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Numabou[2] was a ship belonging to the Caribou Pirates before it was destroyed by Surume.[3]

Ship Design and Appearance

Numabou is a small ship with three masts and a moose figurehead. It is slightly larger than the Thousand Sunny, and it has a dark-colored strip along the side.


Fish-Man Island Arc

The Numabou is crushed.

After escaping the Sabaody Archipelago, the Caribou Pirates pursued the Straw Hat Pirates under the sea with their coated ship, which was pulled by Momoo. The Numabou got close enough to the Thousand Sunny for Caribou to board it, but Momoo pulled away Caribou's ship after seeing Nami.[1] The Caribou Pirates forced Momoo to follow the Sunny again, but when they found Caribou and the Straw Hats, the Kraken crushed the Numabou.[3]



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