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One Piece: World Seeker is an open world action-adventure video game developed by Ganbarion and published by Bandai Namco for PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.[1] [2]


World Seeker puts players in the role of Luffy from a third-person perspective. It is set in Prison Island, and the player can experience and wage battles in an open world environment which can be freely explored. Among other elements, the combat features stealth elements and Luffy can use the Kenbunshoku Haki to see enemies from behind walls. Techniques from the anime like Gum Gum Rocket which allows Luffy to easily traverse the world and Gum Gum Bazooka are also featured in the game.


World Seeker[]

Prologue: "To Sogyoku Town!"[]

The story begins with Luffy being led through a corridor by Marine guards in the "Sky Prison" high up in the air. The guards take him to an outdoor pavilion, where the warden Isaac greets him and welcomes him to Jail Island. However, Luffy had gotten captured intentionally as part of the plot by the Straw Hat Pirates to find a treasure they had heard about in the Sky Prison. As Robin and Chopper ambush the guardroom to seize the key to Luffy's Seastone handcuffs, Nami and Brook infiltrate the prison and open the safe they believe the treasure to be in. However, upon opening it they are met with a shock, as nothing is in the safe and their mission was a trap. As Nami hurriedly informs the others, Usopp, Franky, and Trafalgar Law are keeping watch over the Thousand Sunny and are suddenly forced to defend it from an assault by robot warriors.

Zoro and Sanji, who are in disguise as Marine guards on the pavilion, proceed to drop their charade and take down the Marines guarding Luffy as Robin sprouts an arm to unlock Luffy's handcuffs. Zoro and Sanji then leap off the Sky Prison and fall down to Jail Island, but Luffy stays behind to confront Isaac. Isaac manages to overpower Luffy with his mechanical enhancements, including a gauntlet over his arm that can fly and be controlled remotely as well as rocket jets allowing him to fly. However, right as the warden has pinned the pirate to the ground, a Marine comes out and informs him that a certain woman wishes to speak with him. This distracts Isaac just enough to allow Luffy to free himself, and Luffy immediately proceeds to jump down toward Jail Island. As Luffy falls hundreds of meters through the air, he balloons himself to control his descent and ensure he lands on land. However, Isaac then sends his gauntlet flying down to strike him from above, sending Luffy plummeting straight into the ocean.

Luffy wakes up on the beach, where he meets a young woman named Jeanne and a little boy named Doni. Jeanne reveals that she rescued Luffy, and Doni expresses apprehension at what she did, believing Luffy might be a violent pirate. He asks Luffy if he is coming after the stones, but Luffy has no idea what those are. He says he is looking for his crewmates, and Jeanne reveals that Chopper is at the nearby Sogyoku Town caring for injured people there. She guides Luffy down a path going directly to the town, and Luffy is forced to fight and defeat some Marine soldiers on the way; the soldiers all carry Seastone bullets which, unlike normal bullets, can harm him. Upon arriving at Sogyoku Town, he is confronted by a man named Gordon; however, Jeanne then races in to inform Gordon that Luffy is Chopper's crewmate. Gordon says that Chopper was last at the church in town, and heads over there himself.

Chapter 1: Find Chopper[]

Luffy heads to the church, where he finds Gordon being confronted by some Marines over the whereabouts of the Straw Hats. When the Marines spot Luffy they quickly confront him, but are quickly defeated. Gordon reveals that Chopper was captured by the Marines and taken to the base by the town, and Luffy heads there to rescue his crewmate. Upon going into the base and defeating the Marines stationed there, Luffy is able to use Kenbunshoku Haki to find the cell Chopper is being held in. Chopper is happy to see Luffy, and when Luffy asks if he knows the whereabouts of the rest of their crew, Chopper responds that he does not. Chopper decides to head to Kohaku Harbor to check on the Sunny and treat an injured pirate there, and tells Luffy to go get Jeanne so she can help him with the treatment.

Chapter 2: Amber Pirates[]

Luffy goes back to the church and tells Jeanne about Chopper's request, which she readily agrees to. The two of them head to Kohaku Harbor and find Chopper at the dock where the Sunny is stationed. Chopper says he is not sure if there are any issues with the ship and so will leave it for Franky to look at. Luffy notes that he has not seen the injured pirate, and Chopper says to look for him around the west side of town. The trio look around and find the pirate, John the Scarred, behind a building with his crew. Chopper and Jeanne move to take John away for treatment, but his captain One-Man says not to bother, as he does not believe his subordinate deserves to live after tipping off the Marines to their presence. Luffy responds that One-Man is not fit to be a captain, causing the pirate to angrily confront him. Luffy does battle with One-Man while Chopper and Jeanne take John away, and Luffy quickly emerges victorious. He then heads back to the Sunny where the others are, and Chopper says that John will make a full recovery. The pirate is extremely grateful to the trio for saving him and asks if there is any way he can repay them. Luffy asks if he has any information about the whereabouts of his and Chopper's crewmates, and John says he does not, but did hear a rumor about a Devil Fruit user on Hisui Bridge. Thinking that the fruit user might be Robin, Luffy decides to go to the bridge to check, though Jeanne warns him that a Marine checkpoint is at the bridge and so the Devil Fruit user might be affiliated with them. Before Luffy heads off, Chopper gives him a Baby Den Den Mushi so they can keep in contact while separated.

Chapter 3: Devil Fruit User[]

Luffy heads north to Hisui Bridge, and upon reaching it he finds it crawling with Marines guarding the checkpoint. Chopper then calls him to say that he can avoid detection by hiding under barrels. Upon making his way to the Marine checkpoint, Luffy pulls himself up the wall surrounding it and sees that it is empty. He uses Kenbunshoku Haki to sense a person in one of the rooms, and tries opening the door to meet them. He is unable to get the door open, but Smoker then appears outside by moving through the wall with his Moku Moku no Mi powers. Smoker immediately confronts Luffy and tries to capture him, and the two of them begin to battle. Before anyone can get the upper hand, however, Smoker then receives a call ordering him to abandon his pursuit of Luffy and head somewhere else. Smoker is stunned to receive such an order, but reluctantly agrees and departs, saying he will capture Luffy the next time they meet. Luffy then gets a call from Chopper, and he reveals that the Devil Fruit user was Smoker. The two of them are thus stumped over where to find leads, but Jeanne then joins the call and suggests Luffy try looking for information in Jail Island's most populated area, Steel City.

Chapter 4: Steel City[]

Luffy makes his way to Steel City on the east side of the island. While walking down the streets, he finds a couple named Jackie and Emma talking about the warden coming into the city to deal with pirates on the island. Luffy then talks to them, and learns that they were indeed talking about the Straw Hats; additionally, Jackie and Emma tell him that he can likely find the warden coming out from the Marine base by the city. Luffy heads to the entrance of the base, where he sees Isaac heading into Steel City. Luffy tries to attack Isaac, but is stopped by an old woman named Rose. Rose explains that she stopped him out of concern for his life as well as due to her supporting the Marine presence on Jail Island; she reveals Isaac is the son of the former leader of the island and so she is confident that he wants the best for it despite the drawbacks to the Marine occupation. Rose then reveals that she heard he recently captured the Straw Hats, and Luffy immediately wishes to know where they are being held. Rose does not know, but suggests he ask Jill due to her having vast knowledge of the island's affairs, saying he can find her in the city plaza.

Chapter 5: Suspicious Woman[]

Luffy finds Jill at the plaza talking to Jeanne, and the woman recognizes him. She reveals that she overheard Marines talking about a suspicious orange-haired woman who snuck into the Marine base, which she believes to be Nami. However, Jeanne says she thinks it could also be the person who instigated the riot at Steel City yesterday. When Luffy inquires about this, Jill says that an Anti-Marine demonstration in the city had become violent when someone fired a shot. Jeanne, as the Anti-Marine leader, quickly races to clarify that she does not believe the person who fired the shot was actually an Anti-Marine member, suspecting that they may have been a plant. She says she is currently investigating this, and Jill suggests that Luffy go to the Marine base to try and overhear any reports of the woman's whereabouts. Jeanne says she will give Luffy any information she hears about Nami if he shares any information about the riot that he learns, and Luffy agrees to this.

Luffy approaches the Marine base, and upon getting near its entrance, he overhears Marines talking about the orange-haired woman stealing documents including a battleship ledger and prisoner list; one of them says that she escaped west toward the slums. Luffy heads toward the slums to try to find the woman, and upon arriving there, he finds a thin Anti-Marine man being confronted by some Marines over the woman's whereabouts. Luffy takes down the Marines, and the grateful man reveals that the woman was indeed here, but she had headed downtown to blend in with the crowd. Luffy then reunites with Jeanne, and reveals the information he had learned about the woman. Believing that the woman was indeed Nami, Jeanne is interested in seeing the documents she stole in the hope that they might give clues about the riot instigator.

The duo head downtown to look for Nami, and as Luffy reunites with his crewmate in the marketplace, Jeanne lies to the Marine guard that Nami went off to Halcum Port to elope with her boyfriend in order to get him to leave the area. Luffy asks Nami if she learned the whereabouts of any of their crewmates, and she reveals that both Franky and Robin were captured, with Franky being held in a place called the "Sea Prison" while Robin is in the "Prison Tower". Jeanne then asks to see the documents Nami stole so she can investigate details about the riot, which Nami agrees to. Upon examining them, Jeanne learns that a man named Makkuro fired the shot, but was not listed on the prisoner document. Nami recognizes the name, recalling that she saw a suspicious man transporting weapons through the slums. Concerned that Makkuro may be planning more violence in the future, Jeanne quickly races to the slums to confront him. Deciding to help Jeanne out of gratitude for what she had done for them, Luffy and Nami race after her. They eventually find her in an alley confronting Makkuro and his henchmen, and Jeanne asks them why they are transporting weapons. Makkuro claims that they are for self-defense, but Jeanne then brings up his involvement in the riot and asks if he had acted on anyone's orders, causing Makkuro to get angry and prepare to attack her. Luffy steps between the duo and confronts Makkuro and his henchmen, managing to defeat them fairly quickly. Jeanne is extremely grateful to Luffy and Nami for helping her, and Luffy is excited to go and rescue Franky and Robin. Nami reminds him that they are both in highly secure structures which will be very difficult to invade due to their lack of knowledge of their layouts; however, Jeanne then reveals that she knows the prisons' layout due to her connections and the Anti-Marine faction and she is more than willing to repay the pirates by guiding them through the prisons. With Jeanne's assistance secured, Nami tells Luffy to go to the Sea Prison first, as that is closer to them.

Chapter 6: Straw Hats United[]

Side Mission: Sea Prison

Luffy makes his way to the Sea Prison, a large complex connected to the shore near the Marine base by a bridge. Upon fighting through the Marines standing guard on the bridge and scaling up the prison walls, Luffy sees that the complex is submerged in water. Jeanne then contacts him and reveals that the Sea Prison has six levels, and there is a switch on each level to drain the water from the level below; Franky is likely being held in the sixth and lowest level. Luffy drains the first two levels, and upon activating the switch on the second level, the third through fifth levels are all drained. Jeanne then calls Luffy again, revealing that in order to access the sixth level, he must activate the three switches on the third through fifth levels all within a short period of time. Luffy does this and successfully drains the sixth level, and he uses Kenbunshoku Haki to spot which cell Franky is in. Despite Jeanne telling Luffy to listen to her instructions on what buttons to press to release him, Luffy presses a random button which summons a Pacifista to confront him. After fighting and defeating the Pacifista, Luffy listens to Jeanne's instructions and successfully releases Franky, who is in good condition. The two of them make haste to leave the Sea Prison and go to Steel City to reunite with Jeanne, and upon doing so, Franky decides to go to Kohaku Harbor to check on the Sunny. Jeanne and Nami accompany him while Luffy continues searching for the remaining missing crewmates.

The following missions can be completed in any order.

Side Mission: Marine Directives

Upon going to Konko Plaza northwest of Steel City, Luffy can find Jeanne there. As the two are talking, Sanji then comes running in and introduces himself to Jeanne. He tells Luffy that he was in Suigyoku Town waiting for other Straw Hats to arrive, and that he found some coded messages lying around that he thinks are Marine directives. To his delight, Jeanne reveals that she can decipher them. However, upon looking at them, she reveals that Sanji's document is only one of a three-part series of directives. Believing that the other two parts might be laying around Suigyoku Town as well, Luffy and Sanji split up to go there and look for them. Jeanne suggests that Luffy find the lunch vendor Omusubi, as she is very active around the town, and gives him her address.

Luffy goes into Suigyoku Town and reaches Omusubi's house, where he finds her young son Tarako. Tarako says that his mother is out collecting lunch ingredients, and that she should be on the path between the lake nearby. Luffy can indeed find Omusubi there, and in response to his question, she replies that she expects something in return for giving out information like that and tells him to collect two spiky carrots, which can be found near Kogyoku Village, for her lunch preparation. Upon receiving the spiky carrots from Luffy, Omusubi says she heard about Marine directives being kept in a chest inside a horn-shaped cave by the lake, although she had recently seen pirates roaming about in that area. Before Luffy goes, she also gives him her special lunch recipe for Sanji to cook. Luffy heads to the horn-shaped formation, where he finds the pirate Meista and his subordinates. Meista affirms that there are indeed Marine directives being kept in the cave behind him, but says Luffy will have to fight him to get them. Luffy battles and defeats Meista and his subordinates, and following this he opens the chest to acquire a portion of the directives.

Luffy can then head back to Konko Plaza, where he and Sanji give Jeanne the portions of the directives that they found. With the full document now in her possession, Jeanne discovers that they are only security details and say nothing about the treasure they are looking for; however, she does note that the directives speak of the Marine admirals heading to this island. Sanji then offers to take Jeanne back to the Sunny so he can make her something sweet to eat, which she reluctantly accepts.

Side Mission: Ghost's Identity

Luffy can then go to Sogyoku Town, where he will find Fred muttering to himself about Jeanne. Luffy then approaches Fred and scares him, with Fred initially thinking he was the ghost that had been rumored to be spotted in the Graveyard. He reveals that Jeanne is in the Graveyard looking for said ghost, and Luffy heads there with the intent of finding the ghost and recruiting it into his crew. Luffy heads east to the Graveyard, where he finds Jeanne standing at the edge of a cliff overlooking a ravine. Jeanne reveals that she heard about the ghost running on the lake in the ravine, and Luffy goes down to the lake shore to investigate. He hears the presence of what he initially thinks is the ghost, but this just turns out to be a group of pirates who initially thought Luffy was the ghost as well. After beating up the pirates, Luffy goes back up to the graveyard to find Jeanne and inform her that he only found pirates. However, right as they are talking, Brook then appears and greets them, and Luffy has to explain to a frightened Jeanne that the skeleton is his crewmate. While they are at the graveyard, Jeanne takes the time to go to her mother's tombstone and talk to her about things becoming worse on the island, though promises that she will find a way to solve it. Afterwards, she takes Brook back to the Sunny.

Side Mission: Jewel Mine

Upon arriving at Ogyoku Mine Town toward the south of the island, Luffy can find a young boy named Pomme who tells him about a long-nosed man getting into an argument with his father. Luffy heads further into town, where he can find Usopp arguing with Vaun; Usopp claims that the tools Vaun purchased were stolen from him, but Vaun refuses to believe him and does not wish to part with the tools he believes he rightfully bought. Trying to diffuse the situation, Jeanne asks if there is any way Usopp can buy the tools back, and Usopp suggests going into Ogyoku Mine and mining gems to pay Vaun with. Jeanne is hesitant due to Ogyoku Mine currently being under Marine control and its entry being barred to everyone else, but Luffy and Usopp see no issue with it. Jeanne says she will accompany them, and the trio head to the mountain where the mines are located. Jeanne suggests that Luffy look for Lustrous Scarlet Gems due to them being the easiest to mine, saying that three should be enough to pay Vaun with. Luffy enters the mine as the Marines are in the process of switching shifts, and successfully acquires three of those gems. However, Jeanne then says that the gems he found are too small and thus not valuable enough, so their best shot is going all the way to the peak of the mountain to mine gems from there.

Luffy heads up to the top of the mountain, and can find Usopp and Jeanne standing at the Omni-Cannon that the Straw Hats used to launch themselves up to the Sky Prison. Jeanne is quite interested in the cannon, revealing that there is a Sky Island above Jail Island that she is interested in going to one day. Luffy wants to go to the Sky Island as well, and has to be reminded of the current mission. The trio go to a large jewel formation, and Luffy and Jeanne stand guard while Usopp goes to work mining. A small platoon of Marines arrives to confront the trio, forcing Luffy to take them on and keep Usopp and Jeanne out of harm's way. After Luffy defeats the Marines, Usopp emerges with some good-size gems and so the trio heads back into town to reunite with Vaun. Upon receiving the gems, Vaun, who is quite pleasantly surprised that Usopp kept his word, sticks to his word and gives the pirate his tools back. Jeanne then takes Usopp back to the Sunny.

Side Mission: Prison Tower

Luffy heads to the Prison Tower in the northwest portion of the island. Upon reaching the plaza in front of the complex, he finds Zoro battling against Isaac. The two of them trade furious blows while dodging the others' attacks, and when Luffy arrives Isaac decides to leave, saying he has other business to attend to. He summons a small group of robots to confront the duo in his stead, and Luffy and Zoro are forced to take them down. Upon defeating the robots, Zoro gives Luffy the key he acquired to Robin's cell, leaving his captain to rescue her while he goes to look for Isaac. As Luffy heads toward the large tower, he receives a call from Jeanne who reveals that he can scale the tower using the platforms lining it, and drop into the complex from the top. Luffy does so, and after taking out the guards stationed outside and inside the tower, he can use Kenbunshoku Haki to find Robin's cell. However, before he can open it, he is confronted by Tashigi and a couple other Marines. Luffy and Tashigi do battle for a bit, but Tashigi then receives a call ordering her to report somewhere else. After she leaves, Luffy is able to unlock Robin's cell, where he finds her unharmed and not even bound by Seastone cuffs. The duo then head off to reunite with Jeanne at Kogyoku Village, and she and Robin head off down a secret path to the Sunny.

Upon completing the five side missions and finding all his remaining crewmates, Luffy can then head back to the Sunny. There, he finds Law and is surprised to see him. Law says he has always been here and states that he is heading onto the island to conduct some personal business, with the understanding that the Straw Hats will not be sailing for a few more days. Luffy then congregates with his crew, and they are soon joined by Zoro and Sanji, the latter having found the former wandering around the island. With Franky saying that it will take a few days to repair the damage to the Sunny, the crew plans to move about the island to obtain building materials and food. They task Luffy with repaying Jeanne for all of the help she gave them, and remembering what she said at her mother's grave about helping the islanders with their problems, Luffy decides to repay her by helping her do that. He asks what the island is dealing with, and Jeanne replies that a larger influx of evil pirates have been coming to the island recently, causing the Marines to increase security which has put the islanders on edge; thus, she wishes to investigate why more pirates have been coming. Suddenly, Doni comes running to the harbor and informs Jeanne that robots are attacking Sogyoku Town, and Jeanne and Luffy hurry to confront the threat.

Chapter 7: Mother and Brother[]

Upon arriving at Sogyoku Town, Jeanne works to evacuate the citizens while Luffy takes on the robots. After defeating them, he talks with Jeanne in the town square and reveals that the robots belong to the Marines. Suddenly, one of the defeated robots gets back up and flies toward Jeanne, but it is suddenly punched away by none other than Isaac. A shocked Jeanne refers to Isaac as "brother", surprising Luffy. Jeanne asks Isaac if the robots do in fact belong to the Marines, and Isaac confirms this, but claims that they had been stolen by an outside party. Jeanne is unsure of whether to believe him, saying he was not looking her in the eyes like he did when they were younger. She says Isaac has changed since he left to join the Marines, but Isaac denies this and says that the island has changed, clashing with his sister over whether the Marines or citizens are responsible for the rising tensions on the island. Luffy then interjects, saying that Isaac should be supportive of his sister. Isaac replies that he recommends Jeanne leave this island, which he believes is the best way to help her. Saying the conversation has reached a standstill, Isaac prepares to depart. Luffy asks if the warden will not try to capture him, and Isaac affirms this, saying he would leave the pirate alone for now out of gratitude for him helping his sister and the island's citizens.

Once Isaac leaves, Jeanne asks Luffy to stay and wait in the town square while she goes somewhere for a brief time. Wanting to go after Jeanne, Luffy can find her at her mother's gravesite alongside the gravekeeper Hakamori. Jeanne wonders if things would still be the same had her mother not been killed, and Luffy is curious about the situation regarding her mother's death. Jeanne and Hakamori explain to Luffy that 12 years ago Jail Island, then known as Jewel Island, came under attack by pirates who wanted to seize the powerful Dyna Stones produced by the island. Jeanne's mother was killed in the attack, and due to the leader of the island being the only person who knew the method of mining the Dyna Stones, the knowledge was thus lost forever. Pirate assaults persisted in spite of this, leading to Isaac returning and establishing a Marine occupation on the island. Although the occupation and construction of prisons increased the island's safety and boosted its economy, only a few citizens reaped the benefits of this, resulting in divisions forming between "Pro-Marine" and "Anti-Marine" factions. Jeanne has since tried to talk with Isaac about the situation, but he will not give her the time, and she wonders if he still cares for her as his sister. Luffy responds positively, saying that he and his brother care and look out for each other despite being far apart most of the time, and Jeanne is encouraged by this. They then start getting to work on solving the islanders' problems, and Jeanne says that it would be good to investigate in populated areas like Steel City, Sogyoku Town, and Kogyoku Village.

Meanwhile, Isaac receives a call on a Den Den Mushi informing him that Germa 66 has arrived at the harbor. Isaac says to inform them of the time and place of the transaction, warning to not let the Marines find out lest more blood have to be spilled. Isaac is then informed that the World Government has dispatched CP0 to the island, and he remarks that they want what the island has for themselves. However, his intention is to let them be as he is aware of their motives.

Chapter 8: The Old Island[]

The following six missions can be completed in any order.

Side Mission: Warmongers

In Steel City near the plaza, Luffy can find Rose again. Rose says that Jeanne recently came to the city to try to see Isaac, and that Luffy may be able to find her at the front of the Marine base. Luffy can indeed find her there, and Jeanne reveals that she overheard some Marines talking about Germa 66 arriving at Halcum Port. She had thought they were a myth, but Luffy confirms that they are indeed real, and is concerned that they may be coming after Sanji. Luffy and Jeanne head to Halcum Port, and upon walking onto one of the docks, they encounter Vinsmoke Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji. Luffy asks if they are after Sanji, but they refuse to answer him. Tensions begin to rise, but Ichiji reins in his two brothers and tells them they need to get going to carry out their deal. Jeanne is curious about what the deal is for, and says they should follow the brothers to the place of the deal to find out who their client is. In order to try and find them, she suggests going into Steel City and asking Jill if she has seen them. The duo reunite with Jill at the plaza and Jeanne gives her the brothers' physical descriptions, to which she says that she saw them in the northwest part of time. Luffy and Jeanne split up to look in that area, and Luffy eventually finds Ichiji speaking with a pirate. Jeanne tells him to follow Ichiji without being spotted.

Luffy must stealthily follow Ichiji out of the city and into a clearing near the coast. There, he spots the brothers carrying out the deal with a pirate lackey, who is set to give them weapons in exchange for their part in the deal. However, Ichiji then interrupts the deal to confront Luffy, revealing he knew the pirate was following him the whole time. Luffy must then engage in a long, arduous battle with Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji; however, they are eventually interrupted by the business client, who informs the brothers that the one condition for them in the deal is that they not harm Luffy. The brothers reluctantly agree, and Ichiji expresses the desire to finalize the deal at a later date as both parties depart and leave Luffy alone.

Side Mission: Divided We Stand

In the southwest section of Steel City, Luffy can find a woman named Miranda and a young girl named Anna. Miranda and Anna are anxious over the absence of Fred, who is Miranda's nephew and Anna's brother. Miranda reveals that Fred is usually away working to earn money to support them and so rarely comes home, but he has now been missing for several days and their money is running out. Luffy and Jeanne agree to look for him, and Jeanne says she heard someone saw him at the south side of the city. The duo can find Fred in the downtown area near the Marine base, but the man acts confrontational toward Luffy and claims that he will even capture the pirate and turn him in. However, his comrades say they need to head off to work, and Fred leaves as well, though goes off on his own to handle some personal business. To find out where Fred is going, Luffy and Jeanne quickly pursue his comrades to ask them about it. When the comrades learn that Luffy wants to reunite Fred with his sister, they reveal that Fred is going toward a lighthouse across the bridge on the east side of town. Luffy informs Jeanne about this, and she deduces that Fred is headed to the lighthouse by the Sea Prison.

Luffy heads to that lighthouse, where he finds Fred speaking to a Marine named Merlin as well as a pirate. Merlin tells Fred that his job for today is to transport some cargo to the harbor. Fred asks why there is a pirate with him, and the pirate reveals that he is the customer. This appalls Fred, who cannot believe that the Marines are doing business with pirates. Merlin gets confrontational with him in response, and Luffy then steps in, questioning whether Merlin is a legitimate Marine. Merlin and the pirate attack Luffy, but he manages to defeat them. Luffy and Jeanne check in on Fred, and he is stricken with guilt over helping pirates, but Luffy encourages him to go back to his sister regardless. The trio then head to where Anna and Miranda are, and Fred admits what he did. Miranda angrily berates him for trusting the Marines, but Anna interjects and defends Fred, saying he was only trying to support the two of them. However, Fred does acknowledge his aunt's grievance and apologizes, saying he will look for more legitimate work from now on. Luffy and Jeanne then talk in private, with Jeanne wondering why the Marines are doing business with pirates as well as what they are shipping.

Side Mission: Memory Lane

At Konko Plaza, Luffy can find Jeanne talking to Doni and his friend Eric. Jeanne is trying to get the two boys to return home to their families, but they refuse due to their parents forbidding them from playing together. Jeanne understands this, but says they will be worried, and so Doni gives her a note to send to his parents, saying his dad should understand what the letter is referring to. He says his dad should be at work near the north entrance to Steel City, and so they go there and find a man named Damian and give him the letter. Damian becomes angry after reading it, believing that Eric roped his son into running away and so he goes to confront Eric's father. Luffy goes after him while Jeanne goes to find the boys, and he finds Damian arguing with Eric's father Albert. The two men, with Damian being Anti-Marine and Albert being Pro-Marine, blame the other's ideology leading to the other's son influencing theirs. However, Luffy then interjects and says the fathers should be more focused on finding their children than arguing with each other. Damian and Albert, having read in the letter that their sons went to "the place they always talk about", realize that they are referring to Battery Island, which greatly concerns them as the area is crawling with pirates. Both Damian and Albert race to Battery Island at once, and Luffy heads after them.

Upon reaching Battery Island, a cape off of Halcum Port, Luffy, Damian, and Albert reunite with Jeanne. She says that the boys are on the beach at the tip of the cape, and Luffy makes his way there. There, he finds Doni and Eric being confronted by the pirate Don Axe, who intends to attack the boys for annoying him. However, Luffy then steps in and defeats Don Axe in a fight. Don Axe's subordinates then try to attack the boys themselves, but are quickly taken out by an ambush from Damian and Albert. Doni and Eric reveal that they came to Battery Island due to it being where their fathers played together as children, in the hope that them coming back here would get them to become friends again. Jeanne then asks why Damian and Albert started their feud in the first place, and as they recount it, they realize that they let some minor disputes grow out of control. Luffy and Jeanne recommend talking out their differences, and they agree, allowing their children to play together though telling them to stay in safer areas.

Side Mission: Treasure Map

Near the entrance to Suigyoku Town, Luffy can find Omusubi with her children. Omusubi is doing well, save for some pirates running around and trampling the fields she collects lunch ingredients from. Luffy agrees to put a stop to the pirates, and goes down to the path between the lake where he first met Omusubi. Luffy finds a pirate captain on the path with two subordinates and confronts them, and they get angry and attack him in response. Luffy can easily defeat them, however, causing the captain to apologize and give Luffy a treasure map as a peace offering while promising to leave. Luffy is unable to tell what the map is pointing to, and the captain does not know either, but says he heard of a pirate familiar with treasure maps located in Halcum Port's warehouse town. However, he warns that the town is also being occupied by a Marine admiral.

Upon arriving at the warehouse town, Luffy can find Buggy. Buggy says he has not seen any treasure, but says it will likely be buried and that Luffy should try to match his map with the surroundings to find its spot. Right as Buggy leaves, Admiral Kizaru then arrives to confront Luffy. The two of them do battle, with Luffy being able to keep up with the admiral in combat. However, Kizaru then receives a call ordering him to let Luffy go, and he reluctantly obeys it, revealing that these orders came from Isaac himself. The admiral tries to contact Marine Headquarters about the situation, but cannot get a signal to it. He then departs, saying he will find and capture Luffy later. Luffy then turns his attention back to the treasure map, which shows the treasure located at a rock formation near the entrance of a cape. Luffy can find this formation at Battery Island, and successfully finds a treasure chest at the formation. From that chest, he obtains 300 skill points, 2 gems, and Attack Ring Plans.

Side Mission: True Treasure

Under the land bridge in the north part of Sogyoku Town, Luffy can find an angry man named Theo arguing with Jeanne about seeing his father. Theo refuses to do so, being tired of his father scrutinizing everything he does, and when he sees Luffy he criticizes Jeanne for hanging around pirates despite her mother being killed by one. Theo then leaves, and Jeanne reveals that his father, who lives on the western outskirts of Sogyoku Town, is like an uncle to her, telling Luffy that he should come visit them sometime. Upon heading to the outskirts of town, Luffy can find Jeanne with Theo's father Raymon and brother Yuri. Raymon is happy to see Jeanne has made friends with a pirate, earning him criticism from Yuri who complains how his father has never stood up to the Marines since his mother died. He then goes off to look for Theo, and Raymon tells Luffy that he used to vigilantly fight against the Marine occupation every day since Jeanne's mother died, but this caused him to neglect his family and forced his wife to work tirelessly to support them, eventually leading to her dying from exhaustion. Since then, Raymon came to realize that nothing is more important than family, but Theo and Yuri have yet to understand this. Luffy suggests that Raymon teach his sons, and offers to look for them and bring them back. Raymon says that Theo often goes to Ogyoku Mine Town, and Jeanne suggests Luffy talk to Vaun to try to learn Theo's location while she looks for Yuri.

Luffy goes to talk to Vaun, and Vaun reveals that he had just recently talked to Theo, with the young man now currently headed to the beach up north. Luffy contacts Jeanne, who reveals Yuri also went there, and so the duo head there with Raymon. Luffy heads to the beach to find Jeanne, Raymon, Theo, and Yuri confronted by a trio of Marine robots. Raymon stands between the robots and his sons to protect them, saying that the time to fight is when his family needs protecting. However, Luffy then steps in and offers to take on the robots, allowing the others to flee the beach. After defeating the robots, Luffy can find the others back at Sogyoku Town. Theo and Yuri apologize to their father, Luffy, and Jeanne, having come to understand the importance of having a reason to fight. Jeanne then talks to Luffy about the robots, wondering with worry if they were also stolen or if Isaac is in fact playing a role in their rampage across the island.

Side Mission: Consideration

At Kogyoku Village, Luffy can find Emma, who now knows who he is. Emma asks Luffy to "kidnap" her and her boyfriend Jackie as a favor, and Jeanne joins the two of them. Emma reveals that her parents are Anti-Marine while Jackie's are Pro-Marine, and so they want to quickly escape to another island to elope before Jackie's parents force him to marry another girl they have picked out. Luffy says that he will not be able to travel due to the Sunny going through repairs, and Jeanne expresses her opposition to the plan. However, Emma is still intent on doing it even if it is by herself and so heads off. Jeanne heads to Emma's house to talk with her parents, and Luffy goes with her. There, they find Emma's father Will arguing with Jackie's mother Eliza about who is to blame for their children running away. Jeanne reveals that Emma and Jackie went off to the harbor to sneak onto a ship, and she and Luffy quickly head off to find them.

At the harbor entrance, Jeanne reveals that she overheard two pirates nearby talking about enslaving a young couple, and worries that they might be talking about Jackie and Emma. Luffy offers to go into the harbor to investigate further, and Jeanne warns him not to be spotted, saying one of the pirates she saw was a large man with two axes on his back. Luffy must sneak all the way to the pirate ship docked at the shore without being spotted; once he gets there, he sees the two pirates and overhears them revealing that the slaves are being held in the warehouse. Luffy has three minutes to go to the warehouse and free Jackie and Emma before the pirates set sail. Once he rescues them, they head back to Kogyoku Village and reunite with Will and Eliza. Upon learning of what happened, the two parents use it to further their argument that their children should not be together. However, Jackie retorts that being under their control was hardly different than being enslaved by the pirates, and Luffy tells Will and Eliza that they should respond to their children being in danger by helping them. With Luffy and Jeanne's encouragement, Will and Eliza come to understand the importance of talking out their issues civilly and allowing their children to be happy.

Once all six missions are completed, Luffy receives a call from Nami telling him to come to Konko Plaza as there are some kids who want to talk with him. Upon arriving at the plaza, Luffy finds Nami with Doni and Eric, who thank him for saving them and say their fathers are letting them play together here. Nami then reveals that all of the people Luffy helped are now mingling at Konko Plaza, and they give their thanks to the pirate as he talks to each one of them. Jeanne then arrives and expresses her happiness at the citizens coming together, revealing that people once congregated here but stopped doing so after her mother's death. Following this, Fred comes running into the plaza to alert Luffy that a Marine admiral is approaching the plaza from the road south of Suigyoku Town. Despite Nami's worries, Luffy decides to head down and confront the admiral alone to keep everyone else from getting caught up in this.

Luffy heads down the path to the west of Konko Plaza, where he eventually runs into Admiral Fujitora. The two of them proceed to battle for some time; however, Fujitora then stops and admits that he cannot seem to focus. In addition to having a feeling that continuing to fight would put this island in danger, he also senses that someone has been watching and manipulating both of their actions from within this island. So for now, he wishes to investigate this presence before going after Luffy. After Fujitora leaves, Jeanne arrives and Luffy talks with her about the strange things going on on this island. Jeanne tells him to meet with her at Sogyoku Town after they rest and regroup.

Chapter 9: Family Ties[]

At the Sogyoku Town plaza, two Anti-Marine men encounter Sabo and are excited, thinking he can help them take back Jail Island from the Marines by force. Jeanne then intervenes and objects to pursuing violence, promising a peaceful solution to the occupation. Right then, Luffy arrives and, upon seeing Sabo, leaps toward him with joy. Sabo is surprised to see Luffy on the island, and Jeanne requests that he leave the island. Sabo replies that he cannot as he was called here by the people, but assures her he is only performing reconnaissance on the suspicious activity going on, revealing that although Jail Island is outwardly controlled by the Marines, it is also the site of heavy Underworld weapons trafficking. He mentions receiving a report of Germa 66 arriving on the island, and Luffy confirms their presence. Sabo then says that he will merely be investigating affairs right now, but warns that he may need to intervene depending on what he finds and that there is a chance war will break out. Luffy suggests that Jeanne make another push to talk to Isaac and bring reconciliation to the island, but Jeanne does not believe he will talk to her. However, Sabo reassures her that their sibling bond will ultimately prove stronger than any other association Isaac has, and Jeanne gains the confidence to reach out to her brother and learn what he is thinking and trying to do. After Jeanne leaves, Sabo parts ways with Luffy to begin attending to his business.

Luffy then heads to the Marine base to check on Jeanne. There, the Marine guard refuses to let her through, saying that Isaac does not wish to speak with her and has even ordered for her to be thrown in prison if she does not comply. Ultimately, Jeanne departs in great sadness. As she walks toward the Steel City plaza, a mysterious voice suddenly asks her if she is Isaac's sister. Luffy then arrives at the Marine base entrance, where he does not see Jeanne.

Chapter 10: Isaac Unmasked[]

Luffy decides to look for Jeanne in the Steel City plaza. There, he finds Jill talking to several people, one of whom reveals that he saw Jeanne get kidnapped. As the people share their possible suspects, Luffy walks in and asks where the kidnapper headed. The man reveals that they went south towards Suisho Canyon, and Luffy immediately heads there to rescue Jeanne. Upon arriving there, he runs into a male islander who warns him not to go any farther as Suisho Canyon is under Marine jurisdiction. When Luffy is not swayed, the man recommends he move along the upper rocks to avoid the guards down below. Jeanne is near a large crystal formation with Rob Lucci, and when Jeanne regains consciousness, Lucci introduces himself as an agent of the World Government who has come with an interest in Isaac. Lucci reveals that Isaac came to this island several years ago to research a specific substance for the World Government; however, his reports have now ceased, and Lucci intends to use Jeanne as a pawn to get to him and learn what conclusions he may have found. Lucci also confirms that Isaac is behind the black market dealings on the island, leading Jeanne to realize that her brother is dealing with the Dyna Stones.

Luffy then arrives and confronts Lucci, and Lucci transforms into his human-leopard form. They fight for a bit, but Lucci suspects that Luffy is a piece in Isaac's plan and so deems it unwise to continue fighting the pirate, and so disappears using Soru. Luffy then checks on Jeanne, and she says they should go after Lucci, whom she saw heading to the southern beach.

Chapter 11: Release[]

At the southern beach on the edge of Suisho Canyon, Rob Lucci is pondering Isaac's usage of Luffy when Isaac suddenly appears behind him and strikes him in the chest with his electrified arm gauntlet, forcing the Cipher Pol agent down to his knees. Isaac reveals that his reports of looking for a way to excavate the Dyna Stones were accurate, but that he had neglected to report that he had already successfully excavated the stones on the island. He says that the World Government has enough information from his reports to figure out what method he used, and says Lucci can report that to them so long as he remains alive. Luffy then shouts as he comes running toward the coast, allowing Lucci to get away using Soru.

Upon seeing Isaac, Luffy tells him that Jeanne is here in Suisho Canyon and tells him to go talk to her; Jeanne then comes running in to confront her brother over the revelation that he has been excavating the Dyna Stones, saying it would render their mother's death in vain. However, Isaac replies that the opposite is true and that it is necessary to wipe out those who wish to use the Dyna Stones for evil. Jeanne objects to this, saying it would make him no better than a pirate. However, Isaac is intent on doing what he can to eradicate evil, recalling that no one on the island helped him save their mother from the pirate attack 12 years ago and as a result he will continue to work alone. He tells Jeanne to leave the island with the Straw Hats, saying there is nothing left for her to do, and this enrages Luffy and nearly causes him to attack the warden. However, Jeanne stops him, saying that everything is fine even though Luffy knows that it is not. Isaac then departs, and Jeanne claims that she no longer believes that things can return to the way they once were. She then heads back to Sogyoku Town, and Luffy goes after her.

Chapter 12: To You[]

Luffy heads to the Sogyoku Town church, where he reunites with Sabo. Sabo says he has not seen Jeanne, and tells Luffy that he has a better idea of affairs on the island, saying that the island's "core", or rather Isaac, will make a move soon and that with all the parties involved in the island, something grave will be bound to happen. However, Sabo reassures Luffy that he will help him once any action happens, and Luffy echoes the sentiment.

Meanwhile, Isaac is sitting at his desk and says that now is the time to put his plan into action. At Marine Headquarters, Fleet Admiral Sakazuki receives a report that many Marine bases have come under attack with several of them already having been destroyed, and it is believed that Dyna Stones were used in the attacks. To his shock, Sakazuki learns that none of their Dyna Stone supply had been stolen, and so suspects something going on at Jail Island. The messenger also reports that the Revolutionary Army, Germa 66, and Luffy have all been spotted on the island, and Sakazuki orders for Kizaru to be contacted. Upon learning that their calls to him are not going through, Sakazuki decides to head to Jail Island himself.

Jeanne walks into Sogyoku Town, thinking with great worry about Isaac's suspicious activities. Suddenly, a resident comes running up to her to report that a Pro-Navy resident fired a shot on an Anti-Navy person. Luffy and Sabo hear a commotion nearby, and Raymon comes running in to inform them of what happened, saying that Jeanne is trying but failing to calm things down in the town plaza. There, two Anti-Navy men prepare to go to war with the Pro-Navy faction using the guns they had bought, and Jeanne is unable to talk them out of it. Luffy then goes to Jeanne with the intention of going after them, but she only shakes her head and runs off. Nami then calls Luffy about the island being in an uproar, and Luffy says he is looking for Jeanne. Nami says that she will look at Hisui Bridge, and tells Luffy to ask residents around him if they have seen her. Luffy can find Jeanne sitting at her mother's grave, and Jeanne tearfully tells her mother that she has failed at bringing the island together. Luffy then approaches her, and Jeanne apologizes to him for his help going to naught. Luffy responds that they should let the islanders do what they wish and that their potential deaths have nothing to do with him; this leads to Jeanne slapping him out of anger as she says that the islanders are the closest thing she has to family. In response, Luffy points out that she has given up and will need to keep fighting to save them, but says he will do everything he can to help her as he puts his Straw Hat on her head. Jeanne tearfully thanks Luffy, and the two of them try to think of a way to calm everyone down at once and talk them out of fighting. Jeanne suggests broadcasting from the radio tower, but notes that it is heavily guarded by the Marines. However, Luffy says his crew can help them get to it, and Jeanne has him go to the Sunny to rally them.

Chapter 13: Radio Hijack[]

Luffy heads to the Thousand Sunny and gathers up his crewmates as he and Jeanne tell them about the plan. The Straw Hats all agree to help take down the Marines and hijack the tower, and they head to its location on the northeast side of Steel City. Upon arriving there, Nami splits up the crew to take over the tower. She, Franky, and Brook will go to the tower basement to make sure the power is not cut off, Zoro, Chopper, and Robin will stand guard outside the tower to keep reinforcements at bay, Usopp will ready the broadcasting equipment on the second floor, Sanji will guard Jeanne, and Luffy will take out the Marines guarding the second floor broadcast room. Luffy pulls himself up to the second floor and takes down the Marines there, allowing Usopp to look at the equipment. However, Usopp notices that there is no switch for the upper speakers that reach to the furthest edges of the island, and Jeanne says that the switch may be on the upper floor above the wings on the tower. Luffy heads up to the upper floor, taking down the Marine guards along the way. After reaching it and activating the switch, the Straw Hats report that they are all set for the broadcast and Luffy goes back to rejoin Jeanne's group on the second floor.

Jeanne then begins her broadcast, shouting at the islanders to wake up. She says that her mother made this wake-up broadcast every morning before her death, and expresses her belief and desire that the islanders can find common ground to solve their problems if they stop fighting and talk about it. Jeanne concludes her broadcast by inviting the islanders to congregate at Konko Plaza and begin discussion. The Straw Hats celebrate the successful broadcast, but at the same time, Isaac watches the radio tower from a balcony on the Marine base and states that Jeanne is ruining his plans.

Chapter 14: Assembly[]

Luffy heads to Konko Plaza, where all the island residents are gathered. Once he no longer wants to talk to the islanders to build karma with them, he and the Straw Hats stand by eagerly as Jeanne prepares to go speak with everyone. However, as the Straw Hats head into the crowd, Jeanne is then confronted by Isaac. She says that she is going to bring the island together herself, and asks her brother what he is trying to do to the island. Isaac then reveals that he has excavated all of the island's Dyna Stones and stored them in the Sky Prison for the purpose of taking revenge against the World Government, revealing that the pirates who killed their mother had actually been working for the government in order to give them an opportunity to take control of the island and get the Dyna Stones for themselves. He has been luring pirates and Marines here and plans to start a massive war among them and the citizens in order to achieve his goal, as he blames all of those parties for the state of affairs. Jeanne then runs back into the plaza in order to stop the war from breaking out, and Isaac's robots land in the plaza right as she arrives. Isaac then says that Jeanne will begin the war herself, and covers her body with machinery until she is fully encased in a robot. Luffy then takes on Jeanne in order to stop her, with Franky informing him that more robots will continue to be summoned until she is defeated. Luffy eventually takes Jeanne down, and the robot parts fall off of her. Jeanne briefly regains consciousness in Luffy's arms, and wonders if she is alive before passing out again. Chopper says she will be fine, and the Straw Hats deduce that it was Isaac who attacked her, causing Luffy to go after the warden.

Luffy can find Isaac at the entrance to the Marine base, and he confronts the warden over what he did. Isaac affirms that he had Jeanne attack the citizens in order to cause war to break out and stop her attempts to help them. Luffy reveals that he stopped Jeanne, but Isaac says it is still too late and that his plan remains in motion. Isaac then departs and a horde of Marine soldiers arrive, forcing Luffy to battle them. Afterwards, with no idea where Isaac is Luffy decides to go back to the others. Meanwhile, Sakazuki has arrived at Jail Island, where he is informed that the Marines' forces are being stretched thin due to an uprising taking place. Sakazuki asks where Isaac is, and the aide claims to have heard reports of him going to the Sky Prison.

As Luffy returns to Konko Plaza, Jeanne begins to stir from unconsciousness and recalls the time when Isaac left the island to join the Marines, with him doing so out of a desire to take revenge on pirates. When she awakes, Luffy tells her that Isaac got away. Robin deduces that Isaac gathered several powerful groups on this island and instigated war between them in order to carry out his plan unhindered, and Jeanne states with confidence that her brother is at the Sky Prison. Franky says that he can adjust the Omni-Cannon on Ogyoku Mine to launch Jeanne up there, but the conflicts and attacking robots across the island pose a considerable obstacle. Each of the Straw Hats pledges their help to Jeanne, and they begin their plan by working to take down the robots in the plaza.

Chapter 15: Protect All[]

Luffy must defeat squads of robots and save various citizens from them in nine locations.

  • Konko Plaza: Save Jackie and Emma.
  • Halcum Port
  • North Steel City
  • South Steel City: Defeat the robots within 5 minutes.
  • Suigyoku Town: Save Omusubi and her children.
  • Kogyoku Village: Defeat three Marine sailors in addition to the robots.
  • Ogyoku Mine: Save Vaun.
  • Sogyoku Town: Save Raymon, Theo, and Yuri.
  • Kohaku Harbor: Save John.

Once all nine packs of robots are defeated, Nami tells the Straw Hats to reunite at the Sogyoku Town plaza. Luffy congregates there with Nami, Robin, and Jeanne, and Robin says there are three potential paths to the Omni-Cannon, though all of them will be guarded by Marines who are anticipating their arrival. A concerned Jeanne then points out that the island is still in a state of chaos despite most of the robots being taken out, but suddenly Gordon, Eliza, Doni, Fred, Raymon, Will, and Omusubi arrive and assure her that they will take care of the disorder together.

Chapter 16: Sky Prison, Ho![]

Luffy then heads to the peak of Ogyoku Mine to take the Omni-Cannon up to the Sky Prison. However, upon arriving there he is confronted by Sakazuki, who decides to take care of the last unfinished business he had as Admiral Akainu. Luffy battles Sakazuki for some time, and the fleet admiral notes that the pirate has become much stronger. Luffy prepares to activate Gear 4 when Sabo suddenly arrives, telling Luffy to go on to the Sky Prison while he takes on Sakazuki. Sabo stops Sakazuki from attacking Luffy, allowing the pirate to run to the Omni-Cannon. Luffy and Jeanne get inside the cannon together as Franky calibrates it to shoot toward the Sky Prison. Some robots come flying in to attack the cannon, but Zoro, who had been separated from the crew during their fights against the robots, comes running in and slices through them to take them out of commission. The Omni-Cannon then fires Luffy and Jeanne into the sky, and another pack of robots comes flying into to stop them. However, Usopp fires shots that strike down all of them, allowing the duo to soar unhindered into the sky.

Chapter 17: True Strength[]

Luffy and Jeanne successfully land on the Sky Prison, and quickly head up to the plaza in front of the prison complex to confront Isaac. Seeing the Dyna Stones kept in a large cage nearby, Jeanne demands to know what her brother is planning to do with them. Isaac reveals that his intention is to fly them right into the heart of the Holy Land Mary Geoise and destroy the World Government; with the Marine admirals and fleet admiral now caught up in the conflict on Jail Island, there is no one left to stop him. Jeanne pleads against this, saying that this plot for revenge is not what their mother would have wanted. Isaac replies that their mother's death will be in vain if the Marines acquire any of the Dyna Stones she died to protect; however, Jeanne counters by saying that their mother died to save them as well and so her memory remains honored no matter what. Isaac says that she has changed since meeting Luffy, but Jeanne replies that she has only come to her senses. Isaac then walks toward his sister, summons an electrified gauntlet around his forearm, and strikes her in the neck. As Jeanne falls to the ground, Isaac covers himself with unique metal pieces to form a large robot suit around him. Luffy holds Jeanne in his arms, and she starts to ask him a favor, but he already knows she wants him to get Isaac to talk with her. Jeanne then loses consciousness and Luffy confronts Isaac angrily; the warden then leads Luffy to a fenced-in area atop the Sky Prison.

Isaac augments his robot suit further to form what he calls the "Anti-Admiral Suit". He and Luffy then engage in a long battle, and Luffy eventually succeeds in shattering the Anti-Admiral Suit. Still inside his normal robot suit, Isaac starts pummeling Luffy as he desperately wonders what has given the pirate so much strength. However, Luffy simply replies that he does not know as he punches Isaac in the head, shattering his robot helmet and causing the warden to fall unconscious; Luffy then proceeds to collapse from exhaustion and wounds as well.

Isaac then has a vision of his deceased mother, and she tells him that one's strength comes from the people they have in their life. This causes Isaac to despair, as he believes he has given up everything. However, his mother says that there is still one person he has, a person which she died to protect. Isaac then awakens to Jeanne kneeling over him, and she says that the Sky Prison is slowly descending onto Jail Island, putting it in danger of total destruction. Isaac then asks her if she ever wished to take revenge for their mother's death, and Jeanne says that she has, but that she would rather devote her life protecting what their mother wanted to protect. This causes not only Isaac, but also an awakening Luffy, to laugh. Isaac says that he will try to get the Sky Prison as far away from Jail Island as possible despite his fight with Luffy weakening its thrusters, and throws Luffy off the Sky Prison so he can rejoin his crew and depart. He then has the pieces of his robot suit attach to Jeanne, and she protests this as she wanted to talk more with him. However, the two are only able to share a brief warm moment together before Isaac has the suit take Jeanne back down to the sea alongside Luffy.

The two of them descend all the way to the Thousand Sunny, and when they land, Coup de Burst is used to blast the ship out of harm's way as Isaac and the Sky Prison are engulfed in a massive Dyna Stone explosion. The outer edges of the explosion reach Jail Island, and the citizens quickly move to safety. Sabo decides to depart from his battle with Sakazuki, and Sakazuki tries to attack him, but is stopped by Fujitora who says that they need to get the islanders out of harm's way. Sakazuki accepts this and orders the Marines to help the islanders, saying the war is over.

Some time passes, and Jail Island is calm once again. Jeanne disembarks from the Thousand Sunny, thanking Luffy and the Straw Hats for all that they did to help her. Believing that Isaac is still alive, she swears to work to make the island better in anticipation should he return again one day. She wishes Luffy luck in achieving his dream, and Luffy pulls himself back onto the Sunny as the Straw Hats make haste to sail away before the Marines can surround them.

True Ending[]

After the Straw Hats and Law left Jail Island, they hold a banquet on Sunny. Back at Jail Island, Jeanne visits her mother's grave and later reunites with Isaac who survived the Dyna Stone explosion.

Zoro's story (DLC)[]

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Sabo's story (DLC)[]

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Law's story (DLC)[]

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Straw Hat Pirates
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World Government
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Germa 66 - The Warmongers

Known Locations[]

Sky Islands[]

  • Sky Prison - Santa Maria
  • Luffy's Sky Island
  • Law's Sky Island

Prison Island (Jewel Island)[]

  • Landing Beach
  • Lighthouse
  • Bridge Checkpoint
  • Sogyoku Town
  • Kohaku Harbor
  • Ogyoku Mine
    • Ogyoku Mine Sealed Entrance
    • Ogyoku Mine Hillside
      • Omni-Cannon
    • Ogyoku Mine Town
      • Graveyard
        • Pond
  • Jade Bridge
    • Marine Camp
    • Marine Checkpoint
  • Kogyoku Village
    • Kogyoku Village Harbor
      • Harbor Warehouse
      • Pirate Ship
    • Village Reservoir Checkpoint
    • Prison Tower Gate
    • Prison Tower - Tourmaline
      • Prison Tower Lighthouse
      • Robin's Cell
  • Suigyoku Town
    • Barrel Bar
    • Konko Plaza
  • Steel City
    • Slums
    • Downtown
    • Halcum Port
    • Naval Base
    • Radio Tower
    • Sea Prison - Aquamarine
      • Franky's Cell
  • Battery Island
    • Pirate Camp
  • Crystal Canyon


  • Adventure Outfit (Default) - The go-to outfit since Sabaody Archipelago. Perfect for most adventures.
  • Adventure Outfit (One Piece Film: Strong World) (Luffy's Sky Island Chest) - Outfit worn in "One Piece Film: Strong World". No adventurer goes without a box lunch and water bottle.
  • Adventure Outfit (Whole Cake Island Arc) (Battery Island Chest) - The outfit worn on Whole Cake Island. Appropriately, the turban even looks like a whole cake.
  • Navy Outfit (Naval Base Chest) - Now you, too, can join the Navy -- or at least make it easier to get inside their bases.
  • Party Outfit (One Piece Film: Z) (Prison Tower Chest) - Outfit worn in "One Piece Film: Z". Makes it abundantly clear who the captain is.
  • Stealth Outfit (One Piece Film: Gold) (Crystal Canyon Chest) - The outfit worn in "One Piece Film: Gold". Perfect for climbing up Golden walls.
DLC Outfits
  • Bathing Suit (Pre-Order DLC) - A swimsuit made for, what else, swimming. Just don't forget that Devil Fruit users can't actually swim.
  • Battle Outfit (Pre-Order DLC) - A combat suit. Get ready to invade enemy territory... Right after a hearty meal, of course.
  • Hunter Outfit (Episode Pass DLC) - A classic hunter's outfit. With this, maybe you could even take down a giant mammoth?
  • Kimono (Land of Wano Style) - A garment worn in the Land of Wano. The sword at the hip is sharp.
  • Luffy's Kintaro Outfit (One Piece Film: Gold) - Outfit worn in "One Piece Film: Gold." Never lose a sumo match again with this outfit.
  • Kung Fu Outfit (Episode Pass DLC) - An outfit worn for practicing Kung Fu. Makes you want to scream "Wachaaa!!!"
  • Raid Suit - Outfit worn by Germs 66 that remembers the shape of it's wearer. This imitation is flammable."
  • Treasure Hunting Outfit (One Piece Stampede) - Outfit worn in "One Piece Stampede." Pack your favorite things and set out on an adventure.
  • White Suit Outfit (Episode Pass DLC) - A striped white suit. Wear this, and your dress code worries are over.



One Piece World Seeker Smoker Attack
Smoker Attack
One Piece World Seeker Sakazuki Attack
Sakazuki in combat
One Piece World Seeker Lucci
One Piece World Seeker Smoker and Tashigi
Smoker and Tashigi
One Piece World Seeker Kizaru
Kizaru in combat
One Piece World Seeker Fujitora Attack


  • The main storyline is set between the Whole Cake Island Arc and Luffy's latest bounty, as the crew recognizes Germa 66 as Sanji's family, but Luffy's bounty is still the same after the Dressrosa Arc.
  • One of the Karma cutscenes, Ichiji, Niji and Yonji's poses are the same as one scene from the Whole Cake Island Arc.
  • In the true ending, when the Straw Hats and Law are having a party, the Straw Hats' positions are the same as those from the cover of Volume 61, though Nami is not holding the binoculars and Chopper holds a tankard.
  • When playing as Zoro, the mini-map is pixelated making it harder for the player to know where he is going, simulating Zoro's lack of orientation.
  • The Raid Suit worn that can be worn by Luffy in the game is based upon his Mugiwara 56 Raid Suit that he wore on the color spread cover for Chapter 872. Like other outfits in the game, it is purely cosmetic and its in-game description reveals it is an imitation that is flammable thus providing an in-universe explanation for it being purely cosmetic.
  • The Navy Outfit is based upon the uniform worn by the Marines on Prison Island which resemble modern military uniforms. It should be noted that the uniform does not actually make it easier to sneak into their bases as its description suggests.
  • In the English localization, the Marines are referred to as Navy with the civilian Pro-Marine and Anti-Marine factions being renamed Pro-Navy and Anti-Navy to reflect this. However Marine still appears on Marine uniforms and property. Additionally some of the island residents refer to Marine personnel as sailors.
    • The English localization also refers to Jail Island as Prison Island. However promotional materials for the description of the Extra Episode 3 DLC that mention Karoo, refer to it as Jail Island.
  • The opening theme song of the Japanese version is "Kimi no Moto e" by Ketsumeishi and the International version's opening theme song is "Road to Ichiban".
    • This is due to the licensing issues with the International version.[citation needed]
  • Karoo of the Supersonic Duck Squadron appears in the game as DLC. During "Been a Long Time", a boy in Sogyoku Town will tell Luffy the Supersonic Duck Squadron can be called by whistling. After doing so Karoo appears and Luffy mounts him. Luffy is happy to see him again since Arabasta though briefly wonders how he got to Prison Island before deciding it doesn't matter. Karoo's appearance is left unexplained and his owner Vivi does not appear in the game.
    • Luffy however can ride around on Karoo which makes exploring and traveling around the island more easily and Karoo can automatically pick up materials by touching them and can walk jump allowing him to scale various surfaces. He can also jump in mid-air or glide. Inputting the Whistle command while mounted will allow Luffy to dismount. Karoo will run away if hit forcing Luffy to automatically dismount. Karoo cannot be summoned in certain locations.
  • Tone Dial is used to represent the background music settings which functions like a music player as the game's various music tracks can be added to a playlist playing in order or randomly if shuffle is turned on. The AniSong Pack DLC adds various One Piece anime theme songs to list of selectable tracks.
  • Snakeman King Cobra was added as Luffy's Gear 4 Special Attack which costs three Tension though causes Gear 4 to end. However the attack must hit an enemy or the Special Attack animation will not be triggered allowing Luffy to try again if he misses. Gear 4: Snakeman only appears during the Special Attack animation.


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