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One Para (ワンパラ, Wanpara?, short for One Piece Paradise!) is a series of leaflets released with various tie-in books throughout 2007 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of One Piece. Each one, in addition to advertising other One Piece merchandise, includes a handwritten message from Eiichiro Oda sharing behind-the-scenes trivia.[1][2][3][4][5]

All of the messages—except the first—were later reprinted in One Piece Green: Secret Pieces.[6]


Vol. 1
Original Release Work Original Release Date
One Piece Movie Log Box March 1, 2007
One Para Vol. 1
I was initially surprised when I heard that the Alabasta Arc was going to become a movie, but if you think about it, the story is already 4.5 years old and I'm sure there are a lot of new readers who don't know about it.

I remember drawing desperately while asking myself 'Will this become a shonen manga that seriously depicts something as big as a "country"?'. If you open the lid, it's just the story of a girl who cares about "people", and pirates who care about her, and their fierce battle.

There are many readers and staff members who have told me that they love this story. Let's all enjoy the movie adaptation of this story that is beloved by so many people!

--Eiichiro Oda

Vol. 2
Original Release Work Original Release Date
One Piece Yellow: Grand Elements April 7, 2007
One Para Vol. 2
Jumping Status Attack!!!

Hello. I was given a blank piece of paper and told to write something for the One-Para column. They said, “you can just write about what you're currently doing and stuff". Hey! Sounds like you don't care about it much! I can write anything?! But I guess it's another way of saying they trust me, so all is good.

Talking about recently, I received an email from my manager. But not about something good. I hear that recently the master of a bar we used to go to passed away. Why this is relevant? Well that's because he was someone I really respected and was the model for the pirate Whitebeard. That line from his debut—"You fool, I don’t wanna speak to a runny-nosed brat"—was in-fact exactly what he used to say in real life. He used to sit at the bar with medical equipment joined to his nose and tell us war stories, saying that drinking was like a form of medicine. When I told him I drew him in manga, he was happy. It doesn't happen so often that I clearly set someone as a model and create a character. As I pray that his soul may rest in peace, I hereby swear that I will continue to draw awesome middle-aged men!

--Eiichiro Oda (March 2007)
Translation: kyoh[7]

Vol. 3
Original Release Work Original Release Date
One Piece Rainbow! May 1, 2007
One Para Vol. 3
Anime Eight-Year Suplex!

Let me tell you something in this space that nobody cares about. This story happened a few years ago; the record of a fight between myself and the animation director Koizumi-san. However, Koizumi-san, out of all honesty, probably doesn’t even know that this fight existed. First things first: I hate those things called “mascot characters”. They suck up to the customers and get spoiled. And then in the series, Chopper made his appearance. His role in the script was to be an interesting animal that spoke human words. When he first appeared, he looked like this:

His mouth area was like all pointy. I mean, in reality, that’s what a deer looks like right? But I did want to make him cute, so I decided to appeal is “cuteness” through his “courage” in drama. He’s a modest character that does his best, so he can be a “man” one day. That’s what I call “cuteness”. I won’t accept anything else even if he looks up at me with a sparkling gaze. So then came the anime and Koizumi-san drew a gorgeous gorgeous Chopper, and that combined with Ootani-san’s voice [Chopper’s Seiyuu], now that was just against my rules. Well, I thought so anyway. Wow, the Chopper Koizumi-san draws is cute ♡ AGGH!! Nono! If I don’t watch myself the manga is going to suffer! All good. Chopper has a personality (so it doesnt matter how cute he looks on the outside). Even if he looks cute, he won’t look like a spoilt suck up. So I unleashed the mascot Chopper… All the way!!

--Eiichiro Oda (April 2007)
Translation: kyoh[7]

Vol. 4
Original Release Work Original Release Date
Grand Paper Adventure June 1, 2007
One Para Vol. 4
Scorpion Secret Deathlock!!

What I am about to tell is top secret, so I hope you can lock this up into your hearts. Let's make it a secret between you and I. In reality, there are some people who are blessed with luck. People who are praised as heroes are sided by the heavens. But it’s only with both ability and luck that one is able to leave results. Now this is about our captain, Monkey D. Luffy. Now the name "Luffy" is spelled with an L and not R. The word "Luff" means, "to bring the head of the sailing ship closer or directly into the wind". Doesn't it sound like a name for a pirate captain? I think there is no better name for a man sailing the seas. I've had letters from a number of people who have realised this, but when I read this my smile tends to fade. I mean, if I didn't say anything... IT WOULD TOTALLY LOOK LIKE I KNEW IT FROM THE START right?? (total coincidence). So what I’m trying to say is that Luffy, I believe, was born with incredible luck!

--Eiichiro Oda (April 2007)
Translation: kyoh[7]

Vol. 5
Original Release Work Original Release Date
One Piece 10th Treasures September 1, 2007
One Para Vol. 5
Policy Suplex Hold!!

It doesn’t really matter if you know or don’t know the thing called the One Para Column, but this appears to be last of behind the scenes talk. The last story to tell is more of a behind the scenes policy, rather than a behind the scenes story. So what is a "pirate"? If you ask someone with artistic talents to draw a pirate, you will normally get a sketch that looks like this... or this ....

Indeed, a pirate. Very easy to understand, but if you take off the eye patch, there's a big difference to one with, and one without (the one without looks like a normal middle-aged man). So then, that means, eye patch = pirate. It’s just like, afro = champion type thing... so have you noticed yet? Well, you probably haven’t. That in One Piece, there has not been one single pirate with an eye patch! ... yes I know, who cares right? But this is my secret "behind the scenes policy". It’s not like every pirate has an eye patch!!! ... right? You can totally draw pirates without an eye patch!!!!

And with that thought in mind it all began; the story of a normal looking boy's pirate story.

I thought, if there's an image in everyone's head about what a pirate is, then I thought I would write/draw about the process of the boy getting there. But its not like I dislike eye patches, so in the final scenes of One Piece, there is one pirate who appears with an eye patch

I'm itching to draw this character.

--Eiichiro Oda (June 2007)
Translation: kyoh[7]


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