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Noko is the main antagonist of the PlayStation game, One Piece: Ocean's Dream! and its Game Boy Advance sequel, Dragon Dream!.[1]

In the anime filler Ocean's Dream Arc, he is named Drim.[3]


Noko is a young and short boy. He is seen with droopy eyes. He has lavender-colored hair with a yellow hat with teal stripes going through it. The hat resembles almost a bowl-like vase. He is usually seen wearing a dark purple cape and a purple shirt with the sleeves partially rolled up. He also has short, light-brown pants and dark-brown boots.


Not much is known about Noko's personality, however as he uses his ability to steal memories, it can be assumed he has some malicious intentions.[1]

Under Tatsu's hypnosis, Drim seemed to be devious and cunning, and approached his victims in a friendly manner.[4] However, after being released from Tatsu's control, he had no memory at all of what he had done, and seemed to possess a child-like cowardice. He appears to love his mother as well.[5]

Abilities and Powers


Noko uses a seahorse shaped flute that has the ability to produce fire, lightning, smoke, venomous gas, and wind.[1]

Devil Fruit

Further information: Nemu Nemu no Mi

The seahorse flute's hypnotism.

Noko ate the Nemu Nemu no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit. This fruit's power is to put his enemies to sleep using his seahorse flute.

Combining his Nemu Nemu no Mi's hypnotic effects with his seahorse flute's mysterious power to manipulate memories makes the fruit's power much more powerful. He was able to take his victims' memories and turn them against the owners.


Ocean's Dream!

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Ocean's Dream Arc

At some point, he was hypnotized by Tatsu, and began to repeatedly steal the islanders' and travelers' memories.[4]

When he was released, and realized that he was in the woods surrounded by the Straw Hat Pirates, he was confused, and ran off to his village to reunite with his mother and tell the villagers what happened. It is later revealed that he believed the pirates were behind the incident.[5]

Anime Differences

In the anime, it is the sea horse who steals memories in an attempt to make itself a Sennenryu, while Drim is another victim of his, and does not have a Devil Fruit.


Video Games

Enemy Appearances

Non-Playable Appearances


  • Noko's name comes from Tatsu-no-Otoshigo, sometimes shorten as Tatsu-no-ko, the Japanese word for sea horse.


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