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One Piece trading cards have been licensed and printed by Bandai since 1999, comprising many different sets and series. While some exist purely for collection and promotional purposes, others feature full-fledged collectible card games.

Many of these cards are randomly distributed through Bandai's Carddass machines, though dedicated starter and booster sets also exist for several series.

Carddass Hyper Battle[]

Bandai began releasing its first One Piece cards in late 1999, as part of its new Carddass Hyper Battle (カードダスハイパーバトル, Kādodasu haipā batoru?) game.[1] These cards closely followed the premiere of the Toei anime, and mostly reproduced its screenshots and concept art for illustrations.

The Hyper Battle line would ultimately last into early 2002, adapting characters and plot elements up to the early Arabasta Arc (in addition to various promotions for every theatrical film up to Chopper's Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals, and every video game up to Grand Battle! 2).

Carddass Masters[]

Bandai's long-running Carddass Masters (カードダス マスターズ, Kādodasu masutāzu?) line featured several One Piece sets between 2000 and 2001. These, like the Hyper Battle cards, drew their illustrations mainly from anime screenshots and concept art; however, they had no game mechanics, and instead encouraged collection by forming "treasure maps" and other gimmicks when laid in 3x3 grids.

Card Game (2002)[]

In 2002, Bandai launched a standalone One Piece card game, featuring a far more elaborate layout and ruleset as well as more original illustrations. This series lasted until early 2005, and even saw a short-lived English-language edition.


  • Path of the Pirate King (海賊王への航路, Kaizoku-ō e no kōro?)
  • Champion of the East Blue (東の海の覇者, Azuma no umi no hasha?)
  • The Battle of Alabasta (アラバスタの攻防, Arabasuta no kōbō?)
  • The Powers of the Sea (海上の強豪達, Kaijō no kyōgō-tachi?)
  • Assault on Baroque Works (アラバスタの攻防, Barokkuwākusu no kyōshū?)
  • The Way to the Grand Line (グランドラインへの導き, Gurandorain e no michibiki?)
  • The Kingdom's Revival (王国の復興, Ōkoku no fukkō?)
  • Alabasta Kingdom's Endgame (アラバスタ王国の決戦, Arabasuta ōkoku no kessen?)


  • The Straw Hat Pirate Flag (麦わらの海賊旗, Mugiwara no kaizoku-hata?)
  • Justice on the Open Sea (大海原の正義, Daikaigen no seigi?)
  • Treasure Sheet (トレジャーシート, Torejāshīto?)
  • Skypiea's Holy War (スカイピアの聖戦, Sukaipia no seisen?)
  • Pirates' Bond (海賊の絆, Kaizoku no kizuna?)


  • A Vow Between Adventurers (冒険者たちの誓い, Bōkenshatachi no chikai?)
  • The Golden City in the Sky (天空の黄金郷, Tenkū no ōgonkyō?)
  • Davy Back Fight Trap (デービーバックファイトの罠, Dēbībakkufaito no wana?)
  • Devil Fruit Rhapsody (悪魔の実の狂想曲, Akuma no mi no kyōsōkyoku?)


  • The Ship of Heroes (英雄たちの船影, Eiyū-tachi no sen'ei?)



  1. This line featured two other Shonen Jump licenses, Hoshin Engi and Hunter x Hunter.

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