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Knowledgeable Nick is a resident of Steel City on Jail Island and is known for his studious nature and sought-after insight.[1]


Nick is a thin, average-height man with fair skin and slicked-back green hair. He has round eyes and a square chin. He wears rectangular glasses, a white buttoned-up shirt, a light green vest, a brown neckerchief, and a dark green coat. He also wore white slacks, a brown belt, and brown shoes with the sides cuffed.[1]


Nick is an intelligent man who has attained a lot of knowledge on Jail Island among other subjects through extensive studying. Residents of the island actively seek his insight, queuing up a line of over forty people outside his house who wished to speak with him.[1]

Nick is not scared of pirates, as he talked back to a group of them and would not give up his information when they threaten him.[1]


One Piece: World Seeker

After Luffy fought Kuzan and the former Marine mentioned an incident with pirates on the island twelve years ago, Luffy asked Jeanne about it. She did not know but suggested he should speak to Nick. When Luffy went searching for him in Steel City, Nick was nowhere to be found, and a group of the town's residents who were waiting in line to get information or advice from him told Luffy about his disappearance since the day prior.

Luffy went to Konko Plaza to find Nick, who had been cornered by pirates. They demanded that Nick join them and give them information about the island's treasure, but Nick refused, prompting the pirates to threaten him. Luffy defeated the pirates and asked Nick for information about the incident. Nick explained that the pirates had been after the Dyna Stones and while the islanders eventually handed them over, Jeanne's mother was killed in a skirmish with the pirates. He went on to explain Isaac's disappearance from the island until two years ago. Having told Luffy the extent of his knowledge on the subject, Nick returned to Steel City.[1]


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