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"OVER THE TOP" is the 22nd opening of the One Piece anime and the 8th opening of the second half of the series.


The opening starts with Luffy in a prison cell pulling against his chains, before the screen goes to white and "One Piece" is written in shodo style with the name of the arc in an insatsu seal style. Komachiyo then bursts through the background carrying Tama, Luffy, and Zoro, and the official One Piece logo is seen over a background of the Flower Capital.

The opening cuts to Komachiyo carrying the aforementioned trio across a wasteland, which becomes a part of the background as Nami, Chopper, Usopp, Robin, Franky, and Brook each move onto the screen in their Wano outfits and strike a pose. Komachiyo is then shown running into Bakura Town, and Zoro leaps up and performs an attack with his swords.

It then cuts to shots of various Wano characters: first Kin'emon, Kikunojo, and Kawamatsu, then Ashura Doji and Kyoshiro, then Inuarashi and Nekomamushi, then finally Raizo and Kanjuro. Sanji is then shown changing into his Raid Suit, and he leads the Straw Hats, save for Luffy and Zoro, on a charge through a Flower Capital street. It then shows several characters in succession: Holdem, Speed, Jack, Queen, and King (In Episode 892-896 his wings were white, but were changed to black in Episode 897). The scene moves to the top of Orochi Castle, where glow floods the whole screen to show Kaido.

The next shot shows Law performing an attack, followed by Kid in a prison cell, followed by a shot of Komurasaki, followed by Bepo, Shachi, and Penguin running, followed by shots of Gyukimaru, Momonosuke training his swordsmanship, Basil Hawkins unleashing his Straw Man's Card, and Shimotsuki Yasuie on his crucifix. Kaido is then shown hitting Luffy into a wall with his mace, which shows the viewers scenes for the preceding episode.

The opening goes back to Luffy in his prison cell, showing him ripping off his chains and bending his cell bars before going to confront Kaido outside his lair on Onigashima. The two are seen hurling attacks at each other before Kaido transforms into his dragon form and Luffy activates Gear Fourth. Kaido breathes fire at Luffy, but Luffy emerges unharmed and punches Kaido in the face. Luffy is then seen back in his first Wano outfit, and he takes off his Straw Hat as he jumps to a hill with a cherry blossom tree overlooking the Flower Capital, joining his crew.


TV Size VersionEdit

Japanese Kanji Japanese Rōmaji English Translation
One Dream One WishOne Dream One WishOne Dream One Wish
かなえたいならkanaetai naraIf you want to make it come true
Over The TopOver The TopOver The Top
見たこともない世界 目指しmitakoto mo nai sekai mezashiSetting out into the unknown world
荒ぶる波風 越えてaraburu namikaze koeteWeathering rough wind and waves
突き進まなきゃダメさtsukisusumanakya dame saI have to keep going because
一番乗りしたいんだichibannori shitain daI want to get there first
心配とか後回しshinpai toka atomawashiWorry later since it's
どーせ勝負 イチカバチカdouse shoubu ichika bachikaall sink or swim anyway
相手がデカく見えたらaite ga dekaku mietaraWhen your opponent looks daunting
ココロガ 縮んでる証拠kokoro ga chijinderu shoukoIt's a sign that your heart is shrinking
逃げるなんて 選択肢はないnigeru nante choisu wa naiRunning away is not a choice
一歩 そばへ近づくんだippo soba e chikadukun daTake one step closer
ナマイキって褒め言葉?namaiki tte homekotoba?Being called insolent's a compliment right?
キシい時ほどkitsui toki hodoWhen things become tough, that's when you should
新しいあしたatarashi ashitaIf you want to
探しに行きたいのならsagashi ni ikitai no naralook for a new tomorrow
とびっきりの 自信を磨いてtobikkiri no jishin wo migaitePolish your unique confidence
旅をした 足跡がtabi wo shita ashiato gaUntil your footsteps
そう!地図に変わるまでsou! chizu ni kawaru madeYes! Become a map
新しいHorizonatarashii HorizonA new horizon,
ほら進んで来た分hora susunde kita bunlook, how far you've become
まぶしさと難易度が上昇mabushisa to nanido ga joushouIt's brighter and the level of difficulty rises
夢うつつで 起こせHurricaneyumeutsutsu de okose HurricaneLive in your dream and raise a hurricane
さぁ!順位かき乱せsaa! chaato kakimidaseNow! Stir up the rankings
One Dream One WishOne Dream One WishOne Dream One Wish
夢は逃げない...ぜんぶKnock outyume wa nigenai...zenbu Knock outDreams don't run away... Knock everything out
Over The TopOver The TopOver The Top


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