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Nuru is an anglerfish fish-man. Prior to their downfall, he was an anime-only member of the New Fish-Man Pirates that battled against Zoro at Gyoncorde Plaza.[1]


Nuru has dark blue skin and wears an orange vest over a black shirt. He also wears a pair of pink sunglasses, and has a lightbulb attached to the top of his forehead. He also has a large shotel which he used to fight Zoro.[1]


He appears to be overconfident with his abilities, believing that he would be Fish-Man Island's number one swordsman. He challenged Zoro in combat fearlessly. He also has a tendency to overreact, as shown from him becoming enraged after Zoro declared that he was weak.[1]

Abilities and Powers

As a fish-man, Nuru was born with ten times the strength of an average human. With the lightbulb attached to his head, he can emit a bright light that is used to blind his opponents, which was shown during his battle with Zoro.[1]


Nuru seems to be a master in swordsmanship. However, his enhanced swordsman skills are not enough to defeat Zoro.[1]


Fish-Man Island Saga

Fish-Man Island Arc

Prior to Zoro's confrontation with Hyouzou, Nuru challenged Zoro to a fight, stating that he can become the best swordsman on Fish-Man Island if Zoro is defeated by his blade. After having been bested, Nuru countered Zoro with using his luminescent esca to blind Zoro. Unaware of Zoro's skills, his esca was shattered by Zoro into several pieces. Zoro then proceeded to finish the fight while telling Nuru to train some more. After his defeat, Hyouzou gave him the finishing blow, after having been hyped up on Energy Steroids.[1]

Major Battles


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