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Niseusopp is a character from the game Set Sail Pirate Crew!. He is an Usopp impersonator and minor antagonist.[1]


Niseusopp bears a remarkable resemblance to Usopp, with minor differences in clothing. However, because Niseusopp is a fish-man, he has blue-ish skin, gills, webbed hands, and sharp teeth. His nose is long and pointy, somewhat resembling Usopp's own nose. This allows him to successfully impersonate the Straw Hat Pirate's sniper.[1]


Niseusopp is rather cocky and arrogant, but not through a false bravado that is expected of the real Usopp.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Niseusopp is a fish-man, so he was presumably born with ten times the strength of a regular human.

He has access to a Seastone cage that he claims to have stolen from the Marines.


Yuta and his crew first learn about Niseusopp from Rika at Shells Town, who had been hearing rumors about Luffy and Zoro lookalikes causing trouble at Orange Town.

After reuniting with the real Luffy later, Yuta and his crew sail to Orange Town, where they learn about the presence of the fake Straw Hats from Boodle. Niseusopp, alongside Niseluffy and Nisezoro were stationed at a local bar, keeping an innocent young woman as their hostage and servant. Niseusopp then confronts Luffy and his allies when the latter intrude in their turf.

Once Niseluffy gets beaten by the real Luffy, Nisezoro threatens the life of their hostage to keep the Straw Hat captain at bay, giving Niseusopp an opening to trap Luffy into a Seastone cage. The real Roronoa Zoro then shows up and battles Nisezoro, defeating the latter and then Niseusopp himself.

After Niseusopp and Nisezoro's defeats, Nezumi arrives at the scene and arrests the impostors.


  • Him being a fish-man is possibly an in-joke referencing the real Usopp's first meeting with Chabo and Nojiko, who both briefly mistook him for one.[2]
  • Nise (?) means "false" or "fake" in Japanese, so his name means "false/fake Usopp".
  • Usopp would eventually get his own canon impostor in the form of Mounblutain of the Fake Straw Hat Crew during the Return to Sabaody Arc, although in Mounblutain's case, he was attempting to impersonate Usopp's alter-ego Sogeking instead of Usopp directly.


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