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One Piece 500 Quiz Book 3 is the third official quiz book with over 500 quiz questions about the One Piece series.

Author's Notes[]

Author's Notes
One Piece 500 Quiz Book 3 Intro Image Kozuki Oden: Shame on all of you! Your fear of the alien exposes your own ignorance!!


The book contains 500 questions split into different categories. There are also 12 non-counted bonus questions based on two Color Spreads, as well as the 175 questions used throughout One Piece Knowledge King 2019 and two questions written by the winner, Ryota.

Each category is sorted into two sections, with the first focusing on general, easier questions, and the second focusing on "expert" questions.

Questions Category
SP01 - SP12 Color Spread questions
001 - 125 Story Questions
126 - 134 Story Questions, Ultimate Quiz
135 - 254 Character Questions
255 - 264 Character Questions, Ultimate Quiz
264 - 368 Technique and Power Questions
369 - 377 Technique and Power Questions, Ultimate Quiz
378 - 492 General Culture Questions
493 - 500 General Culture Questions, Ultimate Quiz
One Piece Knowledge King Questions
100 Questions Preliminary Test (Originally asked with an hour time limit.)*
050 Questions Secondary Test (Originally asked with 30 seconds per questions, to those who scored at least 90 in the Preliminary.)*
005 Questions Deciding Battle, Bloc A (Originally asked to 5 of the top 10 competitors from the Secondary.)*
005 Questions Deciding Battle, Bloc B (Originally asked to 5 of the top 10 competitors from the Secondary.)*
015 Questions Deciding Battle, Final Questions (Originally asked to the winners of the two Blocs, with the first to answer 3 questions correctly winning.)*
002 Questions Take up the challenge of the "Knowledge King"!
  • The questions cover the story from Volume 76 to Volume 97, specifically Chapter 753 to Chapter 984, as well as all One Piece Databooks and One Piece Magazine Volume 1 to Volume 9.
  • Each question has a Belly amount associated with it (Beli10,000,000, Beli1,000,000, or Beli300,000 for normal questions, and Beli25,000,000 for the ultimate quiz questions). The goal of the book is to answer every question, adding the Belly amount to your "bounty" if you get it correct, and score as high as possible. The maximum possible bounty is Beli2,111,900,000, if every question is answered correctly.
  • Answers are listed on the page after the question. The source is listed for each answer.
  • The book challenges the reader to obtain a bounty of Beli1,500,000,000.


  1. One Piece 500 Quiz Book 3: Shueisha

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