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Obahan Time is the second Straw Hat Theater story, originally published in The 3rd Log: Nami on December 30, 2005. It was adapted into the anime in Episode 281.


Eiichiro Oda explains that his editor once again handed him three blank sheets of paper and told him to draw something. He then complains that being to told draw something or anything like that is what troubles him the most. However, Oda absentmindedly thought of the theme "What if Luffy and the others were obahan?", and wonders who the strongest obahan would be.


Luffyzaki, upset by her lack of soy sauce, goes to visit her friend Zoroyama to get some. There she finds that she does not have any either, as she sliced it in half along with the entire kitchen while cutting fish for sashimi.

The scene then changes to a grocery store, where Chopamori is devouring all the food at the sample table. The employee there asks her to stop, but she will not, insisting that it's okay, as Luffyzaki does it all the time. Sanjida then comes to the store to feel up the young women there, claiming that it's okay, as she's a woman too. However, Namijima comes and stops both of them.

The obahan begging Namijima to allow them more time to pay the rent.

The scene then shifts again, this time to Luffyzaki's house, where her friend Usokawa came to give her big news (which ending up being a lie). Usokawa does tell her, however, that Namijima is going around and getting everybody. The two get scared, and rush to Robino, trying to get her to help them. There, she simply scolds them for not properly sorting their garbage, which the two ignore as they are eating her food. Robino gets a call from Namijima, asking if Luffyzaki and Usokawa are there. She says that they are, so Namijima comes over, bringing the other obahan with her, demanding to know where the rent is.

Luffyzaki then begs her to let them pay after the lottery the next day, but she denies the request, stating that she already got the money from their paychecks. The others are unable to do anything about her, proving that, even if they all turn into obahan, Nami is still the strongest.


  • Luffyzaki (ルフィ崎 Rufizaki?) - Luffy
  • Zoroyama (ゾロ山?) - Zoro
  • Namijima (ナミ島?) - Nami
  • Usokawa (ウソ川?) - Usopp
  • Sanjida (サンジ田?) - Sanji
  • Chopamori (チョパ森?) - Chopper
  • Robino (ロビ野?) - Robin
  • Tashigi - as herself (in the role of a supermarket employee)

Translation and Dub Issues

  • Obahan is a term for a middle-aged woman who tends to be rude and impudent.


  • The voice actors admitted this was their most embarrassing role in the whole of One Piece.[1]


  1. One Piece show at the Jump festival 2008.

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