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This article is about Japanese merchandising. For some pointers about related subjects like bootlegs, Japanese version vs the world, or the Toei sticker, you can consult the Merchandise FAQ page.
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Bandai released a new series with SD rendered figures: One Piece AmeColle ~Amazing Log Collection~. Each wave is released as boxes of 20 figures. One of the particularities of this series is that figures aren't painted, but just sculpted with achromatic colors, all blue, beige or even yellow.

Set 1

Released late September 2010, the complete set is composed of 20 figures and 2 secrets (Gol D. Roger and Pandaman) at a price of ¥105 (¥100 + 5% VAT).

Some e-shops reference this series under the name Pirates and Marines Collection Log. It was maybe a first tentative name that Bandai gave before deciding on the definitive name.

The secrets, Gol D. Roger and Pandaman

Set 2

Released early December 2010 as a set of 20 figures and 2 secrets (Gaimon and Zeff). A box of 20 figures cost ¥2,000 without VAT.


Set 3

Released in April 2011 as a set of 20 figures and 2 secrets (Jaguar D. Saul and Dr. Hiriluk). A box of 20 figures cost ¥2,000 without VAT.


Set 4

Released late August 2011 as a set of 15 figures and 1 secret. This volume was still sold as boxes of 20 figures for ¥2,000 without VAT.


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