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Nisezoro is a character from the game Set Sail Pirate Crew!. He is a Roronoa Zoro impersonator and minor antagonist.[1]


Nisezoro bears an eerie resemblance to Zoro, although with slightly different clothing, including a yellow helmet with the picture of a panda face on it, similar to the Doskoi Panda logo, and a red tag worn around his neck. This allows him to successfully impersonate the Straw Hat Pirates's swordsman.[1]


Nisezoro is a dirty fighter who is not above taking hostages to his advantage, unlike the real Roronoa Zoro.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Nisezoro wields three swords, much like the real Zoro, but unlike the latter, only one is a katana, with the other two being cutlasses.

Nisezoro is actually rather competent as a swordsman, being capable of countering some of Zoro's techniques.


Yuta and his crew first learn about Nisezoro from Rika at Shells Town, who had been hearing rumors about Luffy and Zoro lookalikes causing trouble at Orange Town.

After reuniting with the real Luffy later, Yuta and his crew sail to Orange Town, where they learn about the presence of the fake Straw Hats from Boodle. Nisezoro, alongside Niseluffy and Niseusopp were stationed at a local bar, keeping an innocent young woman as their hostage and servant. Nisezoro then confronts Luffy and his allies when the latter intrude in their turf.

Once Niseluffy gets beaten by the real Luffy, Nisezoro threatens the life of their hostage to keep the Straw Hat captain at bay, giving Niseusopp an opening to trap Luffy into a Seastone cage. The real Roronoa Zoro then shows up and battles Nisezoro, who actually proves to be rather formidable at countering Zoro's Three Sword Style techniques. However, he eventually succumbs to the real deal.

After Nisezoro and Niseusopp's defeats, Nezumi arrives at the scene and arrests the impostors.[1]


  • Nise (?) means "false" or "fake" in Japanese, so his name means "false/fake Zoro".
  • During the Return to Sabaody Arc, Zoro would get his own impostor in the form of Manjaro of the Fake Straw Hat Crew, around ten years after Nisezoro's debut.


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