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Nigeratta[2] is a man in Nico Robin's past.[1]


Nigeratta is a middle-aged man with shoulder-length black hair parted to the sides, a mustache of matching color, a crooked nose, long chin, and small, slit-like eyes.[1]


Nigeratta is a deceptive man, as he acted kind enough to adopt Robin in her time of need, only planning to turn her in for the bounty on her head, going as far as to hold a rifle to search for her when she escaped. He is also a egocentric and hypocritical man, as when Robin overheard his plan and fled, he accused her of betraying their kindness when he is the one who attempted the betrayal.[1]


Shortly after Robin escaped from Kanezenny's failed attempt to turn Robin in, Nigeratta and his wife adopted the little girl. While Robin worked hard and honestly for the couple and thought she found a place to stay, Nigeratta and his wife one night were talking about turning her in. Robin overheard their plot and escaped. The couple went to look for her, with Nigeratta even holding a rifle, and selfishly accusing Robin of being an ungrateful little girl, betraying his and his wife's kindness.[1]


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