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An Officer is a high-ranking member of any group (besides the Marines) that commands lower-ranking members.

Role and Duties

Officers are members of pirate crews or other organizations that are trusted enough by the leader to be given authority over the rest of the group. They issue commands to other crew members, but still answer to the group's leader. There are also examples of officers that have authority over other officers (sometimes referred as "executive officers" or just "executives"), such as the Elite Officers of the Donquixote Pirates.[2].[citation needed]

Officers are usually the stronger fighters of an organization, but sometimes fill out other professions besides fighting. For example, Nami was an officer of the Arlong Pirates, but mostly acted as the crew's navigator than anything else (also, despite being called an "officer", she was actually treated as a slave by the rest of the crew).[3]

Taking a role similar to the first mates, or staff chiefs and officers, being close to the captain and giving orders to lower-ranking members, sometimes members with those occupations can find themselves among the lines of the officers. As is the case with Benn Beckman, first mate of the Red Hair Pirates, or Trebol, staff officer of the Donquixote Pirates.

Some pirate crews start out small, but if they end up gaining many more recruits, then the older members of the crew would be established as officers in order to keep the newer members in check. This has happened with the Whitebeard Pirates[4] and then the Blackbeard Pirates.[5]

In addition, the term "officer" is not always used for high-ranking pirate crew members, such as the Beasts Pirates' "headliners", whose role is basically the same as an officer's.[6]


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In the real world, pirate crews were known to have officers to maintain order and discipline within the group.


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