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Odacchi is a character who appears in the Dream Soccer King special as announcer, and later as part of Buggy's team.[1]


Odacchi is a normal sized man with tanned skin. His hair is shaved into his head into the pattern of a soccer ball, and he also has pigtails that have soccer balls on them. He has stubble on his chin, paint markings on his nose, and a golden hoop earring on his left ear.

He wears a tight fit, yellow and blue soccer jersey that also has the pattern of a soccer ball on it. Underneath, he wears a pink polo shirt and a red bow tie. He also wears baggy red pants.


Odacchi is very cocky, since he jumped into the middle of the match, interrupted it, quickly joined Buggy's team, and kicked a ball into the goal without any forethought.[2] He also commemorated his own performance before being pummeled.

Abilities and Powers

Odacchi is a very poor soccer player, as Koby could catch the ball he kicked with ease.[2]


Dream Soccer King

Odacchi first appeared during the final round of the soccer match.[1] He flew down from his hot air balloon just when it was the villain team's turn to kick. He kicked the ball towards the goal, and the ball was surprised when Koby caught the ball.[2] He disappeared from the field, only to stand on the balcony above and commentated on how "amazing" his performance was. Buggy dragged him down and their team beat him up. At the end of the game, he and the rest of the team watched as Sanji kicked the winning goal for the Straw Hat Pirates' team.


  • He is the only character ever to be voiced by series creator Eiichiro Oda.
  • He shares the same childhood nickname as the series creator Eiichiro Oda


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