ってたとしても Kuchi ja arekore itteta toshite mo Even though he said this and that
笑っていた Waratteita He laughed
永遠に続きそうな 深い霧さえも Eien ni Tsuzukisouna Fukai Kiri saemo Even a thick fog that seems to continue forever
一瞬で消え 青空みえた Isshun de kie Aozora mieta Disappears in an instant and we see the blue sky
Today is the dayショーが始まるぜ Today is the day Shoo ga hajimaruze Today is the day The show is about to start
選ばれし者たちが 目指すあの海で Erabare shi mono tachi ga mezasu ano umi e Those chosen aim to that sea
Today is the day夢へ発つ船出 Today is the day, yume e tatsu funade Today is the day Depart and set sail to dreams
憧れた世界へ ケリ付けに行こう Akogare ta sekai e keri suke ni ikou Let's go kick around in the world we long for
For the New world For the New world For the New world For the New world For the New world For the New world For the New world For the New world For the New world
世界は変わる Sekai wa kawaru The world is about to change
For the New world For the New world For the New world For the New world For the New world For the New world For the New world For the New world For the New world
世界は変わる Sekai wa kawaru The world is about to change
あと一回もう一回 何度だって Once again Ato ichi ikai mou ichi kai nan do datte Once Again Just one time One more time Over and over once again
何百回でもGo Fight 新しい明日のため yeah!! Nan hyaku kai demo Go Fight atarshii ashita no tame yeah!! Go fight a hundred times for a new tomorrow yeah!!
For the New world For the New world For the New world For the New world For the New world For the New world
Give it up Give it up Give it up Start up Start up Go!! Go!! Go!! Go!! Give it up Give it up Give it up Start up Start up Go Go Go Go Give it up Give it up Give it up Start up Start up Go!! Go!! Go!! Go!!
振り返らずに進め! パンツ見せて見せて見せて見せて貰ってもよろしいですか? Furikaera zu ni susume! Pantsu mise te mise te mise te mise te moratte moyoroshii desu ka? Move forward without turning back! May I see, may I see, may I see, may I see your panties?
斜め40度は45度より難しい〜yeah!! Naname yon-juu do wa yon-juu-go do yori muzukashii? Yeah!! 40 degrees diagonally is harder than 45 degrees yeah!!
やって来た来た 今日も来た来た 北から南から遥かな宇宙のかなに Yatteki ta ki ta kyou mo ki ta ki ta kita kara minami kara haruka na uchuu no kana ni We came along Today we came too From north to south to distant space
虹を越えてやって来た Over The Rainbowまだか〜! Niji o koe te yatteki ta Over The Rainbow mada ka~! We came along to cross over the rainbow Is it time to go over the rainbow yet!
Bone Bone Bo Bo Bo Bo Bo Bo Bo Bo Bone!! Bone Bone Bo Bo Bo Bo Bo Bo Bo Bo Bone Bone Bone Bo Bo Bo Bo Bo Bo Bo Bo Bone!!

FUNimation LyricsEdit

The song dubbed by FUNimation Entertainment was sung by Brook's voice actor Ian Sinclair.

Oh Yeah! Take it home now!

Some people may call my friend a weirdo
And it may be true that he started from zero.
But even though he doesn't walk the straight and narrow,
He's got a heart of gold just like a hero.
Oh yeah! Come on baby!

Men like him can't help themselves from dreaming.
He gazes towards tomorrow, eyes are gleaming.
But everyday your dream fights against reality, it seems:
A struggle to be freeeeeeee!

If I were alone, I might surrender.
Weights too heavy for meeeeee.
But when I hear him say "Yeah!", even I can believe.

Today is the day! We'll bury all our sorrow.
Time to raise the sails, they'll tell our tales
Through every tomorrow.
Today is the day! We're aiming towards a new dawn.
All our doubts are gone, let's move along.
Cuz it's time to sail away

For the New world! For the New world! For the New world,
Where our dreams will all come true!

Oh! So long!


  1. One Piece Manga and Anime — Vol. 61 Chapter 600 and Episode 520.

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