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The Numbers are a group within the Beasts Pirates made up of artificially produced ancient giants. Originally created on Punk Hazard, they were deemed to be unsuccessful and were eventually bought by Kaido. They currently reside on Onigashima and serve as combatants for the crew.[2]


Nangi's Height

Size comparison between a Number, Jack and normal-sized Gifters.

According to Big Mom, the Numbers are failed recreations of the ancient giants, a subgroup of the giant race whose members are notably far taller than typical giants and possess a pair of horns on their heads. Why exactly they are considered failures is uncertain. The Numbers have been noted to be just as large as the ancient giant Oars, who at 67 meters stood three times taller than a typical normal giant; they also all possess horns.[2]

However, unlike natural ancient giants seen so far, the Numbers possess varying degrees of animal-like physical traits. While Hatcha looks very much like just a tall human, other members possess traits such as a long neck and a snout-like nose that make them look more like animals than humans. All of the Numbers seen so far have very sharp teeth and fangs except Hatcha, whose teeth are rounded.


There are ten members,[3] with five of them so far being named. Each member so far has been themed around a specific number, with the first part of their name containing the kanji for that number. Jaki has the number four, Goki has the number five, Nangi has the number seven, Hatcha has the number eight, and Juki has the number ten. The Numbers' names so far have all been very similar to their laughs:

  • Jaki's Jakikiki (ジャキキキ?).[2]
  • Goki's "Gokiki Gokiki" (ゴキキゴキキ?)[4]
  • Nangi's Nagigigi (ナギギギ?).[5]
  • Hatcha's Hachachacha (ハチャチャチャ?).[6]
  • Juki's Jukikiki (ジュキキキ?)[2]

One unnamed Number's laugh has been heard: "Kunyunyu Kunyu" (くにゅにゅくにゅ?).[4] Given the connection between the laughs and the currently known names of the Numbers, it is likely that this Number is themed around the number nine ( Ku?).

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The Numbers are rather monstrous creatures whose overall intelligence level is highly uncertain, though from what has been shown so far it does not appear to be particularly high. Notably, the Numbers have yet to be shown speaking words; the only sounds they have been seen making are their unique laughs which play off their names.[2] They appear to lack any form of coordination, as they merely laughed individually during Queen's Golden Kagura song without any sort of united harmony.[4]

The Numbers are infamous for their alcohol consumption,[1] and many of the members seen during the Fire Festival were shown to be extremely drunk.[6][2] Overall, the Numbers do appear to be loyal to Kaido and make the effort to confront his enemies;[5] however, the combination of their brutish and drunken tendencies makes them extremely prone toward inflicting collateral damage. They will charge toward and attack enemies wildly, even in crowded areas where they are almost certain to strike allies with their massive attack radius.[2] It has been indicated that it is extremely difficult for the other Beasts Pirates to get the Numbers under control, and such a feat has yet to be seen.[6]

A child from Hakumai told another child that they would be eaten by the Numbers if spotted, but it is unknown whether this is the truth or merely a rumor.[1]


Thanks to their enormous size, the Numbers possess immense physical power and can overwhelm average-sized people with great ease; Jaki was shown lifting the Brachio Tank V one-handed with no effort. They have been stated to have laid waste to countless cities, and when all together, they pose a great threat to even experienced fighters who can take on giants.[3] All of the Numbers have so far been seen wielding massive spiked clubs which themselves dwarf normal-sized people; some of the clubs are very similar in appearance to Kaido's kanabo, while others more resemble morning stars. Given these clubs' tremendous size and the Numbers' strength, a single swing is capable of wreaking substantial damage and taking out multiple victims at once.[6][2] Unlike Caesar's experiment, they seem to last longer since they were around for at least twenty years.[2]

However, despite their size and their power, apparently they lack high durability and resistance, as three members were easily defeated after being hit by only one attack of their enemies.[7] As indicated by Scratchmen Apoo, their combat ability appears to be diminished while they are drunk.[3]



Over 20 years ago, the Numbers were subjects in an experiment on Punk Hazard to recreate the ancient giant race. The experiment was considered a failure, but Kaido then bought the Numbers. They came to reside on Onigashima and join Kaido's crew the Beasts Pirates.[2]

20 years ago immediately after Kozuki Oden's execution, Jaki chased the fleeing Nine Red Scabbards on their way back to Oden Castle. As Inuarashi and Nekomamushi began blaming each other for Oden's fate, he took advantage of their distraction and caught them both in its bare hands, forcing Denjiro and Ashura to turn back in order to aid them and slow down the pursuing Beasts Pirates.[8]

Four Emperors SagaEdit

Wano Country ArcEdit

After spending some time away, the Numbers and Scratchmen Apoo returned to Wano Country in order to partake in Kaido's Fire Festival, and were granted passage through the waterfall to Hakumai.[1]

The Numbers were later present during the Beasts Pirates party in Onigashima.[9][4] When the Beasts Pirates spotted enemies Monkey D. Luffy and Roronoa Zoro among their number, they began to attack them; Hatcha proceeded to get involved in the action despite his crewmates trying to stop him.[2] Later, the Nine Red Scabbards unleashed an ambush against Kaido, causing an all-out war to break out between the Beasts Pirates and the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance. Nangi went with a platoon of Beasts Pirates to aid Kaido against his attackers, while a trio of Numbers including Jaki rampaged inside the Skull Dome.[1]


  • The Numbers follow the Beasts Pirates' card-based naming scheme as a deck of cards has ten number cards for each suit.
  • Like Kaido, the Numbers have numerous similarities to oni, which are well-known ogre-like yokai found in Japanese folklore. These similarities include gigantic size, horns on their heads, wielding kanabo clubs, prominent fangs, and solely wearing loincloth-like apparel. All the known Numbers's names (with the exception of Hatcha) contain the kanji for oni.
  • They also may have been inspired by the Wild Things, from the 1963 children's book "Where The Wild Things Are" by american writer and illustrator Maurice Sendak. Indeed, both the numbers and the Wild Things are monstrous creatures with longs horns and claws, who like to party and uproar. In the original picture book, the Wild Things also are ten in number. Especially, Juki looks like Goat Boy, while Nangi and Jaki may remind Moische and another unnamed Wild Thing.
  • The Numbers have received unique introduction boxes which are dark, rounded, and have horns, thus mimicking their head shapes. Hatcha's introduction box had the number 8 in the background, but Nangi's box only had a plain black background.


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