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One Piece is a live-action television series based on the manga of the same name, produced by Tomorrow Studios for the streaming service Netflix.[4][5] The first season was released on August 31, 2023.[2] On September 14, 2023, it was announced that the series had been renewed for a second season.[6]

Eiichiro Oda served as executive producer for the series alongside Tomorrow Studios' CEO Marty Adelstein and President Becky Clements.[4] Steven Maeda is the series' showrunner and, along with Matt Owens, an executive producer and writer.[7] Other writers include Diego Gutierrez, Allison Weintraub, Ian Stokes, Lindsay Gelfand, Laura Jacqmin, Jason Cho, Damani Johnson, and Tom Hyndman.[8]

The series was first announced on July 21, 2017, by Weekly Shonen Jump editor-in-chief Hiroyuki Nakano to commemorate the manga's 20th anniversary.


Season 1[]

With the series' announcement, Oda commented that "the first condition [he] presented is that the live-action [sic] will be faithful to the fans who have supported ‘One Piece’ for 20 years".[4] A few days later, Adelstein predicted that its budget "could set a new record for the highest production cost in television drama history" as "the work's worldwide fame merits this scale of production".[9] The series will reportedly begin with the East Blue Saga.[10] In May 2020, Tomorrow Studios had planned to begin filming the series in South Africa by the end the year.[11] However, in December Variety magazine reported that One Piece had not "set a start date" in an article about South Africa's lifting of COVID-19 travel restrictions.[12]

In September 2020, Matt Owens discussed adapting the series on a YouTube live-stream hosted by fans of the franchise.[13] Owens explained that he hoped to introduce the franchise to new audiences through live-action version and that writers' ambition for each episode is to replicate the manga's ability to make readers "laugh," "cry" and "go 'holy shit!'"; however, the East Blue arc will be less episodic and the series' humor will be suited to contemporary Western sensibilities. Owens also recounted that he was given Oda's approval after explaining how significant the franchise had been in his life.[14]

In March 2021, a social media post by Maeda, which featured a photo of an office door labeled Project Roger, suggested that in-person work on the series had resumed. On February 1, 2022, Netflix confirmed that the series was in production.[15] The series was filming under the codename Project Panda.[16]

On June 17, 2023, an official teaser trailer for the series was released on YouTube.[2] A full-length trailer released on July 22, 2023,[17] with a final trailer released on August 30, 2023.[18]

Season 2[]

On September 14, 2023, two weeks after the first season released, an official video featuring Oda was released on Netflix's social media officially confirming that the series was renewed for a second season. With the video ending with Oda drawing a sketch of Tony Tony Chopper, teasing his debut in the upcoming season.[4]

As of the 1st of July, Netflix has confirmed that production of season 2 has begun, with the season set to premiere in 2025.[19] The codename for season 2 is Project Renaissance.[20]


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Season 1[]

The first season consists of eight episodes,[3] with the plot covering the East Blue Saga,[10] starting from the Romance Dawn Arc up to the end of the Arlong Park Arc.

  1. "Romance Dawn"[21]
  2. "The Man in the Straw Hat"
  3. "Tell No Tales"
  4. "The Pirates are Coming"
  5. "Eat at Baratie!"
  6. "The Chef and the Chore Boy"
  7. "The Girl with the Sawfish Tattoo"
  8. "Worst in the East"[22][23]

Season 2[]

  1. "The Beginning and the End"[24]


Straw Hats Live Action

The Straw Hat Pirates on their ship the Going Merry.

Cast members were first revealed on November 9, 2021, starting with the actors for the first five Straw Hats being announced on the official series Twitter.[25] Further cast members were announced on March 8 and June 6, 2022.[26][27] Additionally, Jean Henry and Len-Barry Simons reportedly announced their own casting on social media.[28]

Character Actor
Monkey D. Luffy Iñaki Godoy
Colton Osorio (young)
Roronoa Zoro Mackenyu
Maximilian Lee Piazza (young)
Nami Emily Rudd
Lily Fisher (young)
Sophie Ellenbogen (toddler)
Usopp Jacob Romero Gibson
Kevin Saula (young)
Sanji Taz Skylar
Christian Convery (young)
Shanks Peter Gadiot
Matt Herrington (young)
Koby Morgan Davies
Alvida Ilia Isorelýs Paulino
Axe-Hand Morgan Langley Kirkwood
Helmeppo Aidan Scott
Rika Kamdynn Gary
Ukkari Richard Wright-Firth
Buggy Jeff Ward
Boodle Lindsay Reardon
Kaya Celeste Loots
Merry Brett Williams
Kuro Alexander Maniatis
Sham Bianca Oosthuizen
Buchi Albert Pretorius
Banchina Chanté Grainger
Zeff Craig Fairbrass
Patty Brashaad Mayweather
Don Krieg Milton Schorr
Dracule Mihawk Steven John Ward
Theo Le Ray (young)
Fullbody Jean Henry
Moodie Amber Hossack
Nojiko Chioma Umeala
Genzo Grant Ross
Arlong McKinley Belcher III
Chew Len-Barry Simons
Garp Vincent Regan
"Gold" Roger Michael Dorman
Higuma Tamer Burjaq[23]
Bogard Armand Aucamp
Mr. 7 Rebaone Ben Kgosimore
Benn Beckman Laudo Liebenberg
Lucky Roux Ntlanhla Morgan Kutu
Yasopp Stevel Marc
Makino Kathleen Stephens
Kuina Audrey Cymone
Sada Claire Glover
Wier Paul Snodgrass
Meshi Andrew Roux
Narrator Ian McShane[23][29]
Mr. 3 David Dastmalchian[30]
Miss Valentine Jazzara Jaslyn[30]
Mr. 5 Camrus Johnson[30]
Mr. 9 Daniel Lasker[30]
Crocus Clive Russell[31]
Dorry Werner Coetser[31]
Brogy Brendan Murray[31]
Smoker Callum Kerr[32]
Tashigi Julia Rehwald[32]
Wapol Rob Colletti[32]
Dalton Ty Keogh[32]

On July 1, 2023, it was announced that the Straw Hats' (Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, and Sanji) voice actors from the Toei anime would reprise their roles for the Japanese dub. Additionally, Godoy and Skylar will voice their own characters (Luffy and Sanji, respectively) for the Spanish dub.[33]



One Piece Live Action Teaser Poster
Teaser poster.
One Piece Live Action Teaser Poster Japanese
Japanese version of the teaser poster.
Live Action Strawhat Skull and Crossbones
The Straw Hat Pirates jolly roger in the live action series.
One Piece Live Action Straw Hats Teaser Poster
Poster depicting the Straw Hat Pirates.
One Piece Live Action Going Merry Teaser Poster
Poster depicting the Going Merry.
One Piece Live Action Recruitment Promo
Recruitment promo.
One Piece Live Action Recruitment Promo Alt
Alternate recruitment promo.
Shonen Jump 2023 Issue 34
Shonen Jump cover with the manga and live action versions of Monkey D. Luffy.
Live Action One Piece August Poster
A poster with the Straw Hat Pirates facing forward.
One Piece Live Action Banner
Banner for the live action series.
One Piece Live Action Character Posters 01
Luffy's character poster.
One Piece Live Action Character Posters 02
Zoro's character poster.
One Piece Live Action Character Posters 03
Nami's character poster.
One Piece Live Action Character Posters 04
Usopp's character poster.
One Piece Live Action Character Posters 05
Sanji's character poster.
One Piece Live Action Epic Poster
A poster showing most of the main cast.
One Piece Live Action Soundtrack
Album cover for the soundtrack.
One Piece Live Action Netflix Profile Icons
One Piece Netflix avatar icons.

Concept Works[]

One Piece Live Action Teaser Concept Banner
A concept banner.
One Piece Live Action Teaser Concept Poster
A concept poster.
Live Action Going Merry Concept Art
The Going Merry's concept art.
Miss Love Duck Concept Art
The Miss Love Duck concept art.
Live Action Baratie Outside Concept Art
Concept art for the Baratie's exterior.
Live Action Baratie Inside Concept Art
Concept art for the Baratie's interior.

Wanted Cast Posters[]

One Piece Live Action Cast Wanted Posters 01
A wanted poster depicting Iñaki Godoy.
One Piece Live Action Cast Wanted Posters 02
A wanted poster depicting Emily Rudd.
One Piece Live Action Cast Wanted Posters 03
A wanted poster depicting Mackenyu.
One Piece Live Action Cast Wanted Posters 04
A wanted poster depicting Jacob Romero.
One Piece Live Action Cast Wanted Posters 05
A wanted poster depicting Taz Skylar.


Live Action Straw Hat Luffy's Flag Prop
Luffy's poorly-drawn Jolly Roger.
Live Action Straw Hat Prop
Luffy's straw hat.
Live Action Gomu Gomu no Mi Prop
Live Action Belly Prop
Live Action World Map
A map of the World.
Live Action Buggy Balls


Live Action Zoro and Luffy Action Figures
Action figures of Luffy and Zoro in the live action series.
Live Action Zoro Bobble Figures
Bobble Figurines from the live action series.
Live Action One Piece Cosbabies
Cosbabies Figurines from the live action series.
One Piece Live Action X-Box
Custom One Piece Xbox Series X Console based on the live action series.


  • On March 8, 2019, a listing for One Piece appeared on Netflix in the “American Programmes” category,[34] but was removed the next day.[35][36] It reappeared with the Netflix Original branding once the first season was announced in January 2020.[37]
  • According to South African president Cyril Ramaphosa, this series is Netflix's largest production in the continent of Africa.[38]
  • The closing credits are shown over a map of the East Blue, and are expanded each episode. The map has several details and cameos:
  • The codename for the first season, "Project Panda", may be an allusion to the series' most prominent easter egg character, Pandaman.
    • The codename for the second season, "Project Renaissance", may be derived from the antagonist group Baroque Works, the Renaissance being the cultural movement preceding the Baroque.


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