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One Piece Chopper "Model Pirate" Figure is a line of 4-figure sets, figures representing Chopper cosplaying his crewmates or other well known One Piece characters, produced by Banpresto.

Each figure is 11 cm tall and can be find in Japanese game centers, available in UFO catchers.

Note: This article translates 「目指せ海賊」 as "Model Pirate", but an exact translation would be Pirates to Aim At or similar.

Chopper "Model Pirate"

Chopper Model Pirate.png

ワンピース チョッパー「目指せ海賊」フィギュア

  • Release date: early January 2011

Each box has a special mention, describing the figure inside:

  • One Piece Captain Chopper (Luffy),
  • One Piece Swordman Chopper (Zoro),
  • One Piece Cook Chopper (Sanji),
  • One Piece Sniper Chopper (Usopp).

Chopper "Model Pirate" ~New World~

Chopper Model Pirate New World.png

ワンピース チョッパー「目指せ海賊」フィギュア~新世界編~

  • Release date: early March 2012

In this set, Chopper looks similar to Luffy, Franky, Zoro and Brook in their Fish-Man Island Arc clothing:

  • One Piece Captain Chopper (Luffy),
  • One Piece Combatant Chopper (Zoro, written as advertized),
  • One Piece Shipwright Chopper (Franky),
  • One Piece Musician Chopper (Brook).

Chopper "Model Pirate" ~New World with Ace~

ワンピース チョッパー「目指せ海賊」フィギュア~新世界編 with エース~

  • Release date: mid-April 2012
  • Gross price: ¥28,000 for a box of 56 figures

This set contained Chopper x Luffy (alternative pose compared to previous set), Chopper x Ace, Chopper x Sanji, and Chopper x Usopp.

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