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One Piece Bounty Rush is a smartphone game released in March 2018 in Japan and the United States. It was taken offline in early April due to long-term maintenance issues and general dissatisfaction. The following year, on January 28, 2019, the Global version was re-released to a revamped UI and a wide variety of changes to gameplay mechanics and scenery.


One Piece Bounty Rush is a gacha 4 vs 4 real time game where players must capture and control a minimum of three of five treasure fields spread across the map. Each match lasts 3 minutes, but can end sooner than if a team captures all five treasures and manages to hold them for a total of 15 seconds. Rewards are dependant on how many treasures a team caught (i.e. 3-2 = 3 treasures, 5-0 = 5 treasures, 1-4 = 1 treasure.) Players generally receive in-game currency, character fragments, and occasionally, event items. Missions also grant similar rewards for completing tasks in and out of battle. 

Characters come with the ability to dodge, attack, and use up to two individual, unique skills. Characters are ranked from 2* to 4*, with 2* characters often being weaker than 4* characters. Some also have individual traits relative to their respective strengths and weaknesses (e.g. Logia's take less damage) as well as those relative to the show canon (Usopp is invulnerable to Perona's negativity, Luffy ignores Shock and Boa's Devil Fruit ability, etc.). 

Players acquire characters through the use of "Rainbow Diamonds," the game's form of premium currency. The base currency, "Bounty Coins," are mainly utilized in "Special Training," a menu in which players can farm character fragments in order to rank them up. "Battle Points," a secondary currency earned from "League Battle," is used in the Exchange to purchase character fragments and general character enhancement material. "Hammers," earned from missions, are used to upgrade medals, crafted once a player gains enough through the discourse of battle. Occasionally, "Gold Ingots" are obtained through League Battle to be exchanged in a special event shop. For the 1st Anniversary, a special "Cola Shop" was opened. 

In addition to "League Battle," the main ranked mode which focuses on teams capturing treasure, there is the occasional "Challenge Battle," which follows the same format as League Battle, but requires players to utilize certain characters in order to boost their score, and ranks separately. In August 2019, "Boss Battle" was introduced, which pits 4 players against a single, AI-controlled enemy character, with players utilizing bombs, or a single treasure field to facilitate victory. 

Leagues, which range from D- to SS, reward players for ranking as high as possible. Currently, players ranking in SS receive 50 4* fragments (used to rank up 4* characters), 50 3* fragments, 18 Special Skill Orbs, 20 Rainbow Diamonds, and a medal consisting of ATK+ 160, DEF+ 130, or CRIT+ 14%.


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