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Nugire Yainu was the shipwright of the Black Cat Pirates and the crew member who was killed three years prior to Luffy's visit to Syrup Village by the Marines.


Nugire Yainu's outfit before he was hypnotized.

Yainu has a square-shaped face with small, round glasses with his black hair combed back neatly. He wears a red shirt with his crew's jolly roger on the front, with regular pants and shoes.

He was given the captain's jacket to wear, which was black with red interior and the crew's symbol on the shoulder pads when he was handed over to the Marines. Overall, Yainu has a passing resemblance to his captain, Kuro, to the point where the Marines were not able to tell the difference.[2]


Little was known about Yainu’s personality, but, like most members of the Black Cat Pirates, he most likely didn’t care much for the well-being of innocent citizens. He was shown to be feeble-minded enough to fall victim to Jango’s hypnotism.[2]

Abilities and Powers

Yainu was the shipwright of the crew, and as such, he was responsible for repairing and maintaining the Bezan Black.[4]


He was seen with a saber.



Three years prior to the start of the series, when Kuro had decided to give up on his life as a pirate due to the constant assaults by the Marines, Jango saw Yainu to be a perfect sacrificial lamb for Kuro's plan. Because Yainu bore a passing resemblance to his captain, he was hypnotized by Jango into believing he was Kuro, and was captured by Morgan, the only member of a Marine crew to survive Kuro's wrath.[2]


Afterwards, Yainu was presumably taken into Marine custody and executed, leaving Kuro free to assume a new identity (and, inadvertently, enhancing Morgan's reputation and career).[6]

Anime and Manga Differences

The anime openly depicts Nugire being executed by a firing squad (in a manner identical to Morgan's planned execution of Zoro and Koby), confirming that Kuro's ruse was completely successful.[3]

In the anime, Nugire is also shown wielding a sword during the Black Cat Pirates' attack on Morgan's unit, suggesting he has at least some level of combat ability.[7]

Translation and Dub Issues

His name is an anagram of the Japanese for "No false charges" (濡れ衣いや Nureginu iya?, lit. "No wet clothes")—a grim joke referencing his fate. Viz Media's official One Piece translator Stephen Paul informally translated this as "Snott Mee"[8], which was later adopted by Shueisha's official website for the 7th popularity poll.[1]


Video Games

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