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Nure-Onna[2] is a Gifter in the Beasts Pirates who works under Black Maria.[1]


Nure-Onna is a woman with a round face, round eyes with prominent lashes, a pointed nose, and long black hair that is parted in the middle. As a Hognose Snake Gifter, she has a large, snake-like mouth with fangs and a long forked tongue. Her neck is long and spotted, and she is often crouched low wit her hands on the ground. She wears a dark-colored common with a spotted pattern on it, and she has a flower in her hair above her left ear.[1]


Nure-Onna is cruel and deceptive, using Black Maria's illusion mist to impersonate Nico Robin's deceased mother to trick her. She is loyal to Black Maria and her fellow Beasts Pirates.[2]

Abilities and Powers

Nure-Onna is strong enough to sustain attacks from Robin's giant hands and continue to fight.[2]

Devil Fruit

Nure-Onna ate a Hognose Snake SMILE (シシバナヘビのSMILEスマイル Shishibanahebi no Sumairu?) which allows her to extend her neck, which looks like a snake's scaly back.[1]


Wano Country Arc

After Black Maria captured Sanji, Nure-Onna and her comrades chased him until he fell, surrounding him.[1] Black Maria bound Sanji to one of her webs, and Nure-Onna watched as Maria battered him and demanded he call out for Nico Robin. He eventually shouted for her help, to Nure-Onna and the other Beasts Pirates' surprise. Robin and Brook came to the Sanji's rescue, beating back Maria and cutting down the web that bound him. The Gifters stared at Brook, who called them spooky monsters to their annoyance.[3]

Brook defeats Nure-Onna and the others.

At some point in the fight, Nure-Onna, Tenjo-Sagari, and Kunyun used Maria's illusion mist to impersonate Nico Olvia, Clover, and Jaguar D. Saul. They pretended to be the Robin's loved ones, to trick her into falling into their trap, but Robin saw through the illusion, smacking them with Tres Mano: Freesia. They were confused why the illusion mist did not work, and they chased after Robin and Brook as they ran through the Banquet Hall. Maria intercepted them, but after Brook dispatched Wanyudo, Robin faced Maria alone while Brook turned to face Nure-Onna and the other Gifters.[2] After Brook made a wall of ice between them and Maria, Nure-Onna heard screams from the other side and, peeking through the small gap in the wall, was horrified to see Black Maria defeated with the demonic-looking Robin standing over her. Brook took the opportunity to finish off Nure-Onna and Black Maria's other subordinates, with Phrase d'armes: Orchestra.[4]

Major Battles


  • Nure-Onna is a reference to the yokai of the same name. The yokai is a reptilian creature with the face of a woman and the body of a snake. Nure-Onna has more of her human features, like arms. Her full body appearance has not been seen, so any additional physical parallels are unknown.


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