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ONE PIECE 3D! Trap Coaster is a one-shot 12-minute animated 3D short shown in limited theaters across Japan between December 1, 2011 and February 27, 2012.

Short Summary

Luffy continues his voyage with the Straw Hat Pirates in hopes of becoming the Pirate King. That is until he crosses paths with one of the Marine’s most intelligent captains, Captain Trap. Determined to capture Luffy, the captain attacks the Thousand Sunny with various traps he created.

Long Summary

The short begins with the Straw Hat Pirates fleeing cannon fire from an attacking Marine fleet. They discuss what to do, and Robin comments that they seem to be missing them on purpose. The officer in charge of the attack orders that to finish the matter and a Marine ship comes out from behind a rock and intercepts the crew, bumping into the Thousand Sunny. Franky is knocked off his feet but quickly gets up after realizing that their cola reserves have been destroyed. He goes up to the ship’s deck to fight them, but he stops when he notices Nami looking perplexedly at it, as the Marine ship is empty.

They suddenly see something jump around the ship before leaping towards the Sunny, and Nami recognizes it as a Kung-Fu Dugong. Franky punches it with Strong Right, and Nami shouts to stop. He asks why, and Robin explains that a Kung-Fu Dugong will become his disciple if he defeats it. The dugong, who was laying defeated on the Sunny’s deck, gets up and swears allegiance to Franky. Zoro asks what they are doing there before the scene cuts to Trap inside a control center. He says that the dugong completed its mission properly and agrees with the Marine officer over Den Den Mushi to continue their plan to capture Luffy. The Marine officer asks him why the whole crew are Kung-Fu Dugongs, to which Trap explains that they are hardworking, loyal, and most importantly cute.

The Marines have now cornered the Straw Hat Pirates in an alcove of a nearby island, but Robin comments that they are not doing anything. Trap pushes a lever, and a loud noise begins from beneath the Thousand Sunny. Suddenly, the ship is raised out of the sea, revealing the intricate Trap Tower. The Sunny is resting on the top of the tower in the hand of a Kung-Fu Dugong statue, and Trap laughs while taking a drink from a bottle. He reveals that the bottom floor is a prison made of Seastone and tells them to enjoy their trip on their way. The Marine officer asks why Trap does not simply put them in prison from the beginning, but Trap thinks that is too boring. Trap announces that he will now activate the tower that he poured the entire fleet’s budget into and the officer comments on how lightly he said that. Trap pushes another lever, and the dugong statue’s arm moves, sending the Sunny sliding down it. The ship falls into the dugong statue’s mouth, and the ride begins.

The first trap is Cutting Hell, a wheel of spinning blades inside a tube. As the Thousand Sunny falls toward it, Luffy pushes aside his screaming crew and destroys it with Gomu Gomu no Pistol. The crew falls through the tunnel into another one with running seawater, and the Sunny spins around and crashes into waves. A wave falls over the ship, and the Devil Fruit users fall over from being weakened. They race through the water tunnel around many bends and obstacles before approaching the second trap, a giant gorilla-like animatronic called Hammer Hell that punches large metal fists together in the path the ship is headed. Sanji declares that he will take care of it and uses Diable Jambe Premier Hachis to kick the fists off the robot before landing back on the ship. Usopp and Nami praise him, and Sanji acts smitten with Nami and dances for her.

Trap angrily hits a button in his control room to activate more traps, and at the end of the water tunnel, four weapons engage and shoot dozens of gold harpoons toward the Straw Hat Pirates. Zoro deflects them with Santoryu: 108 Pound Phoenix, and Trap angrily presses the button to fire more. One slips past Zoro and almost stabs Usopp in the eye, but Sanji kicks it out of the way just in time. Sanji tells Zoro to get serious, and the scene cuts to a group of dugongs who hit a boxer’s bell as the two begin fighting. Trap hits a different button to activate the main ride, and hundreds of dugong-operated cannons come out of the walls of a large room the Sunny has stopped in. Luffy finally gets up from being weakened by the seawater but is still groggy, so Nami uses Thunderbolt Tempo to wake him up completely. Luffy tells her that it did not work because he is rubber and gives her a thumbs up. She tells him to do something about the cannons, and he goes up to the masthead and uses Gomu Gomu no Balloon do deflect the cannonballs. The dugongs jump from the cannons to the water below to escape the return fire, and Trap jumps toward his monitor begging that they stay safe. The explosion causes debris to fall from Trap Tower, and the officer outside on the fleet is concerned.

The crew stands on the Sunny and is surrounded by smoke and dust. They discuss what to do, but they cannot use Coup de Burst to escape with the cola reserves destroyed when the warship hit them. The dugong reacts to what Franky said and jumps from the Sunny crying. Franky commands it to come out of the water, and the crew realizes that all of the dugongs from the room and waiting before them. They jump to attack the Straw Hat Pirates, but the crew is concerned about accidentally making them into disciples. Brook uses Lullaby Flanc to make them all fall asleep instead, and Trap curses them for harming his dugongs. The water in the room drains and the Sunny falls through a hole. Robin uses Ochenta Fleur, Cuatro Manos to grapple onto obstructive pillars below them to lower them to safety. Luffy uses Gomu Gomu no Gigant Pistol to punch a hole into the wall of Trap Tower, and the crew successfully escapes.

Usopp asks how they will get down safely, and the ship begins to plummet to the sea below. The crew screams, but the Sunny is caught in a giant slide that they fly through. Trap clenches his bottle so hard that it cracks and breaks, and he hits a red button to release the Giant Baseball Team. The ship goes around a corner and a giant with a spiked club swings at them, destroying a part of the slide behind them. They wind through and avoid the nine giants’ attacks, and Usopp fires Goren Kayaku Boshi at one of their faces. Luffy bombards another with Gomu Gomu no Jet Gattling, and the officer comments on the dire situation from afar.

The Thousand Sunny approaches the first member of the giants again and cannot avoid his incoming attack, but Franky’s dugong disciple reappears with three cola barrels that he stole from the tower’s pantry. Franky uses Coup de Burst to launch the Sunny at the giant and Gaon Cannon to knock him over. The giant’s club goes flying into the air and hits the tower above, causing the upper half of it to collapse. The officer and dugongs on the fleet below run around panicked, and the Thousand Sunny flies away through the air toward the sunrise. Franky praises his dugong subordinate, and the rest of the sleeping dugongs on the deck wake up. Chopper translates for them and says that they are asking to fight the crew again. Luffy agrees, and Nami slaps and scolds him while he laughs. Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji prepare to fight them, and Nami shouts to Brook to put them all to sleep.

Characters in Order of Appearance


Voice actor Character
Mayumi Tanaka Monkey D. Luffy
Kazuya Nakai Roronoa Zoro
Akemi Okamura Nami
Kappei Yamaguchi Usopp
Hiroaki Hirata Sanji
Ikue Ōtani Tony Tony Chopper
Yuriko Yamaguchi Nico Robin
Kazuki Yao Franky
Yūichi Nagashima Brook
Shōzō Iizuka Trap

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