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Niseluffy is a character from the game Set Sail Pirate Crew!. He is a Monkey D. Luffy impersonator and minor antagonist.[1]


Niseluffy bears an uncanny resemblance to Luffy, although with slightly different clothing (like a white shirt behind his Doskoi Panda brand vest). This allows him to successfully impersonate the Straw Hat Pirate's captain.[1]


Unlike the real Monkey D. Luffy, Niseluffy is shifty and cowardly, preferring to let his subordinates fight for him and fleeing away when confronted by Yuta's crew alone.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Niseluffy wields a whip resembling Luffy's stretched arm, which he uses for combat. He is no match for the real Luffy though, as he was left barely standing after taking one of Luffy's attacks.


Yuta and his crew first learn about Niseluffy and his gang from Rika at Shells Town, who had been hearing rumors about lookalikes of Luffy and Zoro causing trouble at Orange Town.

After reuniting with the real Luffy later, Yuta and his crew sail to Orange Town, where they learn about the presence of the fake Straw Hats from Boodle. Niseluffy and his subordinates were stationed at a local bar, keeping an innocent young woman as their hostage and servant. Niseluffy and his subordinates then confront Luffy and the Gejitsu Pirates, with Luffy managing to beat his impostor.

Once Nisezoro and Niseusopp are defeated, Nezumi arrives at the scene and arrests the impostors. However, he ends up arresting the real Luffy (who was trapped in a Seastone cage) instead of Niseluffy. Yuta and his crew soon realize this, causing Niseluffy to jump into the ocean and quickly swim away in panic.[1]



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