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The Niho Navy is a pirate crew led by Chichilisia[2] that planned to join forces with the Happo Navy until Sai called off his engagement.[1]


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Niho Navy
Chichilisia Uholisia

Crew Strength

The extent of the Niho Navy's strength is currently unknown, but since the Happo Navy once wanted to join forces with them, it can be presumed that they are a comparable strong fleet.[1]



At some point, a marriage between the daughter of the Niho Navy's leader, Uholisia, and Sai was arranged in order to create an alliance with the Happo Navy.[1]

The Stories of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet

After the Happo Navy returned to Kano Country, Sai spoke to Uholisia and broke off his engagement to her. Furious, Uholisia gave Sai a beating while her father scolded Chinjao for Sai's decision.[2]


  • The organization is known as a Navy (水軍 Suigun?), which is how the Japanese, Chinese, and Korean navies are or were named. This differentiates them from the Marines (海軍 Kaigun?).
  • All current members of the Niho Navy wear floral pattern pants.[3]


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