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One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 is a One Piece related video game released in Japan for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Sony PlayStation Vita. The game was announced in Shounen Jump magazine as a sequel to One Piece: Pirate Warriors, with Namco Bandai and Tecmo Koei teaming up once again to publish it along with developer Omega Force, a subsidiary of Tecmo Koei.[citation needed] A sequel was released in 2015, One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3


The game features a new Partner system to replace the Crew Strike system from the first game. After the player builds up a certain meter, they will be able to use a special attack and switch to playing as their partner.

There is a new Haki usage system and Style Change system. Characters with Haki can activate it to knock out enemies (Haoshoku), enhance the power of their attacks (Busoshoku) or to instantly chain into combos (Kenbunshoku).[1]

The style change meter fills up as the player defeats foes. The style changes depending on the character's style type.

Players can also earn money in and after completing stages to spend on leveling up characters faster, or in an in-game store to buy movies, music and more.

Every playable character in the game has an initial maximum level of 50, but the cap can be increased to level 100 by clearing levels on the very hard difficulty. The more levels are completed, the more of these items can be bought, until all characters' level caps are increased.

Dream Story

Unlike the first game, the story mode does not follow the manga, but instead has its own storyline, named as Dream Story, which sees a three-way battle between a Pirate Alliance formed by the Straw Hat Pirates and the Whitebeard Pirates, Sakazuki's post-timeskip Marine Headquarters and the "Great Pirate Alliance" founded by the ultimate bosses of the game Gecko Moria and Marshall D. Teach, along with other past enemies.


The story starts after the two year timeskip, just after the crew reached the New World. They got surrounded by a Marine fleet led by Monkey D. Garp. He shoots his Ryuusei Meteor against the ship, then the Marine soldiers assault the pirates. After a short battle, which involves all the crew members, Luffy directly attacks an enemy ship with his Gomu Gomu no Rocket and fights Smoker. After this, Luffy comes back to the ship and the Knock Up Stream launches them up to Skypiea.

Straw Hat Crew Arc

Stage 1: Skypiea Arc

Upon their arrival on the White-White Sea, the crew is surprised by a storm released by Enel on his Ark Maxim and the playable character has to reach him.

After Enel is defeated, a cutscene starts, showing Eneru restricting Luffy with a huge golden ball, causing Luffy to fall out of the ark, and the pirate returning and defeating Eneru with the Gomu Gomu no Ougon Rifle. Afterwards, as the crew is discussing their newest victory, Nami shows her friends a strange, green and white dial, and explains to Franky in the process what dials are. Nami notes that she has never seen this type of dial before, and that nothing happened as she tried to press its apex. Luffy then asks for Nami to give it to him, and Nami agrees, though she tells him the dial is probably useless. Luffy decides to hold on to it anyway "because it's rare".

Stage 2: Punk Hazard Arc

The arc starts with a narration telling that after Sakazuki was promoted to fleet admiral, the Marines got much more powerful and much more relentless, hunting pirates all around the world. Surviving pirate crews either requested protection from larger crews, or formed alliances with other crews. Soon, an outbreak of battles of warring pirate clans began.

Immediately after returning in the New World, the Straw Hat Pirates realize that the Marines, led by Vice-Admiral Smoker, are still in hot pursuit. They decide to flee to the nearest island in the vicinity, which happens to be Punk Hazard. Here they fight against the G-5 Marine soldiers and then Smoker again, wh. They manage to slow him down and flee for the laboratory on the ice side of the island.

In the structure, they find a lot of strange purple dials. They release a dark fog which makes almost all the Straw Hat Pirates evil. Luffy and Nami, the only ones who were unaffected, flee out. Several of the Marines were also turned evil, forcing Smoker to call a cease-fire and cooperate with the Straw Hat Pirates as they escape the island.

After Luffy and Nami reach the Thousand Sunny, Smoker reveals that the cease-fire was a ruse to get to the Straw Hats' ship and requisition it. Smoker thus manages to capture the young pirates, and leaves Punk Hazard, despite Luffy and Nami's complaints, for their crew is still on the island.

Luffy Alliance Arc

Stage 3: Wapol-Krieg Pirate Alliance Arc

The opening narration states that the Punk Hazard incident that separated the Straw Hat Pirates was immediately reported to the World Government. The Government learned that dials were involved in the incident, and reacted in an unusual manner: offering deals to powerful pirate crews across the world to cooperate with them in order to stop the Straw Hats. The pirates, under heavy attack from the Marines and wanting their own trump card, accepted the deals. Meanwhile, Smoker is on his way to take Luffy and Nami to the Marine Headquarters, as he receives a call.

Smoker learns that a restraining order has been placed on him and all soldiers under his command, as someone is accusing them of treason. He figures it has to do with the dials from Punk Hazard, and asks Luffy if he has one. Luffy recalls that he does, and that his dial was shaking around while his crew's dials were releasing the fog that made them evil. Smoker, wanting to figure out the secret behind these dials, orders Luffy to give him his dial. Luffy initially accepts, but Nami realizes that they need the dial in order to find the rest of the crew. She tries to strike a deal with Smoker: if he helps them find the missing crew members, they will hand over the dial to him. Smoker initially refuses, but their conversation is interrupted by an enemy attack. Heavily outnumbers and out of other options, Smoker reluctantly decides to let Luffy and Nami free for the time-being, and the group reaches a place resembling the Baratie Restaurant.

There, they notice a strange alliance between Krieg and Wapol happened. Luffy also meets Franky, who attacks him with his Radical Beam. Luffy dodges it and then defeats the cyborg, returning him to his senses. They then defeat Krieg and Wapol; but as they think they have won, a huge number of enemy reinforcement appear. Kuzan appears on the restaurant, freezing the enemies. Krieg, not wanting to take on a former Admiral, retreats. Kuzan requests a fight from Luffy. After he is defeated, Kuzan notes how strong the crew has gotten, and starts to talk with them and Smoker. He warns them that Luffy's dial is extremely dangerous, though he does not know much more than that yet, as he quit the Marines. All that's certain is that the World Government and Marines are not acting like usual, and that they best be careful. Kuzan also tells Smoker that "justice is in the eye of the beholder" and that he will be fine as long as he follows his type. On these words, Kuzan leaves.

Later, Luffy and Nami are relieved that Franky is back to his old self. Nami figures Franky returned to his senses because his "fog dial" broke, though she is not sure what Luffy's "shaking dial" does. They then ask Smoker what he's going to do next; the Vice-Admiral notes that he cannot return to the Marines in this situation, so Nami asks him again to help them find their missing crew members. Because each of them has a fog dial, and Smoker wants to find out the truth behind them, it would be the best course of action for him and the crew. Smoker still refuses to work with pirates, but before the conversation could continue, a Marine soldier informs the Vice-Admiral that they have received word from the Headquarters: a bounty has been placed on Smoker, effectively making him a pirate, much to his shock.

Stage 4: "The Legendary Marine" Garp Arc

The opening narration states that as pirate alliances around the world became more active, pirate subjugation by the Marines was weakening. The Marine Headquarters' priority being to stop the Straw Hats, they would avoid fighting other pirate crews. In those turbulent times, Luffy, Nami, Franky and Smoker search around the seas for the missing Straw Hats. Along the way, a Marine ship led by Garp appears.

Garp talks with Smoker about his forced resignation from the Marines, noting that a tough soldier like Smoker would not willingly act like a lowly criminal. Garp then states that he iss not here to arrest them, but to warn them that the Marines will be after them for as long as they hold onto Luffy's Shaking Dial. Garp asks Luffy to give the Dial to him, saying he'll take good care of it, but Luffy refuses to hand it over, because not only does he need it to find his crew members, but he also promised to give it to Smoker when they do find them. Angered at this refusal, Garp decides to take it by force, and Luffy's group has to fight Garp's division. During the fight, Jinbe arrives on the island and assists Luffy's group. However, Borsalino also arrives to help Garp, and Luffy's group has to make haste in order to defeat the legendary Vice-Admiral. They eventually manage to do so, and the Marines retreat, as Kizaru does not want to be the last man standing.

Later Luffy asks Jinbe why he has come, and the fish-man replies that recently, a "Great Pirate Alliance" has formed and struck a deal with the World Government to capture the Straw Hats. After Smoker notes how it is because of Luffy's dial, Luffy asks Jinbe where his missing crew might be. Jinbe says that the Sea of Fog might be a good place to search for more information about the Fog Dials; according to Smoker, although Punk Hazard is the most likely place to hold that information, it is too risky to return to it yet, and they should search for the Sea of Fog first.

Stage 5: Thriller Bark Arc

The group eventually reaches the Sea of Fog, and lands on a familiar place: Thriller Bark. Jinbe realizes that Gecko Moria must be on the island, and says it would be best for them to leave before they encounter him. However, Luffy's Dial starts to shake, indicating that some of his crew are nearby. He goes to investigate, but the group is ambushed by Moria, with Perona, Brook, and Tony Tony Chopper as his generals. A fight breaks out, during which Brook and Chopper are defeated and returned to their senses.

The group also encounters the "Great Pirate Alliance", led by Buggy, with Galdino by his side. They manage to defeat them, however, causing them to retreat. Once they reach the mansion, Gecko Moria appears and, after a short fight, he summons other zombies, which Jinbe purifies with a huge water column. Moria then absorbs some shadows and tries to attack him, but the Fish-Man defeats him with his Fish-Man Karate.

Though he lies defeated, Moria is unfazed, as he learned about the Fog Dials' power from his enemies' conversation, and grows an interest in the Dials.

Back on the Thousand Sunny, the group starts to talk about Luffy's missing crewmates and the Great Pirate Alliance. Jimbei has no idea where to go next, so Luffy suggests returning to Punk Hazard. Smoker claims that the island should be protected by the World Government now, and their force is not enough to come back there. Then Portgas D. Ace appears, claiming that his father wishes to see Luffy.

Stage 6: Whitebeard Arc

Luffy meets Whitebeard and Marco. After Whitebeard notes that Luffy's straw hat looks a lot like the one Red Haired Shanks used to wear, Luffy says that he has heard of Whitebeard. He affirms that he is going to become the Pirate King, and Whitebears decides to fight him to see if the young pirate "is more than just talk".

Luffy attacks the Emperor with an Elephant Gun, but Marco intervenes. After he and the Whitebeard Pirates are defeated, Whitebeard calls out the fight, impressed by Luffy's strength. He agrees to help Luffy search for his crewmates on the condition that the two crews form an official Pirate Alliance, as the full power of the Marines and the Great Pirate Alliance are becoming too strong for either crew to take on alone. The other Straw Hats are initially distrustful, thinking that Whitebeard may merely intend to use them, but they decide to form the alliance anyway, as they will need all the strength they can gather; plus they would be able to dock within the Emperor's territories freely. Whitebeard, glad to hear that Luffy has accepted his offer, suggests Luffy heads back to Punk Hazard alongside some of Marco's troops, while he searches for information on the Dials and the missing Straw Hats' whereabouts. In the meantime, Ace continues his search for Marshall D. Teach on his own.

Straw Hat and Whitebeard Alliance Arc

Straw Hat and Whitebeard Alliance, which this alliance is created by Luffy.

Stage 7: Return to Punk Hazard Arc

The new Pirate Alliance arrives to Punk Hazard. As expected, the island is overrun by a large number of Marine soldiers, and the playable character runs to the ice side of the island, fighting Marine soldiers along the way. As Nami is searching for information in the laboratory on her own, the Straw-Whitebeard Aliiance is having an intense fight with the Marines. Suddenly, Rob Lucci appears alongside Jabra, Kaku and Blueno to defend the base. After their defeat, Akainu arrives and starts attacking the Allicance relentlessly. Worse, Nami comes out of the laboratory empty-handed, as there was no information to be found. Fortunately, Kuzan arrives and once again saves the Straw Hats, fighting Akainu on his own and buying the crew enough time to escape. He later retreats as well, and meets up with the Alliance

Kuzan reveals some information he has learned on his own: the World Government used to conduct researches on the Dials in Punk Hazard, but someone has recently broken into the laboratory and robbed every piece of information they could get, which is why there was nothing left for Nami to find. He then suggests the truth behind the Fog Dials could be in Impel Down, the other place where the Government conducted researches on the Dials. Kuzan also decides to join the Alliance, noting how they lack numbers, and how he himself wishes to see how the situation will turn out.

Stage 8: Arlong-Crocodile Pirate Alliance Arc

While on their way to Impel Down, the Alliance is shocked to see that Arlong Park has been rebuilt. Concerned about whatever his former crewmate may be up to, Jinbe decides to go there and stop him. There, they notice that Arlong has formed an alliance with Crocodile, in order to take down the Marines.

Jinbe tries to persuade Arlong to stop what he is doing, but Arlong refuses to listen, forcing the former Warlord of the Sea to defeat him. Jinbe does, however, manage to convince Perona, who was present in the fight, to join their alliance. Perona tells the group that Moria had suddenly left, with the intention of joining the Great Pirate Alliance. Crocodile and Arlong, on the other hand, wanted to form their own alliance. The group then resumes their journey towards Impel Down.

Stage 9: Impel Down Arc

The group, thanks to Boa Hancock, manage to enter Impel Down. There, they encounter and fight Magellan, Hannyabal and the Minotaurus. However, during the fight, they learn that Teach has already come and ransacked the place, taking every piece of information about the Dials that he could. Realizing that Teach was also the man who robbed the laboratory on Punk Hazard, the alliance is forced to flee empty-handed.

Back on the Thousand Sunny, the group is discussing the current events. Marco believes that Teach has joined the Great Pirate Alliance, though he is not sure whether the order to attack Impel Down came from the Alliance or Teach himself. Kuzan notes that in any rates, with both of the World Government's Dial research facilities ransacked, "there is no way they or the Marines will stay quiet". Jimbei adds that at the moment, what they're heading to is more important, with their only destination being Marineford. Marco has already contacted Whitebeard, who is on his way to Marineford, but even then, he is not sure they can come out safely. Smoker then announces good news: the Marines and Great Pirate Alliance have started a war.

Stage 10: Marineford Arc

The opening narration clarifies that the Great Pirate Alliance, led by Buggy, has grown powerful enough to stand up against the Marines. Uninterested in their deals with the World Government any longer, they attacked the Marines in Marineford. Seeing an opportunity there, Luffy's groups requested Whitebeard's assistance in escaping, taking advantage of the war to leave relatively unscathed. However, Akainu notices the Straw Hat and Whitebeard Alliance and starts attacking them as well, leading to a three-way war.

During the war, Teach appears. He is soon cornered by Ace, and the two pirates fight. Teach soon proves to be too powerful for Ace to defeat, but Luffy intervenes in time for his brother to retreat. Akainu eventually joins the battle himself, and he and Ace clash as Akainu was about to kill some of the Whitebeard Pirates. Ace is once again overpowered, and Whitebeard shows up in the nick of time to save his "son".

Akainu gets back up and continues to fight, but as Luffy tries to attack the Fleet Admiral, the battle is interrupted by Moria's bats. Teach then shows up and effortlessly knocks out Akainu and Luffy, stealing the latter's Dial in the process. He states that with the Control Dial in his hands, he can now control anyone who was possessed by a Mad Dial. He then activates the Frenzy Dials he had scattered all around Marineford, releasing fog throughout the battlefield that turns every soldier who inhales it evil. He orders everyone present to fight each other to the death indiscriminately. Moria comments on how strong Teach has become thanks to the Dials, and the two pirates leave.

Ace, Jimbei and Chopper manage to find the unconscious Luffy, and Trafalgar Law offers to help them save him, saying that even though Luffy is an enemy, it would be a shame if he were to die there. Though initially distrustful, they accept, and Luffy is carried to safety in Law's submarine, where Chopper and Law treat his wounds.

Stage 11: Sabaody Archipelago Arc

As told by the opening narration, Law departed after treating Luffy, though not before telling him to "have one month of absolute rest". The group stayed in Sabaody for the time-being, while Smoker was collecting more information on the current events on his own. He told the group about the Operation and Frenzy Dials, and how research on them was aborted after the Operation Dial, which was the very same one Luffy found in Skypiea, was damaged. Furthermore, the balance of powers had changed: the Great Pirate Alliance had collapsed, and in its place was formed the "Blackbeard Alliance", which had quickly grown strong enough to jeopardize the Marines and the Straw Hat and Whitebeard Alliance.

Upon waking up, Luffy shrugs off Chopper's warnings that he still needs to rest, and apologizes to Smoker, saying he promised to give him the Dial. Smoker states that at least, they now known what they do. He reveals that using their power to control an immense force, and is sending assassins everywhere. He adds that they need to prepare, for he is sooner or later going to attack them as well.

Not long afterwards, Perona and Chopper, being Devil Fruit users, are targeted and surrounded by the Blackbeard Alliance. The rest of Luffy's group sets out to save them, and in the process encounters Rob Lucci and Blueno who were affected by the Mad Dials. They also encounter Enel, who claims to be interested in Blackbeard's power, though he is not technically part of the alliance. Enel constantly returning to the Sky Islands makes it hard for Luffy's group to defeat him, but Bartholomew Kuma unexpectedly takes part in the fight, assisting the Straw Hat and Whitebeard Alliance. Thanks to his help, Enel is forced to stay on the ground and is defeated, though he manages to retreat.

When Luffy, Smoker and Nami question Kuma about his motives, he reveals that although he is working for the World Government, this time he is acting by his own will, calling it his "last will"; indeed, he is soon going to "lose himself". Though he refuses to reveal the details, he makes it clear that he is going to assist them.

Stage 12: Baratie Restaurant Arc

Teach sends out more assassins after Luffy's group to stop the young pirate and Whitebeard. They are ambushed at the Baratie, and though several generals managed to escape, many of them could not, so they decide to return there to save their men. In the fray, they notice that Vista and Hatchan have fallen prey to the Mad Dials, though they are only able to return the latter to his senses, as Vista retreats before he can return to normal.

They also notice that Kaku, Zoro and Dracule Mihawk are taking part in the fight as well. However, because Mihawk is fighting on his own accord unlike Kaku and Zoro, he decides to stop fighting for the Blackbeard Alliance when it becomes apparent that they are losing ground. Whitebeard then requests Mihawk joins his alliance, but the swordsman demands to see if they are powerful enough. After being bested in battle, Mihawk decides to fight alongside the alliance, claiming "it beats being bored".

Although Luffy's group is victorious, Zoro, Kaku and Vista retreat before they can be brought back to their senses. After the dust settles, Luffy asks Mihawk where Zoro might be, and Mihawk answers that he is most likely in the Desert Island of Arabasta, where the Blackbeard Aliiance's base is located. Luffy and Ace request for his help in getting there, and while the swordsman agrees, he warns them that the entire alliance's forces are concentrated there. Unfazed, Whitebeard replies that it is all for the better, as it will allow them to take them out in one fell swoop, before reiterating his request to Mihawk. Unwilling to turn down a request from Whitebeard, Mihawk accepts to lead the way to Arabasta.

Stage 13: Arabasta Arc

As the Straw Hat-Whitebeard alliance reaches Rainbase, they are informed by Smoker that a fight is already taking place, between Crocodile and the Blackbeard Alliance. Nami and Whitebeard notice that their enemies mostly consist of the CP9 and former Baroque Works agents, led by "an extremely slender young woman", who Luffy quickly recognizes as Nico Robin. Seeing a double opportunity to recruit Crocodile and return Robin to her senses, Luffy's group joins the fight.

After Crocodile is saved, Whitebeard asks him to join their alliance, but Crocodile demands a fight to see if they are worthy of fighting alongside, stating he has no interest in battling for the weak. Crocodile is defeated, and he reluctantly agrees to assist the Straw Hat-Whitebeard Alliance for the duration of the battle. The CP9 prove to be troublesome to defeat because of Blueno's Devil Fruit powers creating Air Doors, but Crocodile manages to stop them from using them, and they are defeated and returned to their senses. Robin is eventually defeated, but retreats before she can return to her senses.

After the fight ends, the CP9 express embarrassment at the fact that they were affected by the Mad Dials, and reveal that they had been ordered to monitor the Blackbeard Pirates, though they have no interest in assisting the Straw Hat and Whitebeard Alliance. Crocodile also refuses to properly join the alliance, but Emporio Ivankov convinces him otherwise: they need to be stronger to stand up against Teach, and Crocodile is too weak to fight him on his own; he'd eventually be forced to join their ranks. Upon realizing this, Crocodile reluctantly agrees to join the Straw Hat and Whitebeard Alliance, but only until Teach is taken down.

Stage 14: Return to Thriller Bark Arc

Emporio Ivankov decides to join forces with the Straw Hat and Whitebeard Alliance due to their potential in standing up to the threat posed by the Blackbeard Alliance which Ivankov reveals is amassing a force that would surpass that of the Marines and suggests they build up their forces to effectively combat the Blackbeard Alliance, though Luffy is focused on freeing his four remaining crewmates from Blackbeard's control. Meanwhile, Crocodile informs his new allies that Robin and Usopp are on Thriller Bark, causing Luffy to make rescuing them a top priority a decision which Whitebeard agrees as he finds Luffy and his crew as more reliable. With help from Perona, Crocodile, and Ivankov they infiltrate Thriller Bark which is acting as a moving fortress for the Blackbeard Alliance. They encounter Robin and Usopp under the command of Gecko Moria. After defeating Moria's Zombies, they manage to corner Robin and Usopp as they aid in Moria's escape. Perona discovers that he Negative Hollows now have an effect on Usopp due to alterations to his personality while under the influence of the Control Dial. The Straw Hat and Whitebeard Alliance manages to free Robin from Moria's control, while Perona's Negative Hollow attacks on Usopp ironically end up restoring him back to his former negative self, freeing him from Moria control as well. However Moria escapes Thriller Bark with the aid of the still corrupted Sanji and Zoro. Joined by Robin and Usopp, Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hats vow to rescue Zoro and Sanji as well.

Stage 15: Orange Town Arc

While the Straw Hats and their allies where rescuing Robin and Usopp on Thriller Bark, Whitebeard called for assistance from other uncorrupted pirate crews to strengthen the Straw Hat and Whitebeard Alliance's forces. Meanwhile the Blackbeard Alliance was also strengthening its forces by taking over government facilities like Impel Down and the reconstructed Enies Lobby. In order to rescue Zoro and Sanji, the Straw Hat and Whitebeard Alliance head to Enies Lobby which Teach is apparently using as a temporary base. While on their way to Enies Lobby, they spot corrupted Impel Down jailers chasing down some escaped prisoner in Orange Town. While pondering this new development, Ace spots Vista among the jailers causing the Whitebeard Pirates enter into battle with the corrupted jailers in order to free Vista. Buggy who manages to avoid falling under Teach's control, is saved by some prisoners who idolize him. Buggy decides to use them in an attempt to regain his power, but is defeated by the Straw Hat and Whitebeard Alliance, causing him to join them as way to save face. Meanwhile Marco, Ace, and Jozu manage to bring Vista back to his senses. Galdino who had been freed previously at Arabasta helps out by holding off Magellan's poison with his Candle Wax. Eventually they manage to defeat Magellan and Hannyabal from Teach's control. With Vista freed and their forces bolstered by Buggy and the escaped prisoners he commands, the Straw Hat and Whitebeard Alliance continues onward to Enies Lobby to rescue Zoro and Sanji.

Stage 16: Enies Lobby Arc

Upon arriving at Enies Lobby, the Straw Hat and Whitebeard Alliance discover they have fallen into a trap set by Teach, using Zoro and Sanji as bait. Reminded of when she was rescued from there by the Straw Hats a couple years ago Robin realizes it is now her turn to do the same and vows to bring back Zoro and Sanji by freeing them from Blackbeard's control. As they prepare an escape route, the group desperately frees Zoro and Sanji from the Frenzy Dial. Robin manages holds off Sanji who despite Blackbeard's control, refuses to hit a woman, while Mihawk holds off Zoro. Eventually they manage to free Zoro and Sanji and Teach is forced to flee. With their crew finally reunited the Straw Hats continue working as part of the Straw Hat and Whitebeard Alliance in order to take down the Blackbeard Alliance.

Stage 17: Drum Island Arc

Finally, Straw Hat and Whitebeard Alliance arrived at Drum Castle. despitely Sentomaru have been affected by dials. First mission is talk to Kizaru and the next mission is to defeat Sentomaru. After the fight, he already back to his senses and rest for a while. Together, their target is Enel, and the result is Eneru going back to Skypiea again.

Stage 18: Summit War Arc (Alternative Ending)

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Stage 19: Teach Final Battle Arc (Alternative Ending)

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Teach was trying to attack Straw Hat crew by using Gura Gura no Mi, but it was stopped by Franky. Next, Zoro is attacking him. Finally with Sanji's help, and the result is Luffy finishing by Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk.

Stage 20: Summit War Arc (True Ending)

Same as alternative ending, but this time is different: Their mission is to talk Whitebeard where the place exists. During the fight, Whitebeard try to attack Luffy but it was stopped by Ace. Whitebeard says that he was refused to kill their sons. Meanwhile, he is breaking Mad Dial's control and back to his senses. Teach surprised to see that situation. Luffy says that the real pirate will never controlled by anyone and control anyone. Ace says to everyone to bring Whitebeard to the safe place. Luffy, Ace and the others continue their fight with their rage. The scene shows that Teach is using the real Yami Yami no Mi's ability. There's another mission too like the normal one: Help Garp reaching Kizaru and talk to them while Luffy, Ace and the others defeating Teach and his crew. After the battle, Teach is weakened and he is trying to set the Control Dial to the max output. Though Akainu and Kizaru have a chance to stop Teach, something's wrong with Teach's dial is ineffect. So he use the Black Hole to sink them. Unfortunately, Teach, Akainu, Kizaru, Moria and Enel have been surrounded by dials so become Evil Blackbeard Alliance. Teach laughs so evilly and disappear. Luffy was trying to follow Teach but Law arrives. Law says that after Akainu and Kizaru disappear, it maybe become their enemies. Law joined the alliance and Whitebeard welcomes him as well. All they have to do next is to avoid Teach who was trying to escape.

Stage 21: Return to Skypiea Arc

Luffy, among Smoker, Garp, Ace, Marco, Perona, Ivankov and Law reach the Skypiea, where Kizaru and Enel located. Their mission is to help Garp, Marco and Ace to search the suspicious places. But suddenly, the lightning appears and it was Enel doing. Keeping Garp, Ace and Marco will save if the player could seize all the enemies' garrisons. The cutscenes showed that Law and Kizaru fight each other. Law saying that he will not be able to run so Law and Kizaru continue their fight. After the battle, Kizaru and Enel back to their senses and joined their alliance. Meanwhile, back to Thousand Sunny, Whitebeard told Luffy that the final place is Punk Hazard, where Teach, Moria and Akainu will be waiting for. And finally, the Straw Hat and Whitebeard Alliance have many crews so they will be able to defeat Teach and the others.

Stage 22: Teach Final Battle Arc (True Ending)

The alliance finally arrived at Punk Hazard, where Teach, Moria and Akainu are located. This is the final place for the alliance must to stop the Dial's rampage which has done by Teach.

The first mission, is to lure three Pacifistas inside the area, of the players allied base. Once that is finished, the next mission is to defeat Sentomaru, and the other Pacifistas, in the base the mission goes to. Sentomaru will then get back to his senses, and withdraw the remaining Pacifistas - along with himself. Next is to support Whitebeard to breakthrough the center. When Luffy, Whitebeard and the others try to reach the center, it was interrupted by Akainu for using Ryuusei Kazan and Moria is calling many zombies. Another mission is to defeat the zombies as many as they can. Suddenly, Kizaru and Kuzan are coming to assist their alliance. The third mission, is then to capture 2 bases that are in each corner of the stage so Kizaru and Kuzan arrives and Kizaru thanks to them. When the player has finished that, Moria and Akainu will each run towards the bases, therefore is the next mission to stop them. (There is another mission too, that the player has to support Whitebeard, till he get to his destination.) Moria and Akainu's strength has increased, but only Moria has changed with his size, due to the shadows he has inside him. Once the player has defeated both of them, the gates to the enemy base will open. Moria and Akainu will then return, where the player then has to beat them again, followed up by defeating Teach (defeating them in the players order is optional). Before defeating them, there will be a cutscene, with Akainu letting lava erupt from beneath the ground. The scene then changes to Whitebeard, shouting that this is the final battle, and they have to show their true strength. The scene changes to each character in the stage, showing that they are unleashing their true power. The scenes shows that Evil Teach which using the real Black Hole. Defeating Teach will then at last add a cutscene. Teach flies through the air, and then lands. Kizaru and Kuzan are standing in front of him, followed up by his Yami Yami no Mi power, that sends blackflaming rocks towards Luffy. Law saves him, by doing his "Shambles" move, making the rocks disappear. Smoker then comes flying towards Blackbeard, and tackles him to the ground with his jitte. The jitte eventually breaks, getting Teach the chance to grab him, and punch him away. He then plans to attack him, but gets interrupted as he hear Luffy's scream. Luffy comes flying towards Teach, with both of his arms made into Busoshoku: Koka armor, in Third Gear, ready to attack him. Blackbeard makes a black flaming wall to stop the attack. But as Luffy attacks it with a few punches, it breaks and he manages to hit him. Luffy changes the attack to a Gatling form, and ends it with a Grizzly Magnum.

In true ending version, their alliance have disbanded so Luffy, Ace and Whitebeard hope to meet again at the other side.


The (New World Saga Ver.) text is used on the scans to classify the characters wearing the Post Timeskip outfit. This includes the Fish-Man Island Saga, the Dressrosa Saga and the One Piece Film: Z

Playable Characters

  • Monkey D. Luffy (Post-Timeskip/Pre-Timeskip) (Alt. Costume Film Z; Samurai)
  • Roronoa Zoro (Post-Timeskip/Pre-Timeskip) (Alt. Costume: Film Z Red; Kimono)
  • Nami (Post-Timeskip/Pre-Timeskip) (Alt. Costume: Dynasty Warriors: Sun Shiangxiang; Samurai Warriors: Kunoichi; Winter Clothes; Kimono; Strong World)
  • Usopp (Post-Timeskip/Pre-Timeskip)
  • Sanji (Post-Timeskip/Pre-Timeskip) (Alt. Costume: Film Z)
  • Tony Tony Chopper(Post-Timeskip/Pre-Timeskip)
  • Nico Robin (Post-Timeskip/Pre-Timeskip) (Alt. Costume: Dynasty Warriors: Xingcai; Samurai Warriors: Kai; Miss All Sunday; Kimono)
  • Franky (Post-Timeskip/Pre-Timeskip)
  • Brook (Post-Timeskip/Pre-Timeskip)
  • Enel
  • Bartholomew Kuma
  • Perona (Post-Timeskip)(Alt. Costume: Dynasty Warriors: Wang Yuanji; Samurai Warriors: Okuni)
  • Trafalgar Law (Post-Timeskip)
  • Smoker (Post-Timeskip)
  • Kuzan (Post-Timeskip) (Alt. Costume: Pre-Timeskip)
  • Borsalino (Post-Timeskip) (Alt. Costume: Pre-Timeskip)
  • Sakazuki
  • Garp
  • Crocodile (Alt. Costume: Marineford)
  • Buggy (Alt. Costume: Impel Down Prisoner, Marineford)
  • Dracule Mihawk
  • Edward Newgate
  • Marco
  • Portgas D. Ace (Alt. Costume: Strong World)
  • Jinbe (Post-Timeskip)
  • Boa Hancock (Alt. Costume: Maiden Island; Dynasty Warriors: Diaochan; Samurai Warriors: Naotora Ii)
  • Marshall D. Teach (Yami Yami no Mi & Gura Gura no Mi)




Story Differences

  • The crew does not meet a Marine fleet after their entrance to the New World in the manga. However, they do meet one in the Z's Ambition Arc, though it is led by Momonga.
  • The crew has never fought against Smoker on a ship, nor against a fleet led by both Smoker and Garp.
Stage 1
Skypiea Arc
  • The canon Skypiea Arc is not set after the timeskip and the sky island is not located above the New World.
  • The Enel story does not start right after the entrance in the White-White Sea, but after the meeting with Conis and Pagaya which is omitted.
Stage 2
Punk Hazard Arc
Stage 3
Wapol-Krieg Pirate Alliance Arc
  • Smoker, Wapol, Franky and Kuzan do not appear during the Baratie Arc in the manga and anime series.
  • Wapol never reached the New World in the canon storyline. Also, this arc being set after the timeskip, Wapol should have quit being a pirate to become the king of the Black Drum Kingdom.
  • The final chat between Smoker and Kuzan greatly resembles the one they had at the start of the Dressrosa Arc, except that the subject is not Donquixote Doflamingo but the dials.
Stage 5
Thriller Bark Arc
  • In the game, Perona and Moria are still in the Florian Triangle after the timeskip, while in the canon storyline they're not.
  • The presence of zombies suggests that even Hogback is still in Thriller Bark. However he does not appear during the stage. However it is possible that Chopper (while under the effects of the Fog Dial) helped Moria create these zombies.
  • In the game neither Absalom, Hogback nor any of the main identifiable zombies appear.
  • In the game both Ace and Whitebeard are still alive after the timeskip instead of having died at Marineford.
Stage 6
Whitebeard Arc
  • Whitebeard and Luffy's first chat follows the one during the Battle of Marineford.
  • The Whitebeard Pirates and Straw Hat Pirates officially form a Pirate Alliance, while in the canon storyline, Luffy's first Pirate Alliance is with the Heart Pirates.
Stage 7
Return to Punk Hazard Arc
  • In the game, CP9 is still working for the World Government after the timeskip, and has been dispatched to Punk Hazard.
  • In the game Magellan is still the Warden of Impel Down.
Stage 8
Arlong-Crocodile Pirate Alliance Arc
  • No Arlong and Crocodile Pirate alliance exists in the canon storyline.
  • Crocodile never went to Arlong Park in the canon storyline.
  • Arlong Park has never been rebuilt after its destruction in the canon storyline.
Stage 9
Impel Down Arc
  • Despite the game taking place after the timeskip, Magellan is still Chief Warden while Hannyabal is still Vice Warden. In the canon story, Hannyabal has been promoted to Chief Warden and Magellan has been demoted to Vice Warden in the wake of the mass breakout of Impel Down and the Summit War.
  • Luffy infiltrates Impel Down with along with his crew (consisting of Nami, Franky, Chopper, and Brook), Jinbe, Perona, and some of the Whitebeard Pirates with help from Boa Hancock in order to find the government's secret dial research facility hidden within the prison.
    • Magellan also mentions Luffy's previous break-in to free Ace from Impel Down which in itself is a reference to the original Impel Down Arc.
  • Blackbeard, Crocodile, Daz Bones, Buggy, Galdino, Bentham, Inazuma, and Emporio Ivankov do not appear.
Stage 10
Marineford Arc
  • In the game, Ace meets Teach again in Marineford while in the canon story they meet at Banaro Island.
  • Whitebeard manages to saves Ace from being killed by Akainu, while Luffy is severely injured by Gecko Moria and Teach. As a result, Whitebeard and Ace survive, while in the canon story they both die during the war.
  • Nami, Chopper, Franky, and Brook appear while in the canon storyline they were separated from Luffy. After Luffy is injured, both Chopper and Law tend to his wounds.
  • Teach forms an Alliance with Gecko Moria and steals Luffy's Control Dial in order to use the Frenzy Dials to take control of various marines and pirates. In the canon story, Teach steals the Gura Gura no Mi and kills Whitebeard with the aid of his crew, while Gecko Moria is attacked by Doflamingo and several Pacifista under orders of the Government to make it look like he had died, though he manages to disappear before they can finish him.
Stage 11
Sabaody Archipelago Arc
  • Enel never landed at Sabaody Archipelago in the canon storyline.
Stage 15
Orange Town Arc
  • Vista, Marco, Jozu, Ace, Whitebeard, Galdino, Crocodile, Magellan, Hannyabal, Impel Down Jailers never visit Orange Town in the canon storyline.
  • Despite Buggy's appearance it lacks the original plot of the Orange Town Arc and incorporates certain aspects of the Impel Down Arc.
  • Usopp, Chopper, Robin, Franky, and Brook are all members of the Straw Hat Pirates, while Zoro is absent due to being under Teach's control.
Stage 17
Drum Island Arc
  • Enel and Borsalino never met each other in the canon storyline.
  • Borsalino was never seen visiting Drum Island in the canon storyline.
  • Enel never reached Drum Island nor the Blue Sea in the canon storyline.
Stage 18
Summit War Arc (Alternative Ending)
  • While in the canon storyline Whitebeard got killed by Teach and his crew, in the game he got killed by Moria's Tsuno Tokage.
  • Teach absorbs Whitebeard's Gura Gura no Mi while covered by Moria's Black Box, while in the canon storyline he is covered by a black sheet.
  • Teach never defeated Sakazuki in the canon storyline, where he even escapes from him.
  • The scene where Ace is almost killed by Akainu resembles the one where the Admiral actually killed him in the canon storyline.
  • In the game, Garp chooses his family over the Marine and wishes to save Ace, while in the canon storyline the opposite happens.
Stage 19
Teach Final Battle Arc (Alternative Ending)
  • An original ending of the fight against Teach is given, while in the canon storyline it has yet to start.​
Stage 22
Teach Final Battle Arc (True Ending)
  • An original ending of the fight against Teach is given, while in the canon storyline it has yet to start.​


Playable Characters


Support Only


  • This game marks Perona's debut as a videogame playable character.
  • The game scans offers the non-canon name of New World Saga, for the events from the Fish-Man Island Saga to the Dressrosa Saga, as well as One Piece Film: Z.
  • Data from the first Pirate Warriors game can be imported into this game. This gives the player Beli.png500,000 and a Pirate Warriors 2 golden coin.
  • Nami, Robin, Perona, and Boa Hancock have DLC costumes from both the Dynasty Warriors series and the Samurai Warriors series.
  • The demo for the game was released in Japan on March 7, 2013. Those who downloaded the demo between March 7 and March 20 received a free exclusive theme featuring Luffy, Trafalgar Law, and Smoker.
  • Donquixote Doflamingo is the only member of the pre-timeskip Seven Warlords of the Sea not to make an appearance in this game.


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