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The Northheim[2] was the ship Mont Blanc Noland used to explore the Grand Line.

Ship Design and Appearance

The Northheim is a huge ship, with six large torn up sails. Printed on one of the front sails is "LVNEEL.K.D". In the middle of the ship is a large dome structure shaped like a chestnut. Rather than a figurehead, it has a large chestnut hanging from a rod jutting out from the ship's bow.


The Northheim was seen as Noland and his crew were traveling the Grand Line. The ship docked at Jaya,[1] and later sailed back to the North Blue.[3]

Several moths later, the crew sailed toward Jaya again, with the king of Lvneel, and again went through a rough sea on their way. Upon arrival, they discover the island was drastically changed, and Noland was labeled a liar for his story, and was sentenced to death.[4]


  • "Heim" is the German equivalent of the English word "home" and is a common German and Norwegian suffix in place names; so the ship's name can mean "northern home" or "home in the north", fitting since it came from the North Blue.


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