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Ninja are warriors in Wano Country who specialize in infiltration, espionage, and assassination. Female ninja are known as kunoichi (くの一?).

They are considered members of the samurai warrior class and are sometimes referred to as samurai, although the term typically denotes traditional swordsmen.[2]

Roles and Duties[]

Ninja are typically servants to powerful groups in Wano, with the most prominent group, the Oniwabanshu, having served Wano's shogunate. For powerful groups, ninja mainly serve as guards who take down enemies and intruders.[3] In contrast, ninja who are opposed to powerful groups, such as Raizo and Shinobu in the Kozuki Family, are often sent on infiltration missions to obtain secret information from enemy groups or liberate imprisoned allies.[4][5]

Unlike traditional samurai, ninja frequently rely on stealth and surprise to take out their targets and use a much greater variety of weapons and tools. Although they are more likely to ambush opponents, ninja have taken part in open combat in certain instances, with experienced members having the strength and skill to hold their own in such brawls.[6]

Many ninja obscure their appearances with masks and full-body coverings, though several do not do this.[3]

Ninja in Usopp's Imagination

Usopp's imagination of what a ninja would look like.

Although they appear to be exclusive to Wano, the ninja occupation is well-known all over the world and the prospect of meeting a real ninja is one that excites a great many people, namely males.[1]


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Further information: Ninjutsu

Ninja use techniques known as ninjutsu or ninpo (meaning "ninja arts") to help them achieve objectives including attacking, distracting, or escaping from opponents. Ninjutsu techniques typically involve the usage of special weapons and tools,[1] although ninja are also known to use the term for maneuvers that a normal person could do or even for simple actions like a hug.[7]

Oniwabanshu Restrain Robin

The Orochi Oniwabanshu trapping and moving in on Nico Robin.

Stealth is the key skill for ninja to have, as moving soundlessly and out of sight is imperative in order to take opponents by surprise and infiltrate locations. Experienced ninja like the Orochi Oniwabanshu can infiltrate a room as an entire group without their target noticing,[3] as well as prowl around a crowded banquet hall without attracting attention,[8] while Raizo was capable of infiltrating the heavily guarded Prisoner Mine for several days and remaining unspotted almost the entire time.[5]

Ninja possess a vast variety of weapons and tools. The most common weapons used are swords, shuriken, and kunai, with Jigoku Benten known to use a gun.[9] In terms of tools, ninja are shown to carry smoke bombs to hide themselves,[1] monoculars to spy on events, gliders to safely exit buildings,[4] and ropes to restrain targets.[8]

Ninja also possess tremendous physical skills, as it is common to see them standing and crawling on walls and ceilings; they are also able to jump great distances in order to quickly escape an enemy's eyesight.[3]

In her youth, Shinobu used her attractive appearance to distract opponents and allow her to easily take them out. She refers to this as the "Art of Bewitchment" (妖艶の術, Yōen no Jutsu?) and still attempts to practice it currently, although her age has substantially reduced its effectiveness.[6]


  • For much of its publication, the ninja series Naruto was viewed as a main "rival" to One Piece, as it was frequently the only Shonen Jump property able to compete in terms of popularity and volume sales; this was further fueled by the contemporary Pirates versus ninjas Internet meme.
    • Since their respective premieres, the two series have been featured in several cross-promotions (such as Battle Stadium D.O.N), as well as personal art exchanges between Eiichiro Oda and Masashi Kishimoto. Most notably, when Naruto released its final chapter, One Piece's contemporary chapter paid homage with a Cover Page that obliquely featured Uzumaki Naruto sharing a meal with Luffy.


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