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The Nita Maria are 50 ships owned by the Yonta Maria Grand Fleet, and the smallest class underneath Santa Maria and Yonta Maria.[2] Its name was revealed in SBS Volume 81.[3]

Ship Design and Appearance

The Nita Maria is the smallest of Orlumbus' three ship classes. Its sails are arranged the same as the Santa Maria, with a black sail with the Jolly Roger in front, two sails in the middle, the top of which contains its name, and a sail in the back.[2]


Dressrosa Arc

At least one Nita Maria ship was docked at Dressrosa and sailed away as the Straw Hat Grand Fleet formed and came under attack by a pirate alliance. Fujitora dropped rubble on the enemy ships, none of which hit the Nita Maria or any Grand Fleet ships.[4]

One was given to the XXX Gym Martial Arts Alliance. They were sailing on it when they intervened in a feud between a Longarm crew and a Longleg crew. They used parts of the ships to customize their own and became the Ideo Pirates.


  • The ship, like its two counterparts, is based on the Santa Maria, the main ship of Orlumbus' namesake Christopher Columbus on his first voyage. "Ni," "San," and "Yon" mean two, three, and four respectively, indicating how the Nita Maria is the lowest in the order.
  • The names of these ships were revealed in SBS Volume 81. Following this, they were explicitly named in their debut in the anime.


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