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One Piece: Going Baseball is a Japanese only game released for the GameBoy Advance in 2004. The controls are simple and the basic point of the game is to choose a team and try to win in a tournament against all the other teams. There is a story mode, which is needed to unlock the final team, and a minigame mode.

The game appears to take place after the Skypiea Arc, as the crew is seen in the beginning wearing their outfits from Skypiea, and the Skypiea arena is the farthest point that the game goes up to.


Straw Hat Team

Straw Hat team Going Baseball.png

East Blue Team

East Blue Team Going Baseball.png

Grand Line Team

Grand Line Team Going Baseball.png

Marine Team

Marine Team Going Baseball.png

Arabasta Team

Arabasta Kingdom Going Baseball.png

Baroque Works Team

Baroque Works Going Baseball.png

Skypiea Team

Skypiea Going Baseball.png

Red Hair Team



There are certain characters who have a relationship with another character. The relationship is positive, neutral or negative. The relationship does not affect the game play. The attitude will be changed though.

  • Luffy - Koby (Positive)
  • Nami - Arlong (Negative)
  • Robin - Crocodile (Negative)
  • Robin - Pell (Neutral)
  • Zoro - Tashigi (Negative)
  • Sanji - Gin (Neutral)
  • Luffy - Ace (Positive)
  • Usopp - Kuro (Negative)
  • Chopper - Wapol (Negative)
  • Helmeppo - Morgan (Negative)
  • Jango - Kuro (Neutral)


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