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The Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance is an alliance formed between the Straw Hat Pirates, the Heart Pirates, the Kozuki Family, and the Mink Tribe with the goal of taking down Kaidou of the Four Emperors.[1]


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With the goal of reaching 5,000 strong,[9] the alliance managed to gather around 4,200 men.[10] Shortly before the raid on Onigashima, Denjiro brought 1,200 men with him from the Flower Capital, exceeding Kin'emon's goal.[11]

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Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance
Monkey D. Luffy Trafalgar D.
Water Law
Kozuki Momonosuke Inuarashi Nekomamushi
Founding Factions
Straw Hat Pirates Heart Pirates Kozuki Family Mokomo Dukedom
Allied Raid Forces
Yakuza Kid Pirates Marco Izou ? Yamato
X Drake ? Tama Komachiyo Pleasures * Waiters *
Hihimaru Speed Babanuki Gazelleman Daifugo
Briscola Mizerka Poker Hamlet Armored Division
Other Allies
Tenguyama Hitetsu Shimotsuki Yasuie  Caribou Toko Tsurujo ?

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Preparation Works

Before the attack, the alliance divided its forces into teams.[12]

  • The Ship Repair Team (船整備班 Fune Seibi Han?) was responsible for repairing the ships at Itachi Port with Franky and Usopp as members.
  • The Weapons Prep Team (兵器準備班 Heiki Junbi Han?) was responsible for preparing weapons in Udon with Hyogoro as a member.
  • The Katana Retrieval Team (刀回収班 Katana Kaishū Han?) was responsible for recovering swords in Ringo with Cho as a member.
  • The Yakuza Rousing Team (反逆者統率班 Hangyakusha Tōsotsu Han?) was responsible for the commanders in Kibi with Yatappe as a member.


During the Raid on Onigashima, the forces split into four groups, according to Law's plan.[13] With the entrance of the Nine Red Scabbards to the Skull Dome, the alliance reassembled for the war against Kaidou and his forces.[14]

Name Leader Members Goal
Idiots Monkey D. Luffy
Eustass Kid
Roronoa Zoro
Kid Pirates
Main diversion
Eastern Forces Assault Force Kin'emon Straw Hat Pirates *
Inuarashi Musketeer Squad
Secondary diversion
Main attack squad
Infiltration Force Unknown
Southern Forces Assault Force Denjiro
Infiltration Force Hyogoro
Submarine Team Trafalgar D. Water Law Heart Pirates
Nine Red Scabbards *
Surprise rear attack
Search Team Nami Sanji
Locating Momonosuke

Attacking Force

The alliance has over 11,457 men, not counting their occasional allies and non-fighting support.

Name Leader Men Notes
Straw Hat Pirates Monkey D. Luffy 10 Alliance founder.
Heart Pirates Trafalgar D. Water Law 21 Alliance founder.
Kozuki Family Main family Kozuki Momonosuke 2 Alliance founder.
Nine Red Scabbards Kin'emon 8 Part of the Kozuki Family. Kurozumi Kanjuro defected from this group after revealing himself to be a spy for Orochi. Izou then took his place on the team.
Mt. Atama Thieves Ashura Doji 280 Led by one of the Scabbards.
Wano Country Samurai Hyogoro 1000 Includes miscellanous Kozuki Family retainers and prisoners of Rasetsu Town.
Udon former Prisoners 3500
Yakuza 200
Kyoshiro Family Denjiro 200 Led by one of the Scabbards.
Mokomo Dukedom Inuarashi Musketeer Squad Shishilian 200 Alliance founders.
Guardians Nekomamushi Unknown
Kid Pirates Eustass Kid 31 Reluctant allies.
Whitebeard Pirates Remnants Marco 2 Includes former Kozuki Family retainer Izou.
Beasts Pirates Deserters Yamato, X Drake, and Fuga N/A 3
Gifters (Shinuchi) Tama 300 300 Gifters, including several Shinuchi, defected against the Beasts Pirates' side after being tamed by Tama's ability.
Subordinates 1700 Followers of the Shinuchi tamed by Tama, making for a total of 2000 traitors.
Pleasures Tony Tony Chopper 4000 Defected against the Beasts Pirates' side after being abused by Queen and saved by Chopper.

Alliance Strength

The alliance include three crews from the Worst Generation, the Kozuki Family, the Mink Tribe from Mokomo Dukedom, numerous allies from Wano Country, a marine rear admiral undercover as a pirate, and a Super Rookie. The Pirates have a combined bounty of at least Beli.png4,763,000,600, the Kozuki Family is a noble family in Wano Country, leading a legendary group of powerful Samurai, and the minks are all born warriors with the ability to produce electric shocks known as Electro.[15][16]

Additionally, during the raid, the alliance gained three former members the crews of two emperors: Marco and Izou from the Whitebeard Pirates and Yamato from the Beasts Pirates.[17] Also, while not strictly apart of the alliance the Kid Pirates fought alongside them, against the Beasts Pirates.



Samurai and Mink Origins

Shortly after the death of Kozuki Oden, his son, Kozuki Momonosuke, and some of his retainers were sent 20 years to the future, to the current time, and began recruiting allies for their counter attack. Though there were some loyal retainers of Oden still around, it was far too small to contend with the Beasts Pirates and Orochi's forces. As such, they headed out to sea too look for more allies, with their first destination being Zou, to recruit the Minks. However, due to a betrayal leaking their plans, and the samurai inexperience in sailing, the time-travelling warriors ended up splitting out at sea. Raizo made it to Zou, where the Minks hid him, from the Beasts Pirates who raided the island in search of him, even using poison gas to defeat the Minks. Kanjuro ended up on Dressrosa, where he hed himself in the scrap heap, and waited until he was found by his allies. Kin'emon and Momonosuke found themselves on Punk Hazard, with Kin'emon being split apart by Law, and Momonosuke, having been mistaken as one of Caesar's 'guinea pigs' for his Gigantification experiments, though the boy escaped, ate an Artificial Devil Fruit, and then fell into the garbage dump.

Dressrosa Saga

Punk Hazard Arc

After landing on Punk Hazard, and several incidents occured, the Straw Hat Pirates encountered Trafalgar D. Water Law who had wished to form an alliance with them in order to take down Kaidou (though secretly, Law's target was 'Joker'). Luffy agreed and the Straw Hat-Heart Alliance was formed. The first part of Law's plan, was to have the Straw Hats kidnap Caesar Clown, while he destroyed the SAD production facility. This was necessary so that the production of SMILE's, mass produced artificial Zoan Devil Fruits, would cease. The alliance managed to succeed, and during the task the Straw Hats encountered Kin'emon and Momonosuke, befriending them and helping them out of their predicaments.

They then left Punk Hazard with Law, Kin'emon and Momonosuke, where their new ally explained his plan enroute to Dressrosa, the kingdom ruled by Donquixote Doflamingo(a.k.a. Joker). Law planned to negotiate with Doflamingo for the return of Caesar, in return for his abdication of his position as one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. If Doflamingo complied, he would become a normal pirate and be targeted by the Marine Admirals, though if he refused, the Heavenly Demon would instead be targeted by Kaidou, for no longer supplying him with SMILE's. However, Law planned it so that during the hostage exchange, some of the Straw Hats would infiltrate Dressrosa, locate the SMILE Factory and destroy it, thus halting the production of SMILE's, and provoke Kaidou into attacking Doflamingo, with the confrontation hopefully weakening the Emperor.

Law then negotiated with Doflamingo while sailing to Dressrosa, which the Heavenly Demon seemingly complied to, publicly announcing his abdication. [18][19]

Dressrosa Arc

After landing on Dressrosa, the alliance started to carry out the plan, with Kin'emon going out to search for his friend Kanjurou. However, things quickly go awry, with the Straw Hats being split up by various circumstances and Doflamingo's scheming. The alliance soon learnt that Doflamingo used his influence as a former World Noble to manipulate the news, and fake his abdication. In order to prevent things from going his way, Law left Caesar with Nami, Sanji, Chopper, Brook and Momonosuke, and had them sail to their next location, Zou. However, the Surgeon of Death was then abducted by Doflamingo, who had assistance from Marine Admiral Fujitora. In order to stop the Donquixote Pirates, the Straw Hats ended up working with the Tontatta Tribe to carry out Operation SOP, which ended up getting them more allies in the form of the Riku Family, the Revolutionary Army, as well as several pirates and warriors the Donquixote Family enslaved as toys with the Hobi Hobi no Mi. The Straw Hats managed to free Law, and with Doflamingo using his Ito Ito no Mi ability to trap everyone on the island in Dressrosa with the intent to kill them, the alliance switched their objective to personally defeat the evil king. The final result was that the SMILE factory was destroyed, the Donquixote Family were defeated and arrested, and the alliance managing to escape Dressrosa thanks to the newly formed Straw Hat Grand Fleet formed under Luffy (against his will). The alliance then set sail to Zou, on the Barto Club's ship.

Four Emperors Saga

Zou Arc

The pirates expand their alliance to the Mink Tribe and samurai.

After the Straw Hat Pirates and their traveling companions reached Zou, it was revealed to them that the minks were allied with the Kozuki Family and that they risked their lives to protect Raizo.[20] The Mink Tribe willingly revealed this to the pirates thanks to the trust gained from the samurai during their travels, as well as due to the Heart Pirates assistance during the battle against Jack, in addition to the crew on the Thousand Sunny saving the country from the poison gas.

The Straw Hats and Law were taken to see Raizo,[21] and the samurai told the Straw Hats about Oden's death and Kaidou's occupation of Wano Country.[22] After being encouraged by Luffy, Momonosuke begged the pirates to help them in the fight against Kaidou, which Luffy agreed to, officially forming the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance. Law felt somewhat neglected at first as Luffy did not even ask for his opinion on the addition of two new branches into the alliance.[1]

The alliance made plans as to their next course of action: Luffy planned to go to Whole Cake Island with Nami, Chopper, and Brook to rescue Sanji, guided by Pekoms, with Pedro later joining them, while Zoro, Usopp, Robin, Franky, the Heart Pirates, and the samurai would head to Wano Country. Meanwhile, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi planned to search for Marco in order to increase their alliance's strength.[23]

The elephant carrying Zou, Zunesha, came under attack by Jack and his men, but on Momonosuke's command, it wiped out his entire fleet.[24] With everything settled, the alliance split up and began their missions, with Momonosuke and Inuarashi staying on Zou to communicate with Zunesha and defend against any future Beasts Pirates attacks.[25]

Wano Country Arc

Nekomamushi and the Guardians have traveled to an island, and while the Guardians stayed behind, Nekomamushi entered a secret village behind a waterfall, where he met Marco. Marco was shown caring for the villagers as he believed that the village is Whitebeard's keepsake and he wished to protect it. After they talked, Nekomamushi concluded that Marco would not come with him, and Marco asked Nekomamushi to deliver a message to Luffy.[26]

Meanwhile in Wano Country, as instructed by Kin'emon, the Straw Hats (Zoro, Usopp, Robin, and Franky) disguised themselves in order to hide their infiltration from the Shogun, Kurozumi Orochi, guards, and subsequentially the Beasts Pirates. However, Zoro was caught and falsely accused of a series of murders, forcing him to go on the run after attacking the magistrate.[27]

Kin'emon's group worked on gathering allies and after Luffy's group arrived at Wano Country, Kin'emon met up with them at the ruins of Oden Castle and revealed a plan to attack Onigashima, the island where Kaidou resided, in two weeks.[9] However, a drunk Kaidou arrived to take down Luffy and Law after finding out they had caused trouble on the island. He attacked the ruins of Oden Castle and then fought Luffy, whom he swiftly defeated and had imprisoned.[28]

During Orochi's private prelude party before the Fire Festival, Robin infiltrated the party under the guise of one of the dancing geisha and discovered the shogun's scheduled for the day as well as his company number and weapons.[29] After the chaos at the palace, the Beasts Pirates discovered Kin'emon's secret message and started arresting every person with the mark of the Kozuki Family, a crescent moon, on their ankle. During their search, Hawkins and Drake encountered Nami, Robin, and Shinobu, though they managed to escape with Sanji's help. Meanwhile, several members of the Heart Pirates were captured.[30] When Kin'emon was informed about the leak, he began to worry about his allies and their plan.[31] Meanwhile, Zoro encountered Kozuki Hiyori and swap information with her regarding the members of the Nine Red Scabbards and her brother. Luffy met Hyogoro in the Udon Prisoner Mines and started training his Busoshoku Haki under his tutelage, preparing for his next battle against Kaidou.[32]

After learning about the alliance's plan, Shimotsuki Yasuie volunteered to join the fight. When the alliance's plan began falling apart due to Orochi and the Beasts Pirates discovering Kin'emon's secret message, Yasuie sacrificed himself by taking responsibility.[33] After Yasuie's death, the Straw Hats started a fight at the execution area and blew their cover to the authorities.[34] Meanwhile, Law faced against Hawkins in an attempt to free his crew.[35] Desperate to recruit Ashura Doji, Kin'emon framed him for theft, which resulted in Holed'em setting fire to the Mt. Atama Thieves' hideout. Ashura was angry when he found out about this, but after seeing Yasu's actions, the two calmly talked their issues out and Ashura agreed to fight alongside them.[36] At the same time, Chopper led a plan to free Luffy from prison by using an amnesiac Charlotte Linlin, which resulting in Luffy taking over the prison and gaining the support of the inmates, including Kawamatsu, a member of the Nine Red Scabbards, and the yakuza bosses loyal to Hyogoro.[37]

The present Nine Red Scabbards and Straw Hats discuss their plans.

After escaping the Flower Capital, Sanji and Shinobu tried to devise a plan to free their captured allies, while the freed Heart Pirates informed Nami about Yasuie's alteration to the alliance's secret message to their allies, before the Straw Hats returned to Kuri to meet up with Kin'emon.[38] With their new allies, the alliance increased their numbers drastically, and after Kawamatsu returned to Ringo and reunited with Hiyori, they acquired a vast amount of weapons for the upcoming battle. Several key members of the alliance gathered in Amigasa Village to begin a strategy meeting.[39]

Two days before the Fire Festival, Kin'emon rallied the alliance teams for the final push before the battle.[40] However, a day later during the night, Orochi sent his men to destroy several bridges across Wano, preventing the major forces from arriving to the meeting port. Desperate, the Scabbards head out on a small boat, preparing to continue the fight by themselves.[41] On the boat, they faced the unavoidable conclusion that there was a spy among them, who is revealed to be Kanjuro. Kin'emon angrily beheaded him, only to learn that it was a copy and the real Kanjuro remained on the coast and that he had captured Momonosuke. As this was happening, the Scabbards' boat was confronted by three Beasts Pirates ships. The Scabbards were saved by the arrival of the Straw Hats, Heart Pirates, and Kid Pirates.[42]

Kyoshiro arrived soon after and he revealed his identity as Denjiro and rejoined the Scabbards. He also revealed that he freed the prisoners in the Flower Capital and the rebels were gathered at Habu Port. Thanks to Kin'emon misinterpreting the new secret message and passing it on to Kanjuro, the spy misinformed his master of the meeting place. Meanwhile, the rest of the allies (sans the Red Scabbards and the pirates) decoded it correctly and met up at the wharf in Hakumai, before departing ahead of Orochi's convoy, leaving the alliance completely undeterred by the enemies sabotage. All the allies then arrived at Tokage Port on a massive fleet. With a total of 5,400 men, the raid on Onigashima finally began.[43] Shocked by their arrival, Kanjuro took Momonosuke and prepared to head to Onigashima to report to Orochi, and faced off against Kawamatsu who tried to free his lord. Kanjuro then conjured a crane with his Devil Fruit ability, and attacked the alliance with a cloud that rained arrows. Momonosuke ordered the alliance to proceed to Onigashima as Kanjuro fled to Onigashima with him. Meanwhile, the Beasts Pirates' ship distanced themselves and attacked the alliance with long range cannons, destroying several of the alliances' ships. The alliance was saved with the sinking of the ship by the hand of the newly arrived Jinbe, who introduced himself as a member of the Straw Hat Pirates.[44] Jinbe then boarded the Sunny, and as the crew prepared to celebrate his return, the Scabbards were joined by Shishilian and Hyogoro as leaders of the alliance's forces to form a plan of attack.

Law then suggested that they would split into four groups: One that would attack Onigashima from the front, two from each of its sides, and one aboard the Polar Tang to submerge and attack Kaidou's castle at the back of the island head on. Law stated that the Straw Hats and Kid Pirates would not listen to the plan and strike from the front, making up the first group. Kin'emon and Denjiro volunteered to be leading the groups that would attack from each side, with the rest of the Scabbards on board the submarine. The alliance then noticed that the Straw Hats were already fighting the guards at the port in front of Onigashima, defeating them easily and looting them for the celebration of Jinbe's arrival, but Luffy stopped the party, wanting to celebrate with the entire alliance once Kaidou was defeated. The Kid Pirates then sailed past them aiming for Kaidou's head, and Luffy ordered Jinbe to catch up to them.[45]

Law's team submerged in the Polar Tang and the rest of the alliance reached the entrance to Onigashima. Usopp knocked out the guards and Kin'emon disguised everyone as members of the Beasts Pirates, allowing them to slip in undetected.[46] With Kin'emon and Denjiro leading their squads, the Straw Hats took out their vehicles, and learned that Luffy and Zoro headed out first chasing the Kid Pirates, making them worry about the two causing problems for the plan.[47] Meanwhile, Luffy came across several members of the Beasts Pirates wasting food, and remembering Tama's starvation, became enraged.[48] Luffy attacked the pirates, and Zoro soon joined him after hearing his reason, making the two's presence known to Apoo, who informed Queen. Queen then offered his men a chance to become one of the Tobiroppo for capturing the intruders. Luffy and Zoro were then attacked by Apoo, who was later attacked by Kid for betraying their alliance.[49]

With the riot growing, Hatcha of the Numbers joined the fight, and Killer informed his allies how to evade Apoo's attacks.[50] Meanwhile, Kin'emon's group reached a brothel and decided to split to corner the Beasts Pirates, and Nami took Carrot and Shinobu to search of Momonosuke. As Kin'emon led half his men towards the back of Onigashima, they were about to be spotted, and Kin'emon ordered them to hide, but Chopper in the Brachio Tank V was not fast enough and was seen by Big Mom.[51] At the same time, Nekomamushi's ship climbed the waterfall and witnessed the Queen Mama Chanter falling after being attacked by Marco.[52]

After Kanjuro deliver Momonosuke to Orochi and Kaidou, he informs them about the alliance attack, as Fukurokuju enter the room to inform them about what's currently happening on the Live Stage. Meanwhile, the Submarine team is contacted by Nekomamushi, and Denjiro encounter Sasaki. With Chopper and Usopp luring Big Mom away, Kin'emion's group emarges from the lake and continue their mission, as Nami's group is found by Prometheus who stayed behind.[53] Back at the Live Stage floor, Luffy encounter Ulti and Page One and engage in battle which is quickly interrupted with the arrival of a mask Yamato, who hits Ulti away, and runs off with Luffy, introducing himself as Kaidou's son. Elsewhere, Zoro, Kid, and Killer are cornered by several Gifters. Meanwhile, Big Mom has turned around per Prometheus' call to catch Nami, leaving the Brachio Tank free to rejoin Kin'emon.[54]

With Luffy having hard time trusting Yamato, he attacks him, causing the Beasts Pirates to lose track of the two. Meanwhile, disguised members of the alliance including Hyogoro, Robin, and Jinbe, are waiting among the Beasts Pirate, waiting for Kin'emon's signal, and watch as Orochi brings out Momonosuke tied to a cross, and preparing to publicly execute him. At the back of the Island, the Polar Tang surface and Law transport the Scabbards and some of his crew onto the island, where they are met with Nekomamushi, Marco and Izou. In a secluded area, Luffy gave Yamato five minutes to explain the latter's intentions. Yamato then unmasked, revealing that Yamato has a feminine appearance and presents themself as a man to be more like their idol, Kozuki Oden.[55]

As the Scabbards head for the entrance to the Skull Dome, they are confronted by Kanjuro and a group consisting of Pirates and Kanjuro's animated drawings. Meanwhile, Yamato continue to tell her story to Luffy, and her inability to leave Wano, as Kaidou starts to broadcast to his men about his future plans and their alliance with the Big Mom Pirates, as Big Mom enter the stage after capturing Nami and Carrot and retrieving Zeus. Shocked by Kaidou's declaration and him beheading Orochi, Luffy and Yamato fall from the attic and rush to save Momonosuke.[56]

Kaidou then offer Orochi's subordinates to join him, which they agree, enraging Hyogoro. During the party, Luffy and Yamato manage to advance with little difficulty, and Luffy removed Yamato's cuffs, which explode and cause a distraction. After the Scabbards defeat Kanjuro's men they enter the castle, and reach Kaidou on the main platform, and knock him over it as they all fall to the floor beneath them.[57] As the Beasts Pirates are shocked by the Scabbards' appearance, the rest of the alliance reveal themselves and stand in the way of the Beasts Pirates from interring in the Scabbards' fight. Luffy and Yamato are then confronted by Big Mom and Ulti, allowing Nami and Carrot an opening for escape. Big Mom asks Luffy if he really came to defeat Kaidou, and Luffy denies that, momentarily shocking the alliance, before claiming to have come to defeat all of Kaidou's allies as well, officially declaring the start of the war. Queen mocks his claims, but soon after learns of the thousands of intruders in Onigasima as the alliance move forward all across the island. Kaidou then fly to the roof of the dome with the Scabbards in toe, finding the Mink Tribe waiting for them under the full moon.[58]

Jack then arrive with his men to fight off the minks, as they turn into their Sulong forms. Back inside the dome, Shinobu uses the confusion to get to the platform and tries to free Momonosuke, but is spotted by King and is thrown away. Momonosuke chains then came off and he is suspended in mid air. King tries to go after him but is blocked by Sanji in his Raid Suit, who disable his invisibility and tosses Momonosuke to Shinobu and tells her to ran away before being tossed aside by King. Luffy tells Yamato to go after them and protect them, as Big Mom tries to attack him, learning that Nami has stolen Zeus back. As Big mom turns her attention toward Nami, Franky arrive and run over Big Mom with the Kurosai FR-U IV as Brook bisects Zeus.[59]

With Big Mom knocked over, Luffy gets away and tells Shinobu they can trust Yamato, however as Yamato reveal her pseudonym, Shinobu and Momonosuke are freaked out and flee. Hyogoro tells his allies his plan to fight the Tobiroppo, as Big Mom gets up and Franky prepare to fire a laser at her, however, the arrival of the monsters Numbers, one of whom holding the Brachio Tank, causes the alliance to shift focus. With Franky firing at Jaki instead, causing him to release the tank, Big Mom goes in to attack him from behind, but is stopped by Jinbe tossing her aside and Robin rolling her away. On the platform, Queen notice Luffy and Zoro trying to get to the roof to join the fight against Kaidou, and throws them down to the floor below. Despite the massive army against them, Hyogoro smile stating he still believes in their eventual victory, as Franky form General Franky, Sanji gets back up nearly unharmed, and the Straw Hat Pirate reassemble for battle.[60]

On the roof, as the minks end the fight against Jack's group, with Jack the only one left standing and the minks exhausted, Nekomamushi and Inuarashi steps forward to finish off the All-Star. At the Live Stage, the Samurai are fighting the Beasts Pirates, the Oniwabanshu, and the Mimawarigumi, but are having trouble with the two remaining Numbers, so Zoro and Luffy charge in, with Luffy attacking Goki. At the same time, after being uncovered as a traitor, Drake jumps down from the platform to take down Juki and asks Luffy to join their side.[61]

While Several Straw Hats object to Drake's request, Luffy agreed, and in the confusion, Page One and Ulti attack, however before they reach Luffy, Page One is hit with Midori Boshi: Dokuro Bakuhatsu So. Shocked and enraged, Ulti looks for the attacker and sees Nami, whom Usopp dubs to take the blame, causing the two siblings to go after both of them. Meanwhile Sanji and Luffy head towards the castle, but are attacked by Apoo who calls for Hatcha. The Number however, spots General Franky and Franky lures him away. Zoro clashes with Drake, mistrusting him, however the two soon join forces to take down Apoo, however before they reach him, Queen uses his gatling gun from the platform to indiscriminately fire at the people below. Back on the roof, Jack falls defeated by the minks, and the battle between Kaidou and the Scabbards begin.[62] Despite the Scabbards relentlessly sends a flurry of strike that manage to hurt Kaidou and drew blood, they are unable to cause a serious injury.[63]

At the Live Stage, the bullets Queen fired are revealed to be infecting the targets with Ice Oni, another plague by the All-Star design, that spread throughout the area to allies and foes alike. Meanwhile, Luffy and Sanji had entered the castle and are fighting their way up as they are joined by Jinbe. Elsewhere, Yamato saves Shinobu and Momonosuke from Sasaki's men. On the roof, Kaidou rises from the Scabbards latest attack and strikes back, severing Kikunojo's arm with an air cutting roar.[64] Kin'emon cauterized the wound as Kaidou turned back into his human form, before the battle resumed. Inside the dome, Chopper tries to figure out a way to cure everyone, as Queen informs those present that the virus would kill them in one hour from infection, and gave Apoo a vial containing the antibodies, declaring a game to see if they can capture him before they die from the virus effects, while threatening to kill Apoo if he "loses". Meanwhile, Yamato fights Sasaki's men while protecting an injured Shinobu, introducing herself to Momonosuke.[65]

Outside, while Marco confronts Big Mom and Perospero, Carrot and Wanda appear, saving him from Perospero's arrow, and preparing to face the Candyman in order to avenge Pedro. At the Live Stage, the chase after Apoo continue, as Chopper tries to understand the way the Ice Oni works. Elsewhere, Ulti and Page One have caught up and severely beaten Usopp and Nami, with Ulti forcing the latter to admit Luffy's dream to be unachievable. True to her heart, Nami reaffirms her beliefs in Luffy, and as Ulti prepare to kill her, Tama and Komachiyo show up to save the Straw Hats.[66] Tama then flees with Nami and Usopp upon Komachiyo, while having Hihimaru stall the two dinosaur Zoans. Meanwhile, Sasaki's men are unable to pass Yamato, so the Tobiroppo himself prepare to fight, however the arrival of Franky and Hatcha create an opening for Yamato to escape. With Shinobu and Momonosuke in tow, Yamato asked Franky to hold off Sasaki as she take down Hatcha with a single blow. At the same time, Law finds a Poneglyph at the castle basement, and Kid gather weapons from across the castle as he and Killer head out to fight Kaidou.[67]

Zoro followed Big Mom's trail as she suddenly appears and flew directly to Kaidou, where he noticed Kikunojo's arm fall from the roof, enraging him to the point where he defeated Apoo with a single strike. The swordsman retrieved the vial of antibodies, which he entrusted to Chopper, who informed his surrounding how to counter the plague while also promising he would make more of the antibodies for allies and foes alike, per his doctor oath. Marco then appeared, offering to help Zoro reach the roof. Elsewhere, Sanji fell for Black Maria's trap and is captured, while Luffy and Jinbe headed for the fourth floor, with the alliance members creating an alternate route to circumvent the blockades around the stairs. However the island starts to rumble, as Kaidou, having defeated Izou and the Red Scabbards, used his power to lift the entire land mass from the ocean, making it float towards the Flower Capital.[68]

At the Live Stage, Marco uses his flames to reset the timer for the Ice Oni death count, as Chopper is assisted by Miyagi and Tristan in making more antibodies. The yakuza and Drake volunteered to guard Chopper while Zoro headed for the roof with Marco. Inside the castle, Jinbe and Luffy continue to fight their way up, though upon encountering Who's-Who and his subordinates, Jinbe offered to stay behind in order to allow Luffy to proceed. Meanwhile, Momonosuke's group hide at a secluded storage room.[69]

While the Beasts Pirates attempt to stop Marco, he still took flight with Zoro, causing King and Queen to personally attempt to stop him in their full beast forms, though Marco instead restrained them, as he threw Zoro to the roof. As Luffy reached the top floor, he finds that the Mink Tribe, who had retreated after defeating Kaidou's back up, had cleared the route to the top of the dome, which Luffy gratefully takes. Atop the Skull Dome, he finds that Zoro, Law, Kid and Killer were already there staring down Kaidou and Big Mom. When he noticed the defeated samurai, he walked up to them, where Kin'emon tearfully passed on the torch to him. When Kaidou moved in to attack the Straw Hat captain, Luffy had Law use his ability to move the fallen samurais to the lower floors. Luffy then evaded the Strongest Creature's attack, before starting their battle with a hit strong enough to hurt Kaidou. [70][71]

The Emperor soon recovered and attacked with Raimei Hakke, which Luffy barely managed to dodge even with foresight. He was immediately targeted afterwards by a Heavenly Feuer from Linlin and Prometheus, but was saved by Zoro, who used his recently learned Homura Saki to cut the flames. Law then saved Luffy from Kaidou's follow-up attack with Shambles, though mainly to berate the Straw Hat captain for making it look like he was ordered to move the samurai's, when that was his intention all along. After Kid teased them about this, Luffy challenged the two to a game of chicken in the face of Prometheus's Heavenly Bonbon, which the two captains participated in after Luffy taunted them, only for all three of them ending up getting hit by the attack. Both Zoro and Killer then attacked Kaidou with Three Sword Style: Rengoku Oni Giri and Zanshu Claw, though their attacks did not injure him. The captains then got up, with Luffy and Law activating Gear 4 and ROOM respectively, while Kid used Punk Rotten. They then chained their attacks on Kaidou, with Luffy striking with Gomu Gomu no Kong Gun, Kid crushing with Punk Vice and Law using Takt to rain sharpened boulders on him. However Kaidou quickly emerged in his dragon form and joined Big Mom in the sky to continue the fight.[72]

Kaidou retaliated with Kaifu, which the young pirates either evaded or deflected, while Luffy struck back with Gomu Gomu no Kong Rifle, followed immediately by Kid who slammed Kaidou into the ground with Gibson Slam. Kaidou then attempted to chomp on Law, who easily evaded and pierced a Gamma Knife where he believed the heart was in the dragon. Killer then got onto Kaidou's back and did some internal damage with Kamaa Sonic, until he was struck off by Big Mom and Zeus's Indra. Kaidou then attempted to bite Killer, but then decided to redirect a Bolo Breath at Luffy after receiving his Gomu Gomu no Rhino Schneider to the face. Zoro had a reluctant Law place him in the way of the attack, cutting the breath before immediately retaliating with an One Sword Style: Hiryu: Kaen, which ended up missing and instead cut off one of the horns from the mountain. Big Mom then had Zeus use Tenman Daijizai Tenjin, which hit all her opponents but proved ineffective against Luffy, who charged at the Emperor's. Kaidou then hit the Straw Hat captain with Bolo Breath, who endured the flames in order to barrage the dragon with Gomu Gomu no Kong Gatling, which pummeled him straight back into the dome.[73]

However, the attack ended up using up all of Luffy's Haki, leaving him vulnerable to Linlin's Haha no Hi. Zoro managed to protect Luffy from the attack, with Law using Counter Shock to halt Big Mom's movements. Kid and Killer attempted to press their attacks on Kaidou, but the dragon used Tatsumaki to repel them, as well as lifting an immobile Luffy straight into his mouth. Zoro then used Three Sword Style: Kokujo: O Tatsumaki to counter the attack, damage Kaidou and take back his captain. Kaidou, realizing Zoro possessed Enma, used Tatsumaki Kaifu to retaliate, though his opponents either dodged or repelled the attacks. He then took on his hybrid form.[74]

Elsewhere, it is revealed that Speed, alongside Gazelleman and Daifugo (who were made into Tama's subordinates with her dangos) were the ones who brought Tama to Onigashima. Tama had created a large number of dangos while travelling to the island, with the intention of having her allies distribute it to the Gifters in the midst of battle. While Speed tricked the Gifters by claiming it was medicine developed by Queen, Daifugo and Gazelleman forced the dangos into their former comrades mouths.

Back at Franky's battle, after a General Left failed to deter Sasaki, Franky managed to catch him by the horn and then flip over the dinosaur. Just as Franky was going to follow up on that attack, Sasaki's men restrained the mecha. However, thanks to Usopp, Nami and Tama appearing with a horde of 'tamed' Gifters in tow, Franky managed to break free. At this point, Ulti and Page One appeared in pursuit of the three, revealing to Sasaki that the Gifters were being turned against them. Ulti attempted to attack Nami, but the Cat Burglar countered with a Thunder Lance Tempo, though it did not keep the dinosaur woman down for long. In the meantime, Usopp used Kibi Dan-boshi to shoot dangos into Sasaki's men mouths, turning them into the alliance's allies. While the triceratops was distracted by this turn of events, Franky kicked his head upwards, to unleash a Shori no V-Flash at his belly.

In the Grand Banquet Hall, Sanji, having defeated Black Maria's male subordinates, was finally captured thanks spider-woman's abilities and female subordinates, whom Sanji refused to hurt. He was then threatened to call for Robin via the Mary, Caimanlady, in order to capture her. At this point though, a cyborg Mary discovered the injured Red Scabbards and informed King that someone was trying to help them.[75] Black Maria started beating up Sanji in order to force him to call for Robin, but it was unnecessary as Sanji willingly did so, much to the shock of the ladies, who thought that Sanji would be defiant to the end. Just as Black Maria was about to recommence beating up Sanji, Robin appeared and used Gigantesco Mano: Spank to knock her away, while Brook, who accompanied her, froze all of Maria's webbing. With Sanji freed, he headed towards the Scabbards, at the same time as a recovering Jack, who insisted on ending the samurais himself, leaving Black Maria to deal with Robin and Brook.

Elsewhere, Yamato's group was discovered by a cyborg Mary, which forced them to hide Momonosuke in Yamato's clothes as they made a break for it.[76] Despite their efforts, they were still spotted by Bao Huang and her Mary's, who broadcasted their location throughout the castle. Sanji, who heard this, interrogated one of his defeated opponents, and found out that Momonosuke is virtually in the opposite direction of the Scabbards. Conflicted on who to support, Sanji eventually ran in Momonosuke's direction. Meanwhile, outside the castle, Perospero managed to defeat the two Mink women after clouds covered the moon and cancelled their Sulong. Perospero then headed indoors, as he witnessed Marco holding back King and Queen all by himself, and decided to support his new allies.

Chopperphage cures everybody from the Ice Oni Virus.

In the Performance Floor, the Beasts Pirates, and their new samurai recruits persistently attempted to reach Chopper, but were forced back by the alliance, predominantly X Drake and Hyogoro, who, by a side effect of the Ice Oni virus, had regained his form and strength of his prime. However, due to the phoenix flames burning up their physical stamina in order to keep them from turning, the situation for the alliance side started to degrade, with Hyogoro even preparing to commit suicide before he turned into an Oni.[77] Everyone started to fall into despair, including the Beasts Pirates Waiters and Pleasures, when they learnt that the Ice Oni virus was intended to be used on them as they have lost their value with the loss of SMILEs. Thankfully, in spite of Queen's insistence that the 'Tanuki' was going to abandon them, Chopper came through, firing the Chopperphage Nebulizer into the battlefield, which cured everyone of the virus. When Queen questions what, how and why Chopper did this, the reindeer stated that thanks to his two years of training, he was able to make a gaseous virus designed to counteract the Ice Oni virus using the antibodies as a base. Queen then fired at Chopper when the Cotton Candy Lover lectured him on how weaponizing viruses would inevitably lead to them losing control over it. At this point, having felt betrayed at the fact that they were to be treated as expendables, the Pleasures put their bodies on the line to protect Chopper. Marco then restrained Queen, allowing Chopper, who used Monster Point, to hit the Brachiosaurus.

Meanwhile, in the treasure repository, the Scabbards regained consciousness, and just as they were about to leave to rejoin the battle, the door opened to reveal Oden, much to their delighted shock.[78] However, Ashura quickly exposed that the Oden in front of them was a fake, with all of them soon realizing that it was a living painting remotely controlled by Kanjuro, who was still alive. Ashura then sacrificed himself to push away the painting before it self-destructed, while the rest ran towards Momonosuke, as they realized he was being targeted. However, they soon came across Jack, with Inuarashi volunteering to stay behind in order to fight him. The Scabbards soon came across Orochi, who was revealed to be alive and setting fires around the castle alongside Fukurokuju, in revenge for the betrayal. Orochi transformed in order to take on the visibly weakened Samurai, despite Fukurokuju's insistence that they flee. This proved to be the shogun's undoing, as the Scabbards instantly decapitated six of his heads before moving on, with the exception of Raizo, who stayed behind to fight Fukurokuju.[79][80]

Big Mom is pushed off Onigashima thanks to Kid and Law.

On the rooftop, the Supernovas were all wounded, and came to the conclusion that unless they separated the two Emperor's, they would never make headway.[79] The Emperor's then performed Hakai, a powerful wide-ranged, unavoidable, combo attack, which the younger pirates endured thanks to Zoro, who briefly blocked it, though he sustained some serious injuries. Luffy then attacked Kaidou with a Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk, which the King of Beasts quickly dodged. He then followed up by knocking down the young pirate, firing a Boro Breath and then attacked with Kosanze Ragnaraku, and though Luffy barely avoided the former attack, he took the latter head on. In the meantime, Kid constructed an airtight metal box, which Law used Shambles to trap Zeus in, while Zoro used Homurasaki: Rokudo no Tsuji to neutralize Prometheus, and Killer knocked Napoleon out of Big Mom's hand and continuously attacked it in order to keep it away from its owner. Kid then got Linlin's attention by firing Punk Pistols at her, which Big Mom easily repelled before punching Kid into the ground. The Captain used this opportunuty to attach some scrap to her and used Repel to levitate her, which Law followed up by using Takt to launch a massive boulder at her, that pushed her off the island. Without any of her Homies to help her fly, Linlin plummeted into the open sea, though she was saved when Kaidou targeted Zoro, allowing Prometheus to pick up Napoleon and catch her before she could drown.[80]

Zoro cuts Kaidou with Asura, giving him a second permanent scar.

Just as Kaidou swung at Zoro, Law used his ability and switched with the Pirate Hunter, before stabbing the King of Beasts in the throat with Injection Shot. He then defended himself from Kaidou's follow up with Curtain though he was still sent flying. Zoro, while entrusting Law with the aftermath, then used his strongest attack, Kiki Nine Sword Style: Asura Bakkei: Moja no Tawamure, when Kaidou targeted the still unconscious Luffy. The attack managed to scar the Emperor, who was shocked, having thought that Zoro might have used Haoshoku Haki, though the swordsman denied it before collapsing. When Law attempted to help the the Pirate Hunter, Kaidou struck both of them with Raimei Hakke. Just as the Emperor thought he had dealt with all his immediate enemies, Luffy rose again while revealing the epiphany he gained from taking Kaidou's last attack, that Haoshoku Haki can also be infused into attacks. Kaidou laughed and then attacked, while stating that only the mightiest can use such a technique. However, Luffy instantly countered, using Haoshoku-infused emissive Haki attacks, chaining a kick which knocked away the kanabo, a punch to Kaidou's gut followed by an uppercut, which floored the Emperor. Luffy then thanked Zoro and Law, telling them to go down, while he himself would take on Kaidou alone.[81] The two clashed, both using Haoshoku Haki in their attacks.[82] Unfortunately, due to Luffy's inexperience in using Haoshoku Haki in this way, he soon lost and was sent plummeting into the sea.[83]

Kid and Killer chased after Big Mom, when they noticed something strange going on in the sky. Big Mom then descended, now accompanied by her new special Homie, Hera, who she used to blast Kid and Killer with Fulgora, sending them both indoors, with she herself following. Law then took Zoro and Zeus indoors with his ability, while conveniently landing near Sanji, who was headed for Momonosuke. Law quickly handed Zoro to the chef, listing out all of Zoro's injuries, before he and Zeus went their separate ways in order to look for Big Mom. After wrapping up Zoro in bandages, Sanji continued heading for Momonosuke, before into Izou and Kawamatsu. As it turned out, the Scabbards have split into smaller groups, with Nekomamushi headed for Pedro's killer, Perospero; Kin'emon and Kiku raced to Momonosuke; while Izou and Kawamatsu offered to reinforce the others. With Momonosuke in Kin'emon's hands, Sanji took Zoro's advice and headed to the Live Floor. Meanwhile Kid and Killer, having been blasted a good distance indoors, quickly shook of the attack and started to actively look for Big Mom, though when they soon encountered Hawkins, who attempted to ambush them with Warbide-to. With another member of the Worst Generation in the way Killer volunteered to stay behind and fight him.

Meanwhile, on the second floor, Page One had finally caught up to Komachiyo and clung to the Komainu, while Nami and Usopp desperately attempted to get him off. Usopp then used Midori Boshi: Hanabibana to remove him, followed by Midori Boshi: Baku Bokkuri in an attempt to finish him, though it failed. At this point, they ran into Big Mom, who recognized the Straw Hats and Tama, the former she threatened hostilely, though the latter she surprisingly greeted gently, as according to Prometheus's thoughts, Linlin rarely entered a Mother Mode for children under the age of 10. After she learnt of how Okobore Town, the place that helped her when she had amnesia, was burnt to the ground by Kaidou's men, she angrily knocked out the approaching Page One with a single Haoshoku-infused fist.[82] Ulti, who witnessed the attack, started angrily running at them. Nami attempted to turn the two angry ladies at each other, but when both still designated her a target, the Straw Hats and Tama attempted to continue fleeing on Komachiyo. However, Ulti took down the lion dog with an Ul-Zugan, and slapped Tama when the girl started crying, earning the united ire of both Linlin and Nami, the former striking the Tobiroppo executive with an electrical attack. Nami attempted to follow up with Tornado Tempo, but the dinosaur woman dodged it, caught the Cat Burglar and attempted to headbutt her. Thankfully, she was inadvertently saved thanks to Big Mom's Maser Ho, which pierced right through Ulti.[84]

When Big Mom noticed Zeus was nearby, she rejected him and had Hera feed on the cloud. As he is being eaten he tearfully apologized to Nami, and even attempted to attack Linlin, as a means to delay the Emperor and allow Nami to escape, though he is easily squished by his former master. Nami attempted to strengthen Zeus by giving him some Black Balls, but Hera seemingly ate him before he could, while also consuming Nami's clouds. Tama, having witnessed O-Lin's actions, is now scared of the Emperor, and attempted to run away with the Straw Hats, though when Big Mom see's this, in a twisted form of affection, resolved to kill Tama along with the Straw Hats. However just as she's about to attack, the Emperor is slammed into the ground by Kid's Punk Gibson, allowing the trio to escape Big Mom.[83] He is later joined by Law who offered a temporary alliance to Kid in order to deal with the Emperor.

In the First Floor Attic, Momonosuke is left to hide with Shinobu, while Yamato headed to the Skull Dome while hiding a makeshift Momonosuke doll, in an effort to distract the enemy. While reading his father's journal, Momonosuke gets a headache when he recieves a message transmitted to him by Luffy using the Voice of All Things. As he rolled in pain, he was soon discovered by Kin'emon and Kiku, and promptly after by Kanjuro who used his ability to disguise himself as Oden. Though Kiku knew the truth and resolved to deal with the impostor, she still hesitated, allowing the traitor to stab her. Kin'emon then took her place and cut down Kanjuro, but then Kaidou appeared and struck down the Foxfire. As Shinobu and Momonosuke ran away, Kin'emon still attempted to fight by stabbing Kaidou with his broken blades in spite of his injuries. However, this proved to be ineffective as Kaidou impaled Kin'emon with Kiku's sword before pursuing Momonosuke. As the Kozuki heir was carried away by Shinobu, he used a frog Mary he snatched to transmit Luffy's message throughout Onigashima, urging that Alliance to continue fighting, and that the Straw Hat captain would return to the fight and would win. At this point, Kaidou cornered the two, but before he could attack them, Shinobu used her Juku Juku no Mi ability to rot of the edge of the island and fall off Onigashima. Yamato then challenged Kaidou from atop the Skull Dome, not only to break their bonds, but also to buy Luffy some time. Kaidou then flew to the top of the Skull Dome in his dragon form before entering his hybrid form to fight Yamato.[85]

On the Live Floor, Chopper fought the fully transformed Queen, however, as the All-Star was getting support from Perospero, the battle was not going in their favor.[86] At this point, Bao Huang transmitted the message of Luffy's defeat and "death", at Kaidou's hand which affected the Alliance's morale. Perospero immediately followed up by shooting Candy Shower, a shower of candy arrows which fell randomly all over the Live Floor. Thankfully, Sanji appeared as Queen is about to inflict a dangerous attack on Chopper, and kicked the All-Star with Diable Jambe: Rotisserie Strike which sent him spinning, simultaneously deflecting all the arrows with the enemy's massive body while also knocking back Perospero. He then chucked Zoro to Chopper to have him attend the swordsman wounds, while he took over their doctor's fight. The Alliance then heard Momonosuke's message which restored their morale.

As Nami, Usopp and and Tama kept running toward the stage, they found out that Zeus is now inhabiting Nami's Clima-Tact.[85] As it turned out, Nami's effort to help Zeus earlier wasn't in vain, as just as Hera was about to eat him, Nami's parting gift of Black Balls ended up pushing his soul into the Clima-Tact, turning it into a sentient weapon. Just as they reached the stage, Ulti caught up with the trio and head-butted Usopp into the ground. She caught Tama, and having realized that she was the one responsible for the Gifter's and Big Mom's actions, started to strangle the girl. Nami attempted to attack the Tobiroppo by hitting her with the stretched out Clima-Tact, but was surprised when Zeus transformed the end into a mace. Zeus then stated that though Ulti's skin is tough, her insides must be heavily damaged, and she'd just need one more strong attack to be taken down. Usopp then hits Ulti with Midori Boshi: Sargasso, causing a massive amount of seaweeds to grow on her, and separating her from Tama, allowing Nami and Zeus to knock her out using Raitei. This quick battle all happened before Bao Huang, who was so surprised, that instead of announcing the original message of how Momonosuke fell off the island, she instead blurted out about how Page One and Ulti were both taken out, inadvertently affecting her own sides morale. Usopp then captured her using Midori Boshi: Devil, before having Tama use the Marys to transmit her own voice.[87]

Tama managed to convey her orders to all of the Gifters who consumed her dango, which again shifted the tides of battle in favor of the Alliance. Queen, realizing that Tama was behind this, attempted to attack her, but was stopped by Sanji's Collier Strike. Tama then ran away with Nami and Usopp, as they were targeted by the Beasts Pirates, believing her to be the one responsible for the Gifters' betrayal. She was later protected by Daifugo and carried away by Speed, while Gazelleman promised to take care of Komachiyo. Zeus, who was elated now that Nami accepted him as her partner, cleared the way for their escape. Back at the Performance Floor, Queen then shifted into his Human-Beast Form while revealing several of his cyborg modifications and also touching on his and Sanji's father's past in MADS. Chopper, who had turned into his new Babyjiji form under the modified Rumble Ball's side effects, discussed with Miyagi about the minks' secret ultra-regenerative medicine and its side effect. Zoro, having heard this, demanded to have the medicine at once, due to his urgent need to rejoin the battle.

Who's-Who rains down a barrage of "Gagan" on Jinbe.

Back in the Nekoka-fé, where Jinbe faced Who's-Who, the former Warlord initially had a hard time, due to facing not only the Tobiroppo, but all of his subordinates as well. However, mass confusion occurred when Tama's ability activated and the Gifters started turning against each other, forcing the officer to face Jinbe in a one-on-one. Who's-Who then revealed himself to be a Rokushiki user, using a dagger to fire some Hagan, which Jinbe countered with Fish-Man Karate: Karakusagawara Seiken. The officer dodged the attack with Soru followed by a Rankyaku, which Jinbe deflected using a Busoshoku-hardened arm. As he transformed into his Human-Beast Form, Who's-Who disclosed himself to be an ex-CP9 agent who was imprisoned after making a mistake 12 years ago, and managed to escape to form his own pirate crew. He then fired a Gagan at Jinbe, which the fish-man dodged. The saber-toothed tiger then revealed that the grudge he held for Jinbe is connected to the fish-man's new captain, the one who ate the Gomu Gomu no Mi, the fruit which the former agent allowed to be stolen by the Red Hair Pirates.[88] He then took to the sky using Geppo, before raining down a barrage of Gagan, which Jinbe dodged after deflecting one and seeing that his Busoshoku was unable to fully block it. Who's-Who then charged at his opponent with Tekkai "Kibasen", which Jinbe countered with Fish-Man Jujutsu: Hikishio Ipponzeoi, followed by an Uchimizu, though Who's-Who dodged it with Soru. He then continued his conversation as they fought, inquiring with Jinbe on what he knew about Nika, the Sun God, who was talked about by the slaves while he was tortured during captivity. He then attacked up close, barraging Jinbe with Shigan "Madara", stating that he believed the fish-man would know, as he was once a part of the Sun Pirates, and the fish-men's history of slavery. Angered by this final comment, Jinbe used a full-body Busoshoku hardening strong enough to actually break the Tobiroppo's fingers, before gripping onto his opponent's wrists and using Fish-Man Karate: Soshark. Who's-Who then attempted to escape using Rankyaku and Gagan at point blank range, but Jinbe simply endured it, before stepping on his opponent's tail and finishing him with Fish-Man Karate Ogi: Onigawara Seiken.[89]

Jinbe uses Onigawara Seiken against Who's-Who.

In the sea surrounding Wano, after Luffy used the Voice of All Things to talk to Momonosuke, he used it again to call the Heart Pirates to save him. While they were confused on how they could hear the unconscious, drowning captain's voice, they still took him aboard the Polar Tang and attempted to resuscitate him.[85][88] Though they managed to get all the water out of his body, they debated on what to do next as the Straw Hat captain was still unconscious, when Luffy revived himself and yelled for meat, much to his allies' shock.[90]

Franky knocks Sasaki out with a Radical Beam.

In the Right Brain Tower, Franky had no choice but to run while fighting due to his disadvantage in numbers.[88] However, after Tama activated her ability, Franky gained new allies in the Gifters. This allowed him to fight Sasaki one-on-one, where they both landed powerful blows on each other. Getting irritated by each other's toughness, Sasaki entered his Human-Beast Form while also activating his Karakuri Rasento, before rotating his frill which allowed him to hover. He then attacked his tamed subordinates with Heliceratops, before attacking Franky with the same move. Though Franky managed to deflect the attack, Sasaki then prepared himself to charge at the mecha while spinning his frill for extra propulsion, but accidentally spun it in the wrong direction causing him to move backwards instead. The embarrassed Tobiroppo clumsily attempted to claim he did it on purpose to acquire runway space, though Franky called him out on this. Sasaki then charged at Franky with Tamaceratops, which the General Franky attempted to counter with General Shield, though the collision ended up accidentally launching the mecha's shoulder-mounted rockets point black into the dinosaur's face. Franky used this opportunity to perform a General Suplex, planting Sasaki head-first into the floor, and attempted to follow it up with a Shori no V-Flash at Sasaki's unprotected and heavily-bleeding belly, though the triceratops used his rotating frill to escape skywards. They then engaged in a swordfight, which proves to be Franky's weakness, as his Franken was soon snapped, forcing Franky to retreat as he prepared a General Cannon. Sasaki then charged at Franky with another Tamaceratops, but Franky managed to fire his cannon in time, sending Sasaki flying. However, this was still not enough to take the Tobiroppo down, who performed an aerial kamikaze attack, Magnumceratops, which successfully broke the General Franky. Thankfully, Franky had already evacuated from the mecha, and ended the battle by launching a Franky Radical Beam directly at Sasaki's unprotected stomach.

Kaidou and Yamato go one-on-one in their Human-Beast Forms.

On the roof of the Skull Dome, Kaidou told Yamato whilst fighting them that they would make a worthy addition to the Beasts Pirates' military strength, causing Yamato to retort that that is no way for a parent to talk to their child. Kaidou told Yamato that the Devil Fruit they consumed was one he had had a tough time acquiring and never planned on letting them have it. Yamato told him that they ate it out of hunger and lamented on how they cannot swim even though they wanted to set sail. Yamato told Kaidou that even though they failed to kill him multiple times, all of the defeats have made them stronger, and that the explosive cuffs were not the only thing keeping them in Wano. Yamato declared that if they just abandoned the country, they could not call themselves Oden.[90] Kaidou stated that the Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Okuchi no Makami is a rare mythical wolf and Wano's guardian deity, so it was a mistake to let Yamato eat it but also should mean that they have to protect Wano for him. Yamato, however, planned to help protect the country from Kaidou and open its borders. Yamato then unleashed a Namuji Hyoga at their father, which Kaidou countered with Bolo Breath, saying he would not let that happen.

Black Maria smashes through the Banquet Hall while chasing Robin and Brook.

In the Banquet Hall, Black Maria caught Brook and Robin in her Illusion Mist, which made them see illusions of their deceased loved ones. Brook, who had gotten used to such things after decades of loneliness in the Florian Triangle, called out to Robin who is seemingly fooled by it and was approaching the images of Nico Olvia, Professor Clover and Jaguar D. Saul. However, Robin knew better and attacked the illusions with Tres Mano: Freesia revealing them to be the Gifters Tenjo-Sagari, Nure-Onna, and the Number Kunyun respectively. The two Straw Hats then quickly retreated, as they were pursued by the Beasts Pirates, including Black Maria herself who attacked with Furisode Wanyudo, which the two dodged. Maria then set the floor on fire, forcing Robin to carry Brook and escape to the ceiling using Spider Net. Seeing that the true identity of the burning polearm is a Pug Gifter running inside the wheel and generating flames, Brook used Cold Soul to freeze him, before putting out the fires on the floor using Eisbahn. Now back on the floor, Brook offered to take care of Maria's subordinates, leaving Robin to take care of the Tobiroppo, which she gratefully accepted. As Maria mocked Sanji for his pathetic display before, Robin merely smiled, as she understood that he did it not because he was afraid to die or to betray her, but because he trusted her. She then used Gigante Fleur to create a giant clone of herself as well as several giant arms, before using Sea Dragon to grab onto Maria's spider legs. However, Maria fought back and, having quickly realized that Robin will take any damage her clone does, coated her feet with poison, forcing Robin to let go. Maria then used Marianette: Oshizumaria, using her webbing to restrain Robin's Giagante Fleur, before coming in close and punching with Oiran Knuckle. Robin soon dispersed the clone, before attempting to use giant arms to restrain Maria from behind. However, the Tobiroppo noticed this and blocked with Ikidomaria, before setting her new webbing aflame with Atatamaria, cornering Robin within the fire. As Maria took advantage of this and launched a barrage of attacks at Robin, while taunting her and claiming that she was a liability, Robin recalled her Fish-Man Karate lessons when she was with the Revolutionary Army.

Robin defeats Black Maria.

Robin then sprouted a gigantic hand on Black Maria's back and attacked the ceiling with Mil Fleur: Fish-Man Karate: Giganteum to collapse it and put out the flames. She then used Demonio Fleur to create a giant, demonic-looking clone of herself to finish off Black Maria with Gran Jacuzzi Clutch. Meanwhile, in order to impede his opponents, Brook made a very narrow passage inbetween two large ice blocks he created. When Maria screamed as she was defeated by Robin, her worried subordinates all crowded around the narrow gap. Brook then suddenly collapsed the ice and, with all the subordinates lined up, defeated them simultaneously with Phrase d'armes: Orchestra. He then rushed to support Robin as she collapsed from her wounds and exhaustion.

Down in Tokage Port, Momonosuke and Shinobu had safely landed thanks to Shinobu's kite, and reunited with Luffy and the Heart Pirates. The pirates had given Luffy all of their food, yet he still demanded more, forcing them to go look for some. Fortunately, they ran into Caribou who was close by and was carrying months worth of provisions within his swamp, which he willingly offered to them in order to ensure their victory so that he can finally leave Wano. Momonosuke was relieved to see Luffy alive and started to cry over Kin'emon and Kikunojo's fates, but Luffy told him to not cry until Kaidou is beaten. He then pointed up into the air and told Momonosuke to turn into a dragon and fly him back up to Onigashima. In order to do this, Momonosuke requested for Shinobu to mature his body into an adult with her ability.[91][92]


  • Luffy was the one who came up with the alliance's name, causing Usopp to state it was too long and Nami to question if the "Ninja" part was needed as the ninja, Raizo, was affiliated with the samurai. However, the consensus was that it was needed, mainly due to Luffy's enthusiasm for ninjas.
  • In Chapter 973, a waning crescent moon was shown, implying that Oden's death, and subsequently the Fire Festival, occurred at the end of the month. This matches Hawkins' prediction in Chapter 913 regarding Luffy's future.
    • In Chapter 987, however, a full moon is shown during the event.


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