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Omusubi the Lunch Vendor is a resident of Suigyoku Town on Jail Island who works as a cook making lunches for the Marines living there. She is also the mother of Tarako. She appears in the video game One Piece: World Seeker.[1]


Omusubi is a thickset woman with light brown hair that is gathered into a large bun in the back. She wears a dark green shirt with an orange vest over it, a green scarf around her shirt collar, a gray sash around her waist, and brown pants.[1]


Omusubi is a caring woman who loves to cook. She does expect repayment for the favors she provides, although when helping Luffy, she only requested that he get her a lunch ingredient in return for her aid. Afterwards, she even gave him her special lunch recipe in addition to the information he wanted. She is quite attentive to the affairs of Emerald City and possessed knowledge of the whereabouts of Marine directives. She cares a lot about feeding her children, as she knows the future of Jail Island is in their hands, and also showed compassion for Jeanne, not wanting the young activist to overwork herself.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Omusubi is a very skilled cook, with her lunch recipes being extremely popular with the Marines that occupy Suigyoku Town.[1]


One Piece: World Seeker

When the Marines came and occupied Jewel Island, many of its sailors took residence in Suigyoku Town, and Omusubi and her family were the only civilians to not move away due to the Marines liking Omusubi's lunches so much. One day, Omusubi had gone out to the path across the nearby lake to collect lunch ingredients when Monkey D. Luffy approached her. Luffy asked if she knew the whereabouts of some lost Marine directives, and Omusubi said she would only help him if he got her two spiky carrots for her next day's lunch. Upon receiving the spiky carrots from Luffy, Omusubi told him that she saw directives in a chest inside a horn-shaped cave by the lake, but warned that she had seen other pirates there who may have taken it away already. Before Luffy left, Omusubi gave him her special lunch recipe that he could make if he had a cook.[1]


  • "Omusubi" (おむすび omusubi?) is another name for rice balls (おにぎり onigiri?), which is a popular item to be sold with packed lunches. Omusubi's son Tarako's name also has a food theme (meaning "pollock roe"), fitting her profession as cook.


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