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Odex released the first 104 episodes of the One Piece anime on VCD some time over the course 2003 and 2004, though little is known about the exact release date of the VCDs.

Episode List[]

Release Box Description # Title
Box 1
Odex VCD 1 Cover
Luffy sets off on his journey to become the ultimate King of Pirates. He befriends a guy named Coby and they arrive at a town ruled by the great Captain Morgan. In Morgan’s prison lies Zoro, an expert swordsman whom Luffy hopes to recruit as his first crewmate. After rescuing Zoro, they set sail together and encounter Buggy, a pirate whom like Luffy, also eaten the Devil’s fruit, and posesses “body separation” powers. Here, they also meet Nami, a navigator. Luffy wants to recruit her but she refuses. Will they work together to defeat Buggy and his pirate gang? 001 Luffy, the Future King of Pirates
002 Pirate Hunter, Roronoa Zorro
003 Captain Morgan Vs Luffy
Who will reign Supreme?
004 The Secret Behind Luffy's Hat
005 The Mysterious Power of the Clown Pirate, Captain Buggy
006 Mohji, The Wild Beast Trainer
007 The Acrobatic Cabaji Challenges Sword Master Zoro
008 Who'll win the battle between the devil's fruits?
009 Captain Usopp, the Man Who Cried Wolf
010 Hypnotist Jango Puts Everyone to Sleep
011 Captain Asopp's life finally catch up with him.
012 The Fierce Battle Against the Kuroneko's Crew!
013 The Nyaban Brothers vs Zoro
Box 2
Odex VCD 2 Cover
With their new crewmate Nami, Luffy lands on an island where Usopp lives. Usopp welcomes them and introduces them to Kaya, a rich young lady, and Kuroruldoh, her caretaker. But what they don’t know is that the caretaker is really the infamous Captain Kuro, and he plans to kill Kaya for her money! 014 Sleeping Luffy Gets a Wake-up Call
015 The Defeat of Kuro
016 The Gang of Usopp Fight
But will Kaya survive?
017 The End of the Kuro-Luffy Battle
018 Gaimon and his Strange Animal Kingdom
019 The Story of Zoro
020 Meet Sangi, Super Chef of The Restaurant on the Sea
021 The Unpleasant Guest
Sangi's Dish & Gin's Obligation
022 Don Krieg & the Ferocious Food Fight
023 Chef Zef and Don Krieg Face Off
024 Hawk's Eye Mihawk & Zoro Do Battle At Sea
025 The Amazing Food Fight Between Sangi and Iron Shield Pearl
026 The Big Blue Dream of Zef and Sangi
Box 3
Odex VCD 3 Cover
Luffy and his new crewmate Sanji chase after Nami, who stole their boat. They arrive in arlong Park, home to the fearsome Merman Pirate Gang. Next to Arlong Park is Nami’s hometown, which lives in constant fear of the merman pirates. What connection does Nami have with Arlong, leader of the Merman Pirate Gang? 027 Cruel Fiend, Gin, Captain of the Pirate Fleet
028 The Fierce Battle Between Luffy and Don Krieg
029 The End of the Battle Between Luffy and Krieg
030 Sanji Joins the Crew
031 Arlong, the Fishman Pirate
032 The Witch of Coconut Village
033 The End of Ussop?
034 The Truth About Nami
035 The Untold Past
036 The Story Behind Nami and Bellemere
037 The Broken Promise
038 Arlong and the Fishmen vs. Luffy and the Gang
039 The Battle of Zoro vs. Octy
Box 4
Odex VCD 4 Cover
Luffy gets the biggest bounty on his head in the Eastern Sea, 30 million Berries! Meanwhile, Buggy seems to be plotting revenge against Luffy and his gang! The Straw Hat Pirates land in Logue Townn, the place where Gold Roger, the legendary King of Pirates, was born and executed. Excited, Luffy can’t wait to see the execution stand where Gold Roger was beheaded, but things don’t go out as planned when Buggy and their old enemy Alvida arrive! 040 The Pride of the Warrior
041 The Last Hope
042 The Attack Under the Sea
043 The End of the Fishman Empire
044 Leaving Home
045 Wanted
046 Buggy's Adventure
047 Captain Buggy is Back!
048 The Land of the King of Pirates
049 Zoro's New Sword
050 To Be a Brave Man
051 The Best Cook?!
052 Buggy's Revenge
Box 5
Odex VCD 5 Cover
Luffy and his crew met a mysterious girl Apis, who sought their help to bring her dragon back to its homeland. Luffy, being the helpful pirate and sensing a big adventure ahead, immediately agreed. But what awaits them, at the legendary island of the ancient dragons? What secret will they unlocked? 053 To the Grand Line
054 The premonition of a new adventure!
055 The Secret of Apis and the Legendary Island
056 Great Escape from Warship Island
057 The Legendary Lost Island
058 Duel at the ruins
Zoro versus Eric
059 Surrounding Luffy
Admiral Nelson's Secret Strategem
060 Object that flies in the sky! The Legend Revives!
061 Showdown with anger! Get over the Red Continent!
062 The First Fort? Gigantic Whale Raboon Appears
063 Men's Promise
Luffy and the Whale Pledged to Meet Again
064 A Town which Welcomes Pirates?
065 The Fencer with 3 Swords! Zoro vs Baroque Works
Box 6
Odex VCD 6 Cover
Not only did Luffy and Zoro have to escort Princess Vivi safely to Alabasta, they must also figure out a way to help her save the island from the sinister Mr 0. Meanwhile, Admiral Garp tried to train Coby and Helmeppos to become Marine officers… Luffy and his gang arrived at the prehistoric Little Garden, where they faced vicious Giants, erupting volcanoes, gigantic dinosaur burgers, and many more evil opponents – all at the same time! 066 SERIOUS FIGHT! LUFFY VS ZORO IN A STRANGE DUEL
067 Luffy and his pirate gang sets out for the sea
068 Way to Go! Kobymeppo Fights for his Friend!
069 Vice-Admiral Garp's Parental Love
070 Ancient Island! A Shadow Lurks in Little Garden!
071 Big duel between giant Dorry and Brogy!
072 Luffy gets angry! Dirty trap to the sacred duel!
073 Big duel between giant Dorry and Brogy!
074 Dangerous candle!
075 Magic power attacking Luffy!
076 Now counterattack!
077 Good-Bye to the Island of Giants! And Off to Arabasta.
078 Nami is ill? Over the Snow Falling on the Sea!
Box 7
Odex VCD 7 Cover
Luffy and his valiant crew embarked on a journey to find the legendary doctor, for she alone has the ability to save Nami. But they’re plagued by Wapol and his pirate raiders. But help comes in the form of a reindeer…enter Chopper! 079 Surprise Attack! Bliking and Wapol of Tinplate!
080 Island without a doctor? Adventure in a nameless country!
081 Are you Happy? A Doctor Called a Witch
082 Dolton's determination! Wapol's bunch lands at the island.
086 Dr. Hiruruku's Cherry and His Will Taken Over!
087 Luffy Vs Wapol's Gang
The Power of Baku Baku Fruit!
088 Animal Type Devil's Nut! Chopper's Seven Transformations!
089 When the Rule of the Kingdom is Over!
090 Dr. Hiruruku's Cherry! Miracle of Drum Rockies
091 Goodbye Drum Island! I'm Going Out To Sea!
Box 8
Odex VCD 8 Cover
The happy Luffy and his friends now face a new challenge that they have never encountered before – the Great Desert! With no water and no food, Luffy and his friends must face the hazards of the desert and help in the creation of a new kingdom! 092 Hero of Arabasta and Ballerina Onboard!
093 Rain calling powder and rebellion army.
094 His name is Flame Fist, Ace.
095 Hot thoughts and a bond of brothers!
099 Fake's pride!
100 Warrior of Rebel Army, Koza! Dream Sworn to Vivi!
101 Shimmer Duel! Ace vs Man Scorpion
102 Remains and Getting Lost!
103 Leading members of the enemy.
104 Luffy vs Vivi! Promise the Company with Tears!


Box descriptions and episodes per box - 'One Piece (1999 - 2002) Singapore-English Dubbed; Episodes 01 - 104' - The Apollo Dub Archive

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