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One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!! is a smartphone puzzle game released worldwide in March 2020.


Like many puzzle games, Bon! Bon! Journey!! is a match-three game where the objective is to swap Bonbons, which are icons of characters' heads, in order to get three or more of the same Bonbon in a row. Those Bonbons then leave the grid and attack a group of enemy characters, or in some cases a boss character. Levels are completed once all the enemies are defeated, and players earn treasure for defeating them. Bonbons' levels increase from defeating enemies, and they can each use unique skills.

Memory Stages

Memory Stages are special stages that appear in the Story after certain cutscenes. They reward you with special Bonbons, but they are harder than Normal Stages. Each memory stage displays scenes from the anime that give them plot context.



Unreleased Bonbons

These Bonbons have been shown in promotional images or tutorials but are not yet recruitable.

Enemy Characters

The following characters only appear as enemies and, unlike most characters, are not recruitable Bonbons.

Non-Playable Characters

The following characters only appear in cutscenes or backgrounds.


In-Game Location Name Location in the Manga
Windmill Village Foosha Village
The Miss Love Duck Goat Island
Shells Town
Orange Town
Syrup Village
Arlong Park Conomi Islands
Roguetown Loguetown
The Twin Peaks Reverse Mountain
Whiskey Peak
Little Garden
Drum Kingdom Drum Island
Arabasta (Part 1) Arabasta
Arabasta (Part 2)
Sky Island (Part 1) Skypiea
Sky Island (Part 2)
Long Ring Long Land
Water Seven Water 7
Enies Lobby
Thriller Bark
Sabaody Archipelago
Island of Women Amazon Lily
Impel Down
Bonbon Island
Kimpika Island


One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!! was nominated for the Japanese Google Play "Users' Choice Game of 2020" award. To celebrate the nomination, the game distributed 500 free gems to every player.[1]


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