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Region / Continent Region / Country Broadcast network(s) Broadcast note Streaming service
Americas United States Fox (4Kids TV), Cartoon Network/Adult Swim (Toonami), TV Japan (via subtitled SAP) #1–104 edited episodes of 4Kids English dub

(from original #1–143 episodes), #144–167, #207–381 (Funimation English dub)

Funimation, Crunchyroll,

Hulu, Netflix, Pluto TV

Canada YTV, TV Japan (via subtitled SAP) #1-104 edited episodes of 4kids English dub Crunchyroll, Netflix
Latin America Cartoon Network LA, Televisa 5 #1–104 (Spanish dub of 4Kids version (original #1–143)) Netflix (Spanish uncut dub)
Brazil Cartoon Network Brazil, SBT #1–52 (Brazilian dub of 4Kids version (original #1-84)) Netflix (Brazilian uncut dub)
Oceania Australia Network Ten
Cartoon Network (Toonami)
#1–104 4Kids English dub version,

#144–195 (Funimation English dub)

AnimeLab (Whole Cake Island onwards), Crunchyroll, Netflix
New Zealand Cartoon Network, TV2 Animelab (Whole Cake Island onwards), Crunchyroll, Netflix
Europe United Kingdom Toonami, CN Too #1–104 4Kids English dub version Crunchyroll
Italy Italia 1, Italia 2, Italia Teen Television, Hiro, Boing #1–present (Merak Film Italian dub) (576 episodes) Crunchyroll
Germany RTL II, Tele 5, Animax Germany, VIVA, Prosieben Maxx #1–present (German dub) (724+ episodes) Crunchyroll
France AB Group, NT1, Virgin 17 #1–present (French dub) (800+ episodes) Crunchyroll
Portugal SIC, SIC Radical, Panda Biggs #1–195 (Portuguese dub), #50–130 (Portuguese subtitled) Crunchyroll
Belgium 2BE, MCM Dutch subtitled of English dub, French dub Crunchyroll
Greece Alter Channel #1–105 (Greek dub) Crunchyroll
Poland Polsat Games #1–143 (Voice-over translation) Crunchyroll
Spain Telecinco, Jetix Spain, Boing #1–263 (Spanish dub) Crunchyroll
Galicia TVG, tvG2 #1–104 (Galician dub) Crunchyroll
Basque Country ETB 1, ETB 3 #1–156 (Basque dub) Crunchyroll
Catalonia K3, 3XL, Canal Super3 #1–516 (Catalan dub) Crunchyroll
Valencian Country Punt2 #1–195 (Valencian dub) Crunchyroll
Asia South Korea KBS2, Champ TV, Tooniverse #1–present (Korean dub) (800+ episodes)
Russia 2×2 #1–130 (Russian dub) Crunchyroll
India Cartoon Network India #1– (4Kids English dub version) Not licensed
China #1–92 (Mandarin dub)
Hong Kong #1–61 (Cantonese dub)
Taiwan TTV, Star Chinese Channel #1–present (Taiwanese dub) (800+ episodes)
Southeast Asia Animax Asia
Indonesia RCTI, Global TV #1–337 (Indonesian dub)
Philippines GMA Network #1–present (Tagalog dub) (520+ episodes)
Thailand TITV (iTV), MCOT HD (Modernine TV), Channel 3 HD (Thai TV Ch3), Cartoon Club Channel, Thairath TV, Line TV #1–present (Thai dub) (800+ episodes), 892–present (Thai subtitled) (20+ episodes)
Malaysia Astro Ceria #1–present (Taiwanese dub), #1– (Malay dub)
Singapore #1–24 (Odex English dub #1–104)
Turkey Star TV #1–52 (Turkish dub)
Vietnam HTV3 #1-312 (Vietnamese dub) POPS Anime (YouTube Channel)
Middle East Space Power TV, Spacetoon, Qatar TV, Sama Dubai, MBC Action #1–104 (Arabic dub), #1-present (Subtitled on MBC Action) Crunchyroll
Israel Jetix #1–52 (Hebrew dub)