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Nukky is a sea raccoon that belongs to Lina. Nukky appeared during the Spa Island Arc.


Nukky is a brown sea raccoon also with a brown mohawk. He has a yellow and brown pattern on his stomach.


He is shown to be very loyal to his owner Lina.


Nukky has an extremely close relationship with owner Lina and they share mutual trust and respect.

Abilities and Powers

Members of Nukky's species can change their appearance to whatever they want, such as animals, people and objects. However, all the things he changes into must be the same size as him. If they are larger than him, he will instead change into a miniature version of the thing he imitated (such as when he transformed into Nami).


Nukky accompanied Lina and Sayo during their search on Spa Island to create a special gem, from their father's research on how to create special gems, the solution for which was rumored to be on the island.[1]


  • His name comes from Tanuki, the Japanese word for raccoon dog.


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