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One Piece trading cards have been licensed and printed by Bandai since 1999, undergoing several iterations over the years. A typical set will be based on not just canon elements, but anime-original ones (particularly the films) as well.

Carddas Hyper Battle

Initially, Bandai published its One Piece trading cards under the Carddass Hyper Battle (カードダスハイパーバトル Kādodasu haipā batoru?) line.[1] These generally came in "Stage" sets of 42, with periodic "Grand Box" sets of 60.

One Piece Card Game


  • Path of the Pirate King (海賊王への航路 Kaizoku-ō e no kōro?)
  • Champion of the East Blue (東の海の覇者 Azuma no umi no hasha?)
  • The Battle of Alabasta (アラバスタの攻防 Arabasuta no kōbō?)
  • The Powers of the Sea (海上の強豪達 Kaijō no kyōgō-tachi?)
  • Assault on Baroque Works (アラバスタの攻防 Barokkuwākusu no kyōshū?)
  • The Way to the Grand Line (グランドラインへの導き Gurandorain e no michibiki?)
  • The Kingdom's Revival (王国の復興 Ōkoku no fukkō?)
  • Alabasta Kingdom's Endgame (アラバスタ王国の決戦 Arabasuta ōkoku no kessen?)


  • The Straw Hat Pirate Flag (麦わらの海賊旗 Mugiwara no kaizoku-hata?)
  • Justice on the Open Sea (大海原の正義 Daikaigen no seigi?)
  • Treasure Sheet (トレジャーシート Torejāshīto?)
  • Skypiea's Holy War (スカイピアの聖戦 Sukaipia no seisen?)
  • Pirates' Bond (海賊の絆 Kaizoku no kizuna?)


  • A Vow Between Adventurers (冒険者たちの誓い Bōkenshatachi no chikai?)
  • The Golden City in the Sky (天空の黄金郷 Tenkū no ōgonkyō?)
  • Davy Back Fight Trap (デービーバックファイトの罠 Dēbībakkufaito no wana?)
  • Devil Fruit Rhapsody (悪魔の実の狂想曲 Akuma no mi no kyōsōkyoku?)


  • The Ship of Heroes (英雄たちの船影 Eiyū-tachi no sen'ei?)



  1. This line featured several other Shonen Jump licenses, such as Hunter x Hunter.

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