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Nypers is a member of the Long Long Pirates who is actually two people standing on top of each other. He appears in One Piece Film: Gold as an antagonist, and is named in the credits.[1]


The two men disguised as Nypers.

Nypers appears to be an extremely tall man, standing twice to three times as tall as his normal-sized peers. He has a long white beard and a fedora on his head. He wears a yellow cloak with blue frills on the edges, as well as a blue zigzag pattern by his neck. He also wears blue pants.[1]

However, Nypers is actually two men standing on top of each other, with their facade being covered by the cloak. The man on the top has normal body proportions except his arms, which are extremely long. He wears a white suit with light purple sleeves and indigo pants; only his head and arms are seen as Nypers. The man on the bottom has extremely long legs, which are the only parts of him seen as Nypers. He wears glasses and has a long dark beard. He also wears a white suit jacket over a light blue shirt, as well as dark blue pants.[1]


Nypers is greedy and willing to attack other people in order to repay his crew's debts.[1]

Abilities and Powers


Nypers wields an extremely long rifle. His overall marksmanship skills are unknown.[1]



Sometime in the past, Nypers and his crewmates went to Gran Tesoro to win money but lost it all.[1]

One Piece Film: Gold

When the Straw Hat Pirates arrived at Gran Tesoro, the Long Long Pirates attacked them and boarded their ship. Nypers and several of his crewmates fired their rifles at Franky, but the cyborg fired a Radical Beam at them, causing them to be blasted away. Nypers' outfit tore apart, revealing the two men playing as him within as they fell into the liquid gold below them.[1]

Major Battles


  • It's unknown whether or not if the man on the bottom belongs to the Longleg Tribe.


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