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One Piece: Run, Chopper, Run! is a platforming and endless running game released on iOS and Android devices. It is the sequel to One Piece Running Chopper: Chopper and the Island of Bonds. Support for the game was suspended on December 30, 2016, making it unplayable.


Like the previous game, the player takes control of Tony Tony Chopper and runs through various stages while collecting candy apples, cotton candy, and magnifying glasses. Chopper can transform into his different points to combat enemies and/or clear the stages quicker. Chopper can also interact with other characters, but it is unknown how to do such interactions.

Players can also link their accounts to Facebook and compete with friends for high scores. Getting a high score will also give you better in-game items.

Game Modes

In the game's "Island Mode", players clear a series of stages based on different locations from the series.

In the game's "Free Run Mode", players run infinitely on a certain stage with the goal of reaching a new high score.

In the game's "Chopper Room & Factory", players equip different costumes and items to improve Chopper's abilities and performance. Players can change Chopper's outfit in the "Closet", make new clothes in the "Usopp Factory", equip "Items", check Chopper's "Status", or the player's "Record".

In the game's "Shop", players purchase items and more costumes.



  • Tony Tony Chopper (Brain Point, Heavy Point, Kung-fu Point, Horn Point, Guard Point, Walk Point, Monster Point)




Chopper can dress up in a variety of costumes, which are based on his past outfits or different characters.


All locations are the same as in the previous game.

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