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ONE PIECE LIVE STAGE ~Tower of Steel~ is a stage show that was set to be performed in Shanghai, China starting April 28, 2018.[1] For various reasons, the opening date was delayed with no rescheduled opening announced since.[2]


ONE PIECE LIVE STAGE was first announced on July 24, 2017.[3] It created by a Japanese screenwriter and director, it was to be officially reviewed by Toei Animation. A casting call for actors was put out June 6, 2017 by the Shanghai Modern Theatre Management Co., Ltd.[4]

The show was set to be performed at the Hongqiao HUB Performance Center in Shanghai. Tickets went on sale December 12, 2017.[1] After the opening date was delayed, ticket refunds were made available with the Shanghai Oriental Ticketing Co., Ltd. to be claimed after May 24.[5]


The Straw Hat Pirates land on a certain island and reach Steel Tower (鋼鉄の塔 Kōtetsu no Tō?), a towering, impregnable fortress built by Marine Vice Admiral Blago. The crew sets foot in the tower to save Nami after she is forced into a predicament.[1]



  • It is currently unknown what became of the show, given that a new opening date was never announced. However, an official cancellation was not announced either.


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