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One Piece: Fighting Path is a 3D ARPG mobile game, released only in China, developed by China Mobile Games and Entertainment Group (CMGE) and licensed by Toei Animation. A close beta for the game began July 28, 2020.[5][6]


As an action-adventure RPG, Fighting Path allows players to sail from island to island, challenging enemies and leveling up characters. The game is open-world, and players can freely sail the seas and interact with other players online. Battles are engaged by encountering enemies in the overworld and talking to them. Unlike most One Piece RPGs, which feature turn-based combat, Fighting Path's combat is similar to an arena brawler with enemies scattered around for the player to defeat in a fixed area. Players can use multiple attack types by clicking on different buttons on their screens. Some characters have more attack types than others.

Characters are recruited through a gacha lottery, and characters' rarity and maximum abilities are determined by their rank. Ranks include C, B, A, S, and SS. Each character has an expandable skill tree. Players can also draw cards from a lottery, which provide status boosts.


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