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The Numancia Flamingo[2] is the main ship of the Donquixote Pirates.[1]

Ship Design and Appearance

The Numancia Flamingo is a somewhat large ship whose main exterior and masts are dark red. Its mast design is a flamingo's neck and head, with the flamingo wearing Doflamingo's signature sunglasses. On each side of the ship are designs of flamingo wings. The ship possesses two masts, with the first mast's sail bearing the Donquixote Pirates' Jolly Roger and the name "Donquixote". Under the second mast is a circular cabin leading belowdeck.[1] Part of the area inside the ship contains an ornate dining room where Doflamingo and his executives were seen having tea.[3]


The ship was first seen being used 16 years ago in the North Blue, when the Donquixote Pirates departed from Spider Miles toward Reverse Mountain.[1] As the crew stopped at and attacked various locations, they were also frequently pursued by Tsuru and the Marines.[4]

The crew stopped at Minion Island to obtain the Ope Ope no Mi and intercept their treasonous executive Donquixote Rosinante. Doflamingo killed Rosinante, but failed to find the Devil Fruit, and the crew was forced to flee when the Marines came.[5]

It is unknown if the Numancia Flamingo was used to enter the Grand Line, or to reach Dressrosa, or if it is still in use currently.


  • The Numancia Flamingo may be named after the Numancia, a Spanish ironclad ship that was the first ironclad to circumnavigate the globe.


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