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One Piece Blue Deep: Characters World is the fifth databook that went on sale on March 2, 2012.

Announced Content[]

The fifth databook was announced to have the following content:

  • 321 characters, including birthdays.
  • Devil Fruits, Haki, ships, science: everything you need to know about the New World.
  • Pirate History Romance Dawn - Chapter 0 of One Piece.

Named Characters[]

Here is a list of all the named characters which this databook has provided:

p. 108[]

p. 212[]

p. 213[]

There was also a character initially named as "Happa" by the author on an SBS[1] who was labeled as "Yamao" in this databook. When questioned about the inconsistency, Oda simply responded that the man's full name is Happa Yamao.[2]






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